Black Country news and blogs Tuesday 30 August 2016
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Splendid looking camels 

30 Aug

Our three Bactrian camels are beginning to look quite splendid after being given a helping hand with their moulting hair.

Caver Keith Caving Videos – 500,000 Views 

29 Aug

I set up my YouTube channel in September 2009 to showcase my caving videos.

Bamboo cane plea! 

29 Aug

Following the popularity of our five-storey bug hotel which is always fully booked with critters, were looking to expand the guesthouse empire, but need YOUR help! There are thousands of insect species living across our 40-acre zoo site, which all ...

Neat and tidy! 

28 Aug

DZGs 40-acre site is looking neater thanks to the DIY efforts of our maintenance team.

Rockers are a hit! 

28 Aug

DZGs new animal rockers are proving a hit with our younger visitors.

From Aurora to Cloud – 25th August 

27 Aug

There was some forecast for aurora in the early hours of the 25th auugst, but, at the same time the weather forecast wasn't good either with cloud forecast.

Charlie’s castle checks 

27 Aug

DZG's Blue and gold macaw, Charlie is enjoying the warmer weather by carrying out castle checks with Presentation Assistant, Amy Hickman.

G1 Geomagnetic Storm – 24th August 

26 Aug

I spent the evening of the 23rd of August watching online aurora monitoring stations and could see a huge auroral oval straight over Iceland where we are staying.

It’s snow joke – reindeer born at Dudley Zoo in August 

26 Aug

DUDLEY Zoo is celebrating the birth of another reindeer, making this August arrival even rarer than the birth of little Sunflower in July.

New tortoise settles in 

26 Aug

A male African Hermann's tortoise issettling into his new home at DZG.

Dudley College celebrates bumper number of GCSE achievements 

25 Aug

Dudley College students and staff have been celebrating strong GCSE results today with a significant increase in the number of students securing successful A* – C grades in their GCSE resits results.

On your marks… 

25 Aug

DZG staff are busy limbering up for our Zoolympics today! CAPTION: Keeper Sian-Leigh Simner, Conservation Officer Chris Leeson and Education Assistant Amy Hickman get he medals and sponges ready for today's Zoolympics! Keepers, office staff and our ...

From Storm to Dawn – 24th August 

24 Aug

There's still not much true 'astronomical night' up here in north west Iceland in the last third of August and by 3am dawn is rapidly brightening up the sky, hiding not just the stars but also the aurora.

Summer shearing 

24 Aug

Farm favourites, Crunchie the alpaca and Bam Bam the sheep are enjoying the warm weather after having their thick coats shorn off.

Iceland Aurora – 23rd August 

23 Aug

I was really surprised to see an auroral display on the morning of 23rd august; all the data said there shouldn't be one - Kp1, northerly Bz and a slow solar wind.

Special delivery for Ellis 

23 Aug

A chance discussion with a zoo visitor led to a surprise delivery for DZG Apprentice, Ellis Robinson.

Zoolympics fun! 

22 Aug

Well be joining the Olympics fun on Thursday with our very own sports extravaganza as we raise money to help preserve a vital piece of forest in Brazil.

An icy tapir treat 

21 Aug

Brazilian tapir, Chico, cooled down in the summer heat with some homemade tasty ice lollies.

Ha Full Disk – 12th August 

20 Aug

Taken with the Lunt 50 etalon at 40mm aperture with the PGR Chameleon 3 camera at 400mm focal length.

Active Regions in CaK – 12th August 

20 Aug

A nice grouping of active regions taken in advance of the Solarsphere festival last friday...

Hello, baby! 

20 Aug

Theres a new baby in the Discovery Centre and look how gorgeous he is! Meet Mercury, who was born to mum, Tink and dad, Muffin on August 9.

It’s International Orangutan Day! 

19 Aug

Its International Orangutan Day and DZG is highlighting the major threats to these charismatic creatures and raising funds to help.

Dudley Sixth celebrates outstanding A Level results 

18 Aug

Staff and students of Dudley Sixth have been celebrating this morning as they have once more achieved outstanding A level results, with our students achieving an overall pass rate of well over 98%.

A birth to remember! 

18 Aug

Were welcoming a very special birthday visitor on site today, 12 months to the day since she began her entrance into the world here at Dudley Zoological Gardens! It was August, 18 2015 and Lisa Price-Patel, from Wednesbury, who was 38 weeks pregnant ...

Dudley Sixth students celebrate best ever A Level results 

17 Aug

Staff and students of Dudley Sixth have been celebrating this morning as they have once more achieved outstanding A level results, with students studying at the Dudley site achieving an overall pass rate of 99%.

Roarsome donations! 

17 Aug

Weve got great pride in announcing you helped us raise 145.93 as part of our World Lion Day celebrations.

