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Apple Juicing Day at Ashfield Gardens – Sunday 23rd Sept 

20 Sep 18

Apple Juicing Day at Ashfield Market Garden, Stourbridge Date: Sunday 23rd Sept, from 10am Where:   Ashfield Camphill Market Garden , Sugar Loaf Lane, Iverley, near Stourbridge, DY10 3PB.

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30 Aug 18

The support we receive from schools, Churches and other organisations over Harvest time is crucial to BCFB as its a time to replenish our shelves which are currently empty! All the resources to help you collect donations are available here and you …

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Vote for Boris 

19 Aug 18

The latest Polls today state more people than ever want to leave the EU, interestingly 48 % of the people polled now considering our political classes are wilfully attempting to damage our Brexit to satisfy their own political remain agenda.

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What A Real Conservative Can Do 

28 Jul 18

While Fake Conservatives Run “Our” Government any true Conservative knows that to kick start your economy you use Tax cuts to put money in the pockets of the Blue collar let them spend but this spend can only be used for internally produced …

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Ablewell Advice Holiday/Lunch Club 

23 Jul 18

In partnership with Tesco Extra in Walsall,  Ablewell Advice  in Walsall will be holding a lunch event every  Wednesday  during the 6-week school summer break.

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Springs Church, Gornal, collect 1 tonne of food! 

19 Jul 18

Churches support Black Country Foodbank quietly and consistently in the background.

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The Betrayal of a Nation 

10 Jul 18

Over two years ago, we the people of this United kingdom were given a vote.

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School Council Visit to the Storehouse 

3 Jul 18

We had the pleasure of showing The Ridge Primary School, Wollaston, Stourbridge around our warehouse.

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The IBL and the left – response to Adam Ozanne’s overview of the UCU factions #ucu2018 #ourUCU 

14 Jun 18

(In pic: Pura Ariza (UCU left), Rob Goodfellow (IBL), Adam Ozanne (IBL), Dave Muritu (UCU left), pictured at the regions and nations meeting on the eve of UCU2018) Earlier today the IBL faction published their account of what happened at congress …

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Crisis? Transformation? Reflections on #UCU2018 #OurUCU 

14 Jun 18

It’s been a couple of chaotic weeks since UCU’s annual and most explosive yet congress was held in Manchester.

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Modern Day Slavery Event 

10 May 18

A big thank you to Khizra Dhindsa from West Midlands Police and James Henderson from Transforming Communities together for presenting up to date information about signs of modern day Slavery to our Foodbank volunteers.

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Thank you Sainsbury’s 

9 May 18

Thank you to the customers and staff at Sainsbury’s, Sandringham Way, Brierley Hill and Sainsbury’s, Reedswood, Walsall who held a collection day for us on Saturday 5th May 2018.

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New Centre Opening in Tipton 

23 Apr 18

Loving Hands, NTCOG Tipton, 2 Horseley Heath, DY4 7SA opens on Wednesday 25th April 11am-2pm Please go along if you have a Foodbank Voucher or if you would like to make a donation of food and toiletries.

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FILM: We the uncivilized – Saturday 21st April 

10 Apr 18

The film documents the search of a young couple to find a different way of living-to find community, meaning, and a way of living in harmony with the earth and raises questions about our so called ‘civilized’ ways of living and hence the title.

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Foodbank Review 2017 

28 Mar 18

Please have a look at our facts and figures for 2017.

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Volunteers Christmas Meal 

31 Jan 18

On Wednesday January 24th 2018 we held our ‘Volunteers Christmas Meal’.

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Rowley, John Thomas 

20 Jun 17

Advertiser 18 Dec 1915 Advertiser 25 Dec 1915 BRIERLEY HILL SOLDIER’S DEATH.

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Terror, being a man, and my son Ben 

4 Jun 17

I had my son in bed with me again last night because he was frightened.

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River Stour Clean-up – Sunday 14th May 

1 May 17

River Stour clean-up event Date: Sunday14th May Time: 10.15 for 10.30 Place: Still to be decided Other dates: June 11th, July 16th, August 20th Please email Rosanne for further information  rosanneadams@yahoo.

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Abortion rights and the wider struggle: a call to arms 

28 Jan 17

In this week of unfolding dystopia, there is a lot going on.

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To my 7 year old daughter on the day of #Womensmarch 

21 Jan 17

To my lovely baby You belong to you.

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Further Ed is vital for a healthy democracy: 5 fatal flaws need changing to let it flourish 

17 Jan 17

I trained to teach in FE in 2004 and since then have had the privilege of sharing the journeys of hundreds of learners as they progress through college and on to bright futures.

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Fight austerity, don’t scapegoat migrants: Midlands trades unionists respond to Coyne 

2 Jan 17

On Monday 2nd January, Unite West Midlands official Gerard Coyne addressed a Birmingham group of supporters as part of his campaign to take the Unite leadership from Len McCluskey.

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Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Debate 

14 Dec 16

Margot James responds on behalf of the Government to a debate on corporate governance and social responsibility.

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Business, Innovation and Skills Questions 

13 Dec 16

Margot James answers questions from MPs on subjects including the trends in the number of women on boards and support for the self-employed.

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Retail Store Closure: Boxing Day 

13 Dec 16

Margot James responds to a Parliamentary debate resulting from an e-Petition on closure of retail stores on Boxing Day.

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Transforming the Food System – A public talk and short film 

8 Dec 16

Transforming the Food System – A public talk and short film You are warmly invited to an evening on ‘Transforming the Food System’.

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Scottish Questions 

24 Nov 16

Margot James answers MPs’ questions relating the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in Scotland.

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Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Questions 

9 Nov 16

Margot James answers MPs’ questions in relation to counterfeit and substandard electrical goods, carbon monoxide alarms and opportunities for the development of small businesses.

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Margot James responds to debate on workplace internships 

4 Nov 16

Margot James responds on behalf of the Government to the Second Reading of a Private Member’s Bill to ensure all workplace internships are paid the National Minimum Wage.

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Margot James responds to a debate on the national living wage 

3 Nov 16

Margot James responds to a debate on the national living wage which has brought immense benefits and seen wages for the low paid rise more than twice as much as those on average or higher pay around the country.

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MP’s Stourbridge Careers Evening less than 2 weeks away 

1 Nov 16

Local MP and Business Minister Margot James will be hosting her next ‘Aspirations Event’, a Careers Evening, on Friday 11th November at the Glasshouse College in Stourbridge.

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Margot James responds to BHS debate 

20 Oct 16

Margot James responds to a Parliamentary Backbench Business Committee debate on the governance of British Home Stores.

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Halloween happenings at Dudley Castle 

20 Oct 16

Chance to witness ghostly goings on at haunted venue.

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Chef Evans, due process, and equality fights 

15 Oct 16

***Content warning – may be triggering in relation to sexual assault and rape*** I wanted to write something briefly on this in solidarity with the opening up of pain and frustration I have seen from lots and lots of women I admire and value and …

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MP announces 2016 Careers Evening 

10 Oct 16

Local MP and Business Minister Margot James is hosting her next Aspirations Event, a Careers Evening, on Friday 11th November at the Glasshouse College in Stourbridge.

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Leave Means Leave, but only if Donald Trump Wins 

25 Sep 16

This site has not hidden the notion we DO NOT trust Theresa May’s government to get the best deal for the British in our exit negotiations, the reasons are simple, she is a strong remain MP, she loves Europe, worst of all she refuses to introduce any…

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Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Questions 

14 Sep 16

Margot James answers MPs’ questions in relation to white goods product recall and employment protections.

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Faulty Tumble Dryers (Fire Risk) Debate 

13 Sep 16

Margot James responds on behalf of the Government to an adjournment debate on fire risk of faulty tumble dryers.

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Harvest 2016! 

12 Sep 16

Hello Everyone We are excited to be preparing for the Harvest season.

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Welcome Back! September 2016 

5 Sep 16

Hi All The BCFB Warehouse is open as usual, Monday to Friday 9am-2pm.

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Vote Elane for FE disabled rep, NEC 

3 Sep 16

This week ballot papers will arrive for a UCU NEC by-election for FE disabled members rep.

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The Single Market CON 

31 Aug 16

So Theresa is holding a big meeting at checkers, well don’t hold your breath on the outcome, as most of her EU loving team want to submit to the EU’s threats, made by the EU’s autocratic unelected dictatorial masters.

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May’s Honeymoon Is Over 

4 Aug 16

All over the UK good and true Conservatives are worried that the “Remain” team inside this new cabinet will NOT deliver our Exit to Britain’s best advantage.

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Playing the race card: Smith and working class identity politics 

26 Jul 16

Women workers’ banner at the black country museum workers institute It wasn’t too many decades ago that it was the tories who attacked the Labour party with the race card – if you want X for a neighbour vote Labour and all of that.

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Summer Holiday Storehouse Opening Times 2016 

21 Jul 16

Hi All The Storehouse is Albion Street will be closed from (and including) Monday 29th August and reopen on Monday 5th September.

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Brexit Light 

19 Jul 16

The new unelected Remain Prime Minister has now been appointed by the party board and all over the UK Brexit voters see no change in the direction of the UK’s governance.

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If you really want out, VOTE GOVE 

1 Jul 16

All over the UK following a world shattering referendum result our Government was given clear direct democratic instruction “LEAVE THE EU”, yet inside one week the very remain politicians in the Tory party helped by Labour are now ignoring your …

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Margot supports Theresa May – for a country that works for everyone 

30 Jun 16

I was delighted to attend the launch of Theresa May’s campaign for the leadership this morning.

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Nature Returns to the River Stour 

28 Jun 16

River Stour behind Lion Health Centre Murrays Chemist Thanks to our dedicated and committed volunteers we’ve almost completely cleared the River Stour behind the Lion Health Centre .

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