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Not Enough of Something … 

23 Sep 18

We don’t have enough inpatient mental health beds in this country – but I might very be wrong about this, though.

ABD and the Ambulance Service 

22 Sep 18

I haven’t blogged for almost two months!  Various reasons – busy, on holiday, bored of saying the same thing over and over again … there are a few in the pipeline but I decided to put them all to one side to write this one, because…

Brilliant team work during a summer of high demand 

29 Aug 18

Last week I came back to work after a period of leave.

Justice Delayed, not Denied 

5 Aug 18

On August 3rd 2018, Kaylsey Smithen was convicted of the manslaughter of his 46yr old mother, Janice, which took place in Birmingham more than six years earlier.

A Safeguarding Call 

3 Aug 18

The recent conclusion of an inquest in to the death in 2016 of Mr Luke Leggatt in Canterbury has given rise to a social media debate amongst police officers about the East Kent Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s reaction to Coroner’s process…

A hot few weeks and a long blog 

27 Jul 18

Have you been enjoying the weather? I confess I have a mixed reaction.

Telephone Triage 

25 Jul 18

A curious thing appeared on the internet recently: a preventing future deaths report from the Warwickshire Coroner, which has been sent to the Chief Executive of Birmingham and Solihull’s Mental Health Trust (BSMHfT).

Acute Intoxication is a Mental Disorder 

6 Jul 18

The longer I work on policing and mental health, the less frequently I experience certain things which used to hit me square in the face every time I went near the topic as a PC: a new piece of knowledge that leaves you entirely confused and…

Accountable to the Law, not the NHS 

5 Jul 18

On 12th November 2013, I wrote a blog entitled ‘Here We Go Again‘, following the death of a vulnerable man in Bedfordshire who we now know was called Leon Briggs.

Conversations, reviews and operational issues 

2 Jul 18

Since I leased out the blog to the rest of the team in May there is a fair bit to cover.

Exacerbating Tensions 

30 Jun 18

I’ve had to ask myself recently whether I’m guilty of potentially exacerbating tensions or conflict between the police and mental health services, after a number of suggestions on social media and elsewhere that this is the effect…

CarePlan: Call the Police! 

28 Jun 18

We are hearing stories on social media at the moment, of patients who claim they were told to ‘call the police’ when they have contacted their community or crisis team for support as they recognise they are becoming unwell or at…

Twenty Four Hours in Police Custody 

26 Jun 18

Last night’s episode was a belter wasn’t it? … see Channel 4 ‘catch up’ on the internet, if you missed it: 10pm on 25th June.

Let’s Do The Maths 

17 Jun 18

Look back to when I joined the police are you’ll see that crime levels, measured either by police recorded crime or by the British Crime Survey, were much higher – but if you look at statistics on use of s136 of the Mental Health…

Capacity for What?! 

13 Jun 18

It’s rearing its head again: whether or not somebody has the ‘capacity’ to be a victim or ‘capacity’ to be a suspect.

The Forensic Route 

10 Jun 18

When we hear mental health professionals talking about someone going ‘down the forensic route’, they mean a patient with healthcare needs being managed under Part III of the Mental Health Act 1983.

My first year as an ACC but my core values have remained unchanged 

8 Jun 18

When I joined 27 years ago, I had no family link to policing but like so many people I have met along the way I was attracted to α career in policing as it looked exciting, there was variety and I wanted to make α positive difference to people…

Aim to be the best and to prepare for the worst 

6 Jun 18

I’m going to talk about two key aspects of my development plan for 2018-19 and I hope you will be able to see there is an operational focus to what I’m trying to achieve.

We will get the basics right and we will support the force in driving improvement 

4 Jun 18

2018/19 will be a significant year for Commercial Services.

Attention to Detail 

3 Jun 18

Last year, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) published their Standards on the Mental Health of Adults in the Criminal Justice System.

Although loads changes over time the heart of policing remains the same – making a difference 

1 Jun 18

My uncle was in the Isle of Man Police and about 25 years ago I spent some time with him that made me realise I wanted to join too.

The People Deal and Leadership Promise have not been forgotten or de-prioritised 

31 May 18

Reaching 15 months in my new role is a great opportunity to look back on what’s been achieved and what’s to come next.

Things are now settling down and there’s great work in Neighbourhood Policing to build on 

29 May 18

My first year in WMP has flown by.

Unashamedly Ambitious Plans for West Midlands Police 

24 May 18

I’ve never been keen on the word Ambition, always associating it with striving to succeed at all costs.

My Health and Yours 

20 May 18

My healthcare, and that of my family and friends, is absolutely none of your business.