An August arrival! 

16 Aug

Were celebrating the birth of another reindeer at DZG, making this August arrival even rarer than little Sunflower's.

Christmas Owl 

15 Aug

It's reminder time for 12 months of Christmas challenge.

Waste not, want not! 

15 Aug

When a stray carrot ended up in the moat during a scatter feed , Bornean orang utan, Jazz, was determined not to let any food go to waste The clever great ape discovered she could probably fish it o ut of the water if she had a rod, as her arm wasnt ...

Inside Dudley Training College 

14 Aug

DUDLEY Training College, which turned generations of students into teachers, has featured several times in the Bugle in recent weeks.

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May’s Honeymoon Is Over 

4 Aug

All over the UK good and true Conservatives are worried that the “Remain” team inside this new cabinet will NOT deliver our Exit to Britain's best advantage.

Playing the race card: Smith and working class identity politics 

26 Jul

Women workers’ banner at the black country museum workers institute It wasn’t too many decades ago that it was the tories who attacked the Labour party with the race card – if you want X for a neighbour vote Labour and all of that.

Summer Holiday Storehouse Opening Times 2016 

21 Jul

Hi All The Storehouse is Albion Street will be closed from (and including) Monday 29th August and reopen on Monday 5th September.

Brexit Light 

19 Jul

The new unelected Remain Prime Minister has now been appointed by the party board and all over the UK Brexit voters see no change in the direction of the UK's governance.

If you really want out, VOTE GOVE 

1 Jul

All over the UK following a world shattering referendum result our Government was given clear direct democratic instruction “LEAVE THE EU”, yet inside one week the very remain politicians in the Tory party helped by Labour are now ignoring your ...

Margot supports Theresa May – for a country that works for everyone 

30 Jun

I was delighted to attend the launch of Theresa May's campaign for the leadership this morning.

Nature Returns to the River Stour 

28 Jun

River Stour behind Lion Health Centre Murrays Chemist Thanks to our dedicated and committed volunteers we’ve almost completely cleared the River Stour behind the Lion Health Centre .

#KeepCorbyn : An open letter to the Labour right in the PLP 

24 Jun

I’m writing to you as a Labour party member to beg you to respect the mandate of Jeremy Corbyn as leader.


24 Jun

Jean-Claude Juncker, Angela Merkel, François Hollande, Dave Cameron, James Morris , Margot James Sajid Javid, Tom Watson, Adrian Baily , Eddie Izzard, Peter Mandelson, Will Straw, Richard Branson, Sayeeda Warsi, Barack Obama, Christine Lagarde, Mark...

#SayHerName: Justice For Sarah Reed 

22 Jun

Wednesday 22nd June would have been Sarah Reed’s 33rd birthday.

News from the Combined Authority AGM 

20 Jun

The West Midlands Combined Authority intended to hold its inaugural AGM last Friday, 10 June, but a little local difficulty in the House of Commons meant that the legislation hadn’t been completed in time.

Jo Cox, motherhood and antifascism 

16 Jun

Just had a cry in the pouring rain and thought I would quickly express some thoughts about what happened today.

EU Q&A Event Cancelled 

16 Jun

Following the shocking and tragic death of Jo Cox MP, the QA Event has been cancelled tonight.

Wolves Civic appeals for Fleetwood Mac memories 

16 Jun

Did Fleetwood  Mac play Wolverhampton Civic Hall?   This pic shows Dave Finely and Pamela Evans in the 1970s and a picture of the American/UK supergroup from this period.

Sedgley Post Office Burglary Leaves Owners and Local Residents Shocked 

13 Jun

The scene outside Sedgley Post Office today after the burglary on Sunday night Sedgley Post Office is usually a hive of activity at the start of each new week.

Stourbridge MP to host Senior Cabinet Minister for EU Q&A 

7 Jun

Margot James, MP for Stourbridge, will host a senior Cabinet Minister to answer questions and listen to comments from local residents in a session ahead of the forthcoming referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union (EU).

True Patriots talk while lesser MP’s Hide 

4 Jun

Last night Mr Gove gave a passionate talk about the UK leaving Europe and how we can rid this country of unelected faceless people who over 40 years have dictated the very rules that have destroyed our society and factories, the same faceless rulers ...

Most Tories Don’t believe Cameron’s Lies 

31 May

While Cameron's team threaten you with World War 3 if we leave the EU, more sensibly today we offer you VAT free energy bills and a commitment to protect our British borders.

University Fee Lies 

23 May

You are probably wondering how your child can afford the £9000 per year University fees, full in the knowledge some of our local MP's voted to raise them.

River Stour Clean-up – Sunday 5th June 

18 May

Our next event is Sunday June