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Ketentuan Pemberian Nomor Faktur Pajak 

29 Mar

Ketentuan pemberian nomor Faktur Pajak ini seharusnya diberlakukan sejak tanggal 1 April 2013.

Faktur Pajak Fiktif 

29 Mar

PKP yang telah dipusatkan tempat terutangnya PPN ditempat lain, PKP yang pindah alamat ke wilayah kerja kantor DJP lain, serta PKP yang tidak lagi memenuhi peryaratan subjektif dan objektif.

By what kind of death did Jesus die? What death do all humans face? 

29 Mar

“But we have no right to execute anyone,” the Jews objected.

Welfare Benefits Caseworker for Citizens Advice Dudley 

28 Mar

Citizens Advice Dudley Borough is a charity that offers free, impartial and independent advice to over £15,000 people per year, resolving 55,000 advice issues to diverse communities across the borough, many of whom often have complex support needs ...

Open Access Round 8 Open! 

27 Mar

The Open Access Award supports activities that build audiences and promote artistic excellence in the Black Country.

Sandwell Businesses Invited to Health Event 

27 Mar

Sandwell businesses are invited to an event to discuss how they and the council can best work together to improve the health of their employees and customers.

Free NHS Health Checks 

27 Mar

The check happens every five years, so if you have had one recently you don’t need to see us.

Barbara Ward Children’s Charity 

27 Mar

Charities and organisations helping children who are disadvantaged in some respect can apply for grants from the Barbara Ward Children’s Charity.

Do you remember the High Town Wortons or Harry the landlord? 

26 Mar

MANY of us these days are familiar with that frustration that comes from hitting a dead-end with our family tree research.

Any old irons? Nigel’s curious collection forms new exhibition 

25 Mar

THE thought of ironing isn't likely to get many of us excited, but a curious exhibition currently running at Tipton Library is showing visitors what an unusual history that most mundane of household implements has.

How can someone die and never die? 

24 Mar

When Martha went to meet Jesus, after her brother, Lazarus, has died, she told Jesus that she believed confidently in the general resurrection of all people.

Wajibkah Parpol Dikukuhkan menjadi PKP? 

23 Mar

Berbeda denga Pajak Penghasilan (PPh), pengenaan kewajiban PPN ditentukan oleh faktor objektif.

Vinci UK Foundation – Deadline: 31st March 2017 

23 Mar

VINCI recognises that its sustainable economic success is linked to an ambitious social commitment.

Parpol sebagai Wajib Pajak Badan 

23 Mar

Sebagaimana diketahui, Parpol merupakan organisasi politik yang dibentuk atas dasar kesamaan kehendak dan cita-cita.

Improving your charity’s digital storytelling 

22 Mar

Do you use ‘digital’ to communicate your message? A website, Facebook, Twitter etc? Producing fresh and engaging content can feel like hard work sometimes.

Menjadi Wajib Pajak Setia 

22 Mar

Banyak orang berandai-andai ingin jadi orang kaya.

Easter Junior Golf Camp, Free places now booking 

22 Mar

We are now taking bookings for the CANDO funded golf camp during the Easter holiday.

Classmates will hear of Pardoe link 

22 Mar

ON March 27 a group of old school friends will gather at the Old Swan Inn in Netherton to hear how one of them was related to the renowned Pardoe family who gave their name to Ma Pardoe's brewery.

Teddy Grays film for one day only 

22 Mar

THERE will be a rare opportunity to see renowned photographer Martin Parr's film about Teddy Gray's sweet factory on April 27.

Albion v Wolves – the complete history of the Black Country… 

22 Mar

WOLVES League Champions againFOUR years after winning the Football League championship for the very first time, Wolves captured the top prize again in 1957-58, having a convincing five point margin over runners-up Preston North End when the last ball...

I saved the Tipton Slasher’s clock from being thrown away 

22 Mar

WILLIAM PERRY, the Tipton Slasher, may be the most famous son of the Black Country but very few of his personal possessions have survived to the present day.

Oldbury Viaduct Major Renewal Scheme 

21 Mar

Regular users of the M5, between junctions 1 and 2 particularly, may already be aware of the impending major renewal works that are scheduled to begin after Easter 2017.

The Spring Budget – implications for the Sector. 

21 Mar

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, delivered his Spring Budget last week (8th March 2017).

The Children’s Health Fund – Deadline: 7th April 2017 

21 Mar

The Children’s Health Fund recognises the importance of encouraging children and young people to drink more water in order to improve their overall health and development.

How should I respond to sub-Christian mottos like “Good Disagreement” and “Radical Inclusion” 

21 Mar

What follows is taken from my letter to Holy Trinity Church in our April magazine in response to the mottos “Good disagreement” and “radical inclusion” which are being banded about in Church of England circles at present.

Black Country Society marks half century with blue plaque 

21 Mar

THE 50th anniversary of the Black Country Society was celebrated on Wednesday March 1st at the Noah's Ark pub in Tipton, where the society had held its inaugural meeting on the same date in 1967.

Forest Play at Easter 

20 Mar

Forest Play is happening in Warley Woods at Easter – Thursdays 13th and 20th April.

Spotlight on Home School Enterprise 

20 Mar

Homeschool is a registered Christian Charity with a strong Christian ethos.

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Free at last 

30 Mar

Historians will undoubtedly look back and describe these exciting times that we are privileged to be living through as a glorious English Spring bringing about a bright political, economic and social future.