Interim Report: MHA Review 

7 May 18

Last week, Professor Sir Simon Wessely published his interim report after being asked in 2017 by the Prime Minister to look at the Mental Health Act 1983.

Reasons to be cheerful 

3 May 18

After the first month of this financial year there are lots of reasons to look forward this year!
In January we entered what is my third year as chief.

Interim Report: MHA Review 

1 May 18

At 10am on 01st May, the interim report of Professor Sir Simon Wessely’s review of the Mental Health ACt 1983, commissioned by the Prime Minister in late 2017, will be published.

AMHP Emergencies 

28 Apr 18

My esteemed blogging colleague the Masked AMHP has, in his latest post, addressed the question of whether AMHPs are an emergency service, rightly pointing out that a range of situations lead to demands that AMHPs suddenly jump in to action …

Policing is Not The Problem Here 

23 Apr 18

Policing is not the problem here: the extent to which we rely upon policing – that’s the problem.

Game on 

13 Apr 18

As you have been watching the television in the last few days I hope your excitement has been building for the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in 2022!
Last week I joined four of our staff, as part of a wider Birmingham and UK Government group…

Draft Mental Health Strategy 

8 Apr 18

This is an opportunity to comment upon a draft strategy for policing and mental health, which is being put together by Chief Constable Mark Collins, the National Police Chiefs Council lead on mental health.

Beds and Stuff 

6 Apr 18

It was being asked again last night, in the AMHP social media world as to whether Britain had run out of inpatient psychiatric beds.

The 136 in Custody Thing 

5 Apr 18

I said about eighteen months ago, that once the Mental Health Act was amended to unambiguously allow the use of s136 of the Act in any place that was not someone’s home, we’d see police officers considering its application in police…

135/6: Authorising Officers 

3 Apr 18

Short post mainly for those ranking officers who have statutory roles to play under the revised Mental Health Act 1983 (MHA) provisions which focus on those rare occasions where custody is still used as a Place of Safety under the Act.

Making the Same Mistakes 

2 Apr 18

I woke up this morning to a tag on Twitter from Australia drawing my attention to questions being asked following an encounter between Victoria Police in Melbourne and a mentally vulnerable man referred to as ‘John’.

Changes to our estate and the latest HMIC report 

22 Mar 18

This week there have been two areas I would like to update you on.


19 Mar 18

All of us who use Twitter are probably guilty on occasion of wanting to shout up about a job to highlight something we see as important – a success story where someone was helped, a criminal caught, officers who’ve acted bravely…

Pre-Identifying 135 “Beds” 

7 Mar 18

A little lack of knowledge can be a dangerous thing – A couple of years ago, I learned of a perculiar incident in a police force area that would have made a great blog to emphasise a point, but it was so specific, I withheld from doing…

A tough time for dedicated colleagues 

1 Mar 18

There are no jobs quite as sad as those involving children.

Somewhere, Out There 

26 Feb 18

Chief Superintendent John Sutherland is a leader – we know this, because people follow him and listen keenly to what he has to say.

Twenty Years and Counting 

19 Feb 18

I recently passed a professional and personal milestone, having joined the police service twenty years ago and I hope to receive an email soon outlining I’ve qualified for a Long Service, Good Conduct medal.

Liable To Be Detained 

8 Feb 18

An AMHP and two doctors, one of whom is s12 approved, attend a patient’s home following concerns about their mental health deteriorating.

Efficiency – The digital revolution 

4 Feb 18

We still have to maximise the amount of policing we can offer on a reducing financial base.

Helping Those in Need 

2 Feb 18

We can be a highly effective force at preventing crime and protecting the public but we will fail if we are not seen as providing good caring service or being fair to those we protect.

Protecting the Public – Building on success, becoming games ready 

1 Feb 18

Protecting the public ranges from terrorism and organised crime to the approaches we take to managing everyday calls.

Preventing Crime – short term threats, long term solutions and getting the public involved 

31 Jan 18

Preventing crime was at the start of my vision statement.

Two Years In 

29 Jan 18

At the end of January 2016 I set out my vision for West Midlands Police “Preventing crime, protecting the public and helping those in need”.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball 

27 Jan 18

You’ll remember I’ve been banging on for a number of years now about the problem of people being in police custody for many hours or even for many days, waiting for Mental Health Act assessment, or more usually waiting for a mental…

The office of Constable: A life of service to the public 

24 Jan 18

In a week where we saw real horror in the West Midlands and the immense professionalism of staff a reminder of our oath and my advice to recruits who joined us this week.

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