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Could YOU Inspire Young People…as a ‘Pitch Adviser’ for NCS? 

26 Sep

The National Citizen Service (NCS) is a 3 week programme open to all 15-17 year olds that helps young people to build skills, take on challenges, make friends and work with charities and organisations in their local community.

SAPA’s sale of play/office equipment and resources 

26 Sep

Sandwell Adventure Play Association (SAPA) will be holding two sales at their headquarters at Riddins Mound Play Centre, Training Enterprise Centre, Applewood Grove (off Southbank Road), Cradley Heath/Rowley Regis B64 6EW.

Crossroads Care Upcoming Training Courses 

25 Sep

Crossroads Care will be delivering the following training courses up to the end of October 2018.

New Ways to Volunteer 

25 Sep

Some things never change.

Let’s Live Cancer Support Group 

24 Sep

Did you know the cancer support group, Let’s Live Cancer, meets 10 am to 1 pm, every other week at Christ Church, Oldbury? It is led by trained cancer advocate, David Harper, who has a real insight to the problems of the people living with cancer.

Cafe Neuro now in Sandwell 

24 Sep

Did you know that Cafe Neuro is now in Sandwell with the support of Black Country Neurological Alliance, Headway Black Country and SAFS Caring Family Support.

Birmingham and Black Country Communities Fund 

24 Sep

Small local community groups, charities and social enterprises in Birmingham and the Black Country can apply for grants of up to £2,000 to help people facing disadvantage and social exclusion.

Strategic Legal Fund 

24 Sep

Not for profit organisations and private law firms that work with young migrants can apply for grants through the Strategic Legal Fund (SLF) for Vulnerable Young Migrants.

Triangle Trust 

24 Sep

The Triangle Trust has announced that the next closing date for applications to its development grants programme is noon on the 23rd October 2018 .

George Road Community Church Hire Facilities 

24 Sep

At George Road Community Church, George Road, Oldbury B62 9LN you can hire the Main Church Hall and Hope House, situated within the church grounds.

Blog Post: Of Hives and Hornets 

21 Sep

Over the last six weeks our volunteers have been eagerly watching a hornet's nest down on the path that leads from the Hide to the Tame River.

Charity Trustees: Seven top tips for a well-functioning board 

20 Sep

Tesse Akpeski, DSC Associate Trainer offer tops tips for a well functioning Board.

New Project to Help Tackle Litter 

20 Sep

A new community volunteer project has been launched to help tackle litter in Sandwell.

Vacancies at Legacy West Midlands 

19 Sep

Legacy WM, a registered charity, celebrates the heritage of post war migrant communities in the West Midlands.

At last! 

19 Sep

At last after being without my camera then my 500mm lens for nearly four months in total! Both in for repair, one after the other, my lens finally came home today.

Senior Advice and Outreach Worker for Brushstrokes 

17 Sep

Brushstrokes is an award winning project in partnership with Father Hudson’s Care, The Infant Jesus Sisters and the parish of St Philip Neri, Smethwick.

Fundraising Regulator issues email scam warning 

17 Sep

Online scammers are sending fake invoices to charities, claiming to be from the Fundraising Regulator to cover Fundraising Preference Service costs.

Sandwell Safeguarding Adults Board Conference 

17 Sep

Sandwell Safeguarding Adults Board will be hosting their annual Celebration of Prevention Work and Services Conference on Tuesday, 9th October 2018 – 10.30 am till 2.30 pm.

Institute of Mathematics Education Grant Scheme 

17 Sep

The Institute of Mathematics has announced that individuals working in Schools, Colleges of Further Education (FE) and Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) can apply for funding of up to £600 to run or attend an educational activity relating to ...

UK – German Schools Flexible Funding Scheme 

17 Sep

Schools and Youth groups in the UK and Germany can now apply for funding of between £500 and £5,000 from the UK German Connection Flexible Funding Scheme.