The Amazing Disappearing Khatun! 

21 Mar

This is a strange tale even by "Sadwell" standards.

Music at the ‘Mill 

20 Mar

With the very talented Ruth Theodore...

SMBC Block Report on “Innocent” Hackett! 

17 Mar

The Leader of Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") Council, Steve Eling, promised some time ago that he would be attempting to ensure that the out of control bent paid service under joke "Chief Executive" Jan Britton would stop paying fast and loose with the law...

Sandwell Parks Scandal Latest! 

17 Mar

The Skidder raised serious issues concerning the goings-on at Sandwell Parks Department with both the Council and bent West Midlands Police.

A UK First – “The Corruptour” – Book Now! 

16 Mar

Book now for the UK's first ever "Corruptour"! The minibus is booked and the Skidder will take you on a magical tour of southern "Sadwell" with a fun commentary on the locations of corruption, cronyism and incompetence that have been such a part of ...

The Russians are coming…. 

16 Mar

Thimblemill Library are launching a lending service for Russian books in particular but would like Polish and other central/eastern European books.

Thanks Audit Committee – But No Thanks! 

13 Mar

The Audit Committee of scandal-ridden Sandwell Council recently resolved to invite the writer to appear before it.

Breaking News – Civil War in Sandwell Labour! 

1 Mar

The simmering feud between the Eling and Jones factions in the "Sadwell" Labour Group burst into the open last night.

Hussain Family Loot Rolls In! 

1 Mar

The Hussain Family occasionally like to display their wealth and power with do's at Akbar's Restaurant in Birmingham.

Open Mic at The Mill 

27 Feb

The first time that I visited the Open Mic at the Mill I didn’t know what to expect.

Hussain – More WM Police Corruption? 

25 Feb

This blog has pointed out time and time again that West Midlands Police have been corruptly protecting Labour Sandwell Council in general and Cllr Mahboob Hussain in particular (who enjoys "special protection" for allegedly rendering certain "...

On the mARTch 

21 Feb

A month-long roadshow of workshops and sessions to get artists of all ages being creative and talking about the future of the arts is coming to Sandwell.

Learn Spanish…. 

15 Feb

Spanish lessons at the 'Mill...

Tell us what you want from leisure services 

13 Feb

Over the past five years, Sandwell Council has invested millions of pounds in the upgrade and renewal of sport and leisure buildings in the borough.

Work in progress… 

4 Feb

Lightwoods House is nearing completion, and Richard Marshall has been inside for a sneak preview...

Bringing Bears to Bear-wood 

3 Feb

Remember the Birmingham Big Hoot Owl Trail last year, (starring our own Caroline Jariwala)….

“Lol” – Cooper Lied to the C*ck-Suckers! 

1 Feb

Over at the Joseph Goebbels Institute in Wolverhampton (aka The Express and Star) the editor, Harrison, and some of his staff spent years with their tongues metaphorically rimming the anus of the late Smethwick Scumbag, Cllr "lol" Darren Cooper.

Give The Keys Back, Lardarse Rowley! 

31 Jan

Even by Sandwell standards this is f*cking unbelievable! Once again The Skidder has led the way in exposing the murky doings of Jan Britton's bent paid service at Sandwell Labour Council - in this case the Parks Department.

Beware of lottery scam 

30 Jan

A message from the police: We have been made aware of a crime where criminals are approaching people stating that they have a winning lottery ticket but they cannot cash it in as they are here in the UK illegally, they then ask for help to cash it in.

Cllr Rouf STILL Protected! 

30 Jan

A major new revelation about the Rouf mansion scandal came out from Sandwell Council last week but Cllr Rouf continues to avoid scrutiny! I have written no less that six posts on the scandal of the Rouf mansion plus others referring to it but matters...

Cllr Frear’s Council House 

29 Jan

I will be posting in detail about the matters arising out of all the new fraud and corruption allegations coming to the surface from the disastrous Cooper/Britton years but at least it looks like Mahboob Hussain's bag man Cllr Andrews/Bloxham/Kerton/...

Holocaust Memorial Commemoration 

27 Jan

This year's Sandwell Commemoration for Holocaust Memorial Day will take place on Sunday, 29th January at 10.15am at the Highfields Memorial Gardens, High Street West Bromwich.

Butt Out Tom Watson MP! 

27 Jan

As ever, it has been Adam Smith and The Halesowen News who have blazed the trail in the local media with the latest fraud and corruption allegations engulfing the Labour rotten borough of Sandwell.

Consultation on changes to bus routes 

24 Jan

National Express are consulting on changes to bus services which would impact on some routes in Bearwood.

Nashville Cats 

23 Jan

This Saturday at Thimblemill Library, the spectacular Nashville band The Wild Ponies will be strutting their stuff.


22 Jan

Simon Lea's frost woods...

Cllr Bawa Allegations NOT New to BENT West Midlands Police! 

20 Jan

It's been another explosive week in Sandwell as further fraud allegations rock the corrupt Labour Council.

Is Ian Jones “The Third Man”? 

18 Jan

I will, of course, be blogging soon about today's major developments in the stinking cesspit that is Sandwell Council.

Potty-Mouthed Piper On Fine Form! 

13 Jan

I quite like my Facebook chum Cllr Bob Piper even if he is a foaming-at-the-mouth acolyte of the absurd Corbyn.

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