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I was a very lucky lad to be Albion’s mascot 

21 Sep

TWO WEEKS ago, in Bugle 1306 we featured this picture of West Bromwich Albion on the very first day of the 1963-64 season and we asked if anyone knew the whereabouts of their young mascot.

undefined headline 

20 Sep

FLORENCE Caroline Goddard sadly past away last month, aged 101.

Funding Opportunity for Youth Organisations to deliver, expand and create high quality youth provision 

19 Sep

The Youth Investment Fund (YIF) supports voluntary, community and social enterprise youth organisations to deliver, expand and create high quality local youth provision in targeted communities across England.

Social Audit Network Prove, Improve and Account Workshop 

19 Sep

The Social Audit Network (SAN) is a not-for-profit organisation which facilitates the exchange of information and experience between practitioners of social accounting and audit in the social economy and voluntary sectors.

Black Country Together seeks a Family Matters Finance Officer 

19 Sep

Black Country Together CIC was founded in 2013 by the four Councils for Voluntary Service in the Black Country with the aim of increasing levels of funding coming into the sub-region.

‘Positive Change for a Positive Future’ – Invitation to SCVO Annual General Meeting 

19 Sep

SCVO is pleased to invite you to its 2017 Annual General Meeting which is taking place on Thursday 19th October 2017 from 9.30 am – 12.30 pm at Hawthorns House, Halfords Lane, Smethwick B66 1BB.

Dancing the night away at Smethwick baths 

19 Sep

A SWIMMING pool does not, at first, appear to be the perfect venue for a dance but, as many readers will remember, a number of pools in the Black Country would close over the winter months when they were converted into dance halls.

Buzzard Fest at Kinver 

18 Sep

On Friday we went for a walk at Kinver along the canal from The Vine in the direction of Whittington Lock, we hadn't done this since February and it is one of our favourite walks.

Ernest Cook Trust 

18 Sep

Schools, charities and not for profit organisations wishing to encourage young people’s interest in the countryside; and literacy, numeracy and science can apply for funding to the Ernest Cook Trust (ECT).

Friends Provident Foundation 

18 Sep

The next deadline for applications to the Friends Provident Foundation – Building Resilient Economies programme is the 6th November 2017.

BUDS’ Fundraising Evening of Music, Comedy and Magic 

18 Sep

Buds (Better Understanding of Dementia in Buds) is pleased to announce a fundraising evening of Music, Comedy and Magic at the Village Hotel, Dudley on Thursday 5th October 2017, 7 pm to 10 pm.

Democracy Week Invitation 

18 Sep

Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands, set up the West Midlands Leadership Commission to improve opportunities for people from our communities who are under-represented in the governance and direction of the region.

Lawn Tennis Association 

18 Sep

Clubs, local authorities and educational institutions (schools, colleges and universities, etc) have the opportunity to come together with other local partner organisations to apply for capital funding to create a community tennis network in their ...

Birmingham’s Project Aspie hosts session of ‘Alphabet 12’ – preview of ‘Alphabet 12’ Community Impact Video 

18 Sep

On the 23 September 2017 Project Aspie (in conjunction with BMAG museum) presents last session of the Second Series of ‘Alphabet 12’.

West Bromwich firm’s luxury goods on display 

17 Sep

HERE'S a name that folk from West Bromwich may be familiar with A.

I recognised my uncle in Tipton Home Guard photographs 

16 Sep

TWO WEEKS ago we printed a large photograph of the entire Tipton Home Guard.

When royal couple planted a tree in Blackheath 

15 Sep

ROYALTY have often visited the Black Country, from Queen Henrietta Maria's stay in Walsall in 1643 to our own Queen's numerous tours of the region.

Ivan played for Dudley schoolboys then joined Baggies part time 

14 Sep

LIKE MANY a young lad, Ivan Andrews lived for football.

Dorothy Parkes Community Centre Surgery Sessions 

13 Sep

Do you have an idea for a project, but you just need that extra little bit of support to get your application at its best or to get your project idea off the ground? Do you need advice or support with your project planning or business plans? SCVO in ...

We watched horrified as smoking plane few over 

13 Sep

YOUR article on The Man in the Sky, filmed at Pendeford, took me back to my young teenage years.

AXA RoadSafe 

12 Sep

Insurance company AXA has joined the crowdfunding website ‘Crowdfunder’ to launch a new road safety campaign to enable local communities to source funds for safety initiatives.

Ashden Trust 

11 Sep

The LESS CO2 sustainable schools programme is a free energy efficiency programme available to any UK school including council run, academy or independent schools.

Concertina Charitable Trust 

11 Sep

The registered charity, Concertina, which makes grants of up to £250 to charitable bodies which provide musical entertainment and related activities for the elderly, has announced that the next deadline for applications is the 31st October 2017.

UnLtd helps young people to build and grow social enterprises 

11 Sep

UnLtd, in partnership with Sports Relief and the Spirit of 2012, has announced that young people who want to start, grow or build their social enterprise idea can apply for funding of up to £15,000.

New to the world of writing funding applications? 

11 Sep

Are you just starting on your fundraising journey/career and would like some guidance on how to go about raising money for your organisation? If so, why not come along to SCVO’s ‘Introduction to Fundraising’ workshop on Thursday, 5th October ...

Oldbury Repertory company seeks out tomorrow’s stars of the stage 

10 Sep

OLDBURY Repertory Company are looking for youngsters of either sex to join us as members to perform in our plays and shows ...

Zumba in the House 

8 Sep

Coming this month – Low Impact Zumba – upstairs @ Lightwoods House………a fun Latin inspired dance fitness class! Edited with BlogPad Pro...

Tipton Home Guard anniversary parade 

5 Sep

THE POPULAR image of the Home Guard is influenced by the sitcom Dad's Army we tend to think of it as a small group of superannuated bumblers, chasing shadows, falling over themselves and providing a poor deterrent to any Nazi invaders.

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Travels With My Aunt? 

21 Sep

Stay with me Sandwell (aka "Sadwell")...

This Sunday….body diversity 

20 Sep

EMBRACE is a social impact documentary that explores the issue of body image.

The Britton Doctrine “Lol”! 

18 Sep

This blog has frequently asked how Jan Britton, the joke "Chief Executive" of Labour basket-case Sandwell (aka Sadwell) Council, has managed to keep his job when - if he is to be believed - he was simply unaware of the fraud and corruption going on ...

Road closures for cycle race 

13 Sep

On Sunday 24 th September 2017 between approx.

Zumba in the House! 

8 Sep

Coming this month – Low Impact Zumba – upstairs @ Lightwoods House………a fun Latin inspired dance fitness class! Edited with BlogPad Pro...

Vote for Warley Woods 

4 Sep

Edited with BlogPad Pro...

Where next for Bentley? 

4 Sep

At the conclusion of The Big Sleuth this month the majority of bears will be auctioned off to raise vital funds to assist Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Fox Off Zorro! 

3 Sep

Even by the standards of the weird bunch of Labour Councillors in the socialist hermit kingdom of Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") Cllr Peter Hughes is up himself.

Three Degrees Statue Shocker! 

31 Aug

You could always tell when the old wife-beater Darren Cooper was lying - his lips were moving! The late Smethwick Scumbag, who was the laughable "leader" of bent Labour Sandwell Council, had sh*t for brains and saw everything in life as either "...

Sandwell Rebellion Gathers Pace! 

30 Aug

Yesterday Cllr Bob Price became the third Labour Councillor to say "enough is enough" and leave the vile dictatorship under Steve Eling and his bankrupt sidekick Cllr Richard Marshall (who have yet to resign despite the publication of the "Eling/...

Sandwell’s Shame! 

29 Aug

In five years there have been 6,226 reports of child abuse to social services - remember this is just REPORTED cases and may well be the just tip of the iceberg...

Another Bog-gate Mystery! 

25 Aug

In the useless "Wragge Report" much was made of the "fact" that the initial letter - out of the blue - offering to buy the bogs was sent to Cllr Ian Jones.

Complaint to The Labour Party 

23 Aug

This is a letter I have today sent to Iain McNicol, The General Secretary of the Labour Party.

The Eling/Marshall Files 2017 – Technical blog. 

23 Aug

2017 I am still unwell.

The Eling/Marshall Files 2016 – Technical Blog 

23 Aug

August 2016 Anti - Cllrs Ian and Olwen Jones: 09/08 Re Cllr Elaine Costigan: "Shes [sic] on our side but the Joneses don't know it".

Watson Demands Return of the W*nker! 

21 Aug

What is it about Tom "The Walrus of Lurve" Watson MP and cocks? No, I am not referring to his allegedly indiscriminate dalliances with "Watson's Wags" but the way his name crops up when Sandwell Labour Councillors have been getting their choppers out...

Are you on the register? 

21 Aug

You should recently have had a form from Sandwell Council asking you to make sure you are on the electoral register.

Wednesbury Gaumont Cinema to Return 

17 Aug

Having been away from the web for so long, quietly watching the local politics, I feel compelled to write about a good news story, its brilliant to see a major business is returning to our old town.

Skate park jam! 

15 Aug

A summer Skate Jam comes to Lightwoods Park’s skate park in Bearwood this Saturday, 19th August.

Cooper Conned The C*ck-Suckers! 

14 Aug

Darren Cooper was as thick as the canine sh*t he was so obsessed with.

Baths closure postponed 

11 Aug

The temporary closure at Smethwick Swimming Centre (Thimblemill Baths) will no longer take place, as Sandwell MBC have cancelled the work until a later date in the year, to be notified.

Skidder Shorts #31 – Skidder in the High Court! 

8 Aug

Well fancy that - The Skidder made it into the High Court judgment in the case of Mahboob Hussain -v- Sandwell Council! I am sure my old chum Bob Woods is choking on his vin rouge at the prospect of Mr Justice Green pouring over my florid prose! Here...

Andy Street’s Nice New Friends 

8 Aug

The West Midlands didn't want a Mayor but we got one forced on us anyway.

The BBC & Richard Marshall 

5 Aug

We have seen so many times how The Wolverhampton C*ck-Suckers - aka The Express and Star - have been happy to act as a propaganda sheet for the bent Labour Council in Sandwell but, with a couple of notable exceptions, the lefties at the local BBC ...

Live tonight at The Windsor Theatre Bar 

5 Aug

Hayley Moore will be hosting a night of live music from her extensive repertoire… From 8pm, free admission, and fine ale on hand pump...

Hussain – New Property Mystery! 

2 Aug

One recurring feature of the property sales by Jan Britton's bent paid service in the Rotten Borough of Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") to family and friends of Cllr Mahboob Hussain is the appearance of Mr Anthony Hope as "design agent" in sundry planning ...

New interactive website set to revolutionise contact with the police 

31 Jul

West Midlands Police has taken the first step towards a new interactive website that’s set to revolutionise the way members of the public contact the force – and give people the chance to report some crimes online.

The weather’s looking fine… 

31 Jul


Tom Watson MP & Glastonbury 

25 Jul

Many readers will know that Tom Watson MP (the London-resident who purports to represent dirt-poor West Bromwich East) loves to parade his trendiness [sic] by frequently tweeting and blogging about bands and his trips to elitist Glastonbury (for the ...

Another Simon Lea stunner 

19 Jul

Simon Lea captured this beauty in Warley Woods.

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