Funding for Projects that Use the Arts and Media to Address the Concerns of Children 

17 Sep

Not-for-profit organisations in the UK that work with children and young people using the arts and creative media, can apply for grants of up to £50,000 through the Ragdoll Foundation’s Open Grants Programme.

Blog Post: Reflections on a Theme 

13 Sep

Since last September the hardworking volunteers at RSPB Sandwell Valley have been working on a small patch of land tucked away between Storytelling Corner and one of our Pond Dipping ponds.

World Mental Health Day – 10th October 2018 

13 Sep

World Mental Health Day on 10th October 2018 focused on young people and mental health in a changing world and as part of that focus the organisation Mental Health First Aid has provided a range of free resources to use with young people.

Citizens Advice Sandwell Volunteer Recruitment Event 

12 Sep

Every year we help thousands of local people to face their issues and provide free information, advice and support.

Summary of West Bromwich Unemployed Young People’s Social Action Project 

11 Sep

The aim of the Project was for a group of unemployed your people supported by Sandwell HUB, Talent Match, West Bromwich JCP and Barnardo’s On Track Project, to create and complete an identified community social action, by organising and donating a...

Embedding the GDPR for non-profits 

11 Sep

Dudley CVS is pleased to welcome trainer Paul Ticher for this engaging workshop designed to help not-for-profits in Dudley borough (and across the wider Region) embed GDPR in their organisation.

Paul Bush Foundation Trust 

10 Sep

Individuals and charitable organisations within the UK can apply for grants of up to £10,000 (£5,000 for individuals) to support the needs of adults and children with physical disabilities in England.

Professional Development Grants for Teachers 

10 Sep

Teachers and head teachers are being offered an opportunity to take time out from the classroom in order to undertake an original project of their choice, in the UK or abroad, aimed at enhancing their personal and professional development.

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Come Clean Please Brendon Batson! 

26 Sep

When I shivered on the Brummie Road End many moons ago, little did I think that three of my blue and white-striped heroes - yes, "The Three Degrees" - would, one day, be the subject of a ghastly, cartoonish, statue plonked in West Brom's shopping ...

Jan Britton Follows Troll 

20 Sep

Jan Britton, who purports to be the "Chief Executive" of bent Sandwell Council, is trying to criminalise me for the alleged single use of a swear word.

Skidder Twitter Account Hacked! 

18 Sep

Regular readers will know that the late Leader [sic] of Sandwell Council joined forces with Mr Andrew Hipkiss and others to troll me (and my wife) and get my Twitter accounts closed down.

The GMB Union – A Short “Apology”…. 

17 Sep

Hitherto this blog has suggested that the GMB Union, in their dealings with Sandwell Council, have been less than enthusiastic about fighting the management [sic] of the bent Borough.

C*cksuckers Put Boot In! 

12 Sep

I am naturally rather circumspect in the current climate of using my usual nomenclature for The Express and Star "newspaper" but hey ho...


12 Sep

The Skidder is to stand trial on the afternoon of 23rd October, 2018 at Dudley Magistrates Court.

Sandwell Staff Costs – Highest in West Mids! 

8 Sep

This blog has repeatedly shown that Jan Britton's bent paid service in the Labour Dictatorship of Sandwell is a byword for fraud, corruption, cronyism and incompetence but according to figures sent to me anonymously this morning it is also the most ...

Jez Hall Dismissal – Everything Was Fair! 

7 Sep

On 4th August, 2018 I wrote about the dismissal of the unfortunate Mr Jez Hall.

Don’t lose your vote! 

2 Sep

You must return your details Sandwell residents are being reminded not to lose their right to vote – by completing their annual canvass form and returning it to the council.

This will be rocking…. 

1 Sep

Thimblemill Library, tonight, (1st Sept) 7.30.

September e-Bulletin 

30 Aug

The September edition of the Bearwood eBulletin is now available for download here If you want to receive your copy directly to your e-mail every month, just complete the subscription form here...

Wednesbury Xmas Lights – Another Crock of Sh*t! 

28 Aug

This blog exposed the Wednesbury Celebrates (WC) scandal which was duly covered up by West Midlands Police (WMP).

Wednesbury Bid Scandal – Maynard Speaks! 

25 Aug

Before I start some breaking news - I have been charged with an alleged criminal offence ie that I called the Chief Executive of bent Sandwell Council a "c*cksucker".

Watson Donor Up For “Honour” 

23 Aug

Tom Watson has his team of greasers on Sandwell Labour Council.

Wednesbury’s Second Chance to F*ck Itself! 

23 Aug

There is something deeply depressing about the pathetic way corrupt Labour Sandwell Council collectively tries to jump on passing bandwagons and the way Party greasers clutch at any opportunity to grab cash for their own self-aggrandisement.

Who is dealing with this criminality? 

20 Aug

Over the last few weeks, on this page and in my mailbox, there have been loads of complaints about late night/early hours disturbances.

Vote for Boris 

19 Aug

The latest Polls today state more people than ever want to leave the EU, interestingly 48 % of the people polled now considering our political classes are wilfully attempting to damage our Brexit to satisfy their own political remain agenda.

Tom Watson MP & the Bookies. 

15 Aug

Local readers will appreciate what a nasty piece of work Tom Watson is.

Life’s a Beach…. 

10 Aug

This promises to be something special… Two caravans each one a specially created performance space, each one a different part of an experience shared across cultures the British seaside.

Bearwood Road bedsits refused 

9 Aug

Plans by a developer to convert the rooms above the shops on Bearwood Road into nearly 50 bedsits have been rejected by Sandwell Councils Planning Committee.

URGENT – Save Londonderry Fields! 

7 Aug

Before reading on please note that the Save Londonderry Lane Playing Fields Campaign is holding a public meeting on Sunday evening at 6.

Racist GMB Man Finally Goes? 

7 Aug

I wrote about Steve Dawson on 22nd March, 2018 and told the tale how, in 2015 (yes 2015!), he had racially abused a co-worker in front of an independent witness.

Did Sandwell Unison F*ck Own Member? 

4 Aug

On 1st March, 2017 I heard that the head of Sandwell's bent paid service, Jan Britton*, had been personally involved in firing a long-standing and popular SMBC employee with nearly 40 years service at the behest of his Labour puppet-masters.

Cllr Hackett – Help Please? 

4 Aug

Many of you have been anxious about contacting The Skidder since bent West Midlands Police took my phone to try and hinder production of the blog.

Sandwell’s £6,000 Boat Piss-Up! 

2 Aug

When the Local Government Association came to Brum recently it was inevitable that pathetic pygmy Steve "The Milkman" Eling and his arse-rimmer in chief would be attempting to "cut the big" in front of the great and good of Town Hall glitterati.

The “Legend” of Lion Farm…. 

30 Jul

Those of you familiar with the works of John Le Carre will know that one aspect of spycraft is the creation of "legends".

Lion Farm Technical Blog #1 

30 Jul

On Thursday 26th July the following report was put before the Audit Committee in a blatant attempt to pour a bucket of whitewash over the bent Lion Farm deal.

August e-Bulletin 

30 Jul

The August edition of our Bearwood e-Bulletin, with news about things happening in Bearwood and beyond, is out todayand can be downloaded here .

What A Real Conservative Can Do 

28 Jul

While Fake Conservatives Run “Our” Government any true Conservative knows that to kick start your economy you use Tax cuts to put money in the pockets of the Blue collar let them spend but this spend can only be used for internally produced ...

Bent Cops Drop Malicious Skidder Attack! 

27 Jul

I am delighted to say that after nearly five months of immense stress the "Complex Crime Unit" (yes, honestly) phoned me last night to say that they were taking no further actions against me in respect of the malicious allegations by Cllrs Eling, ...

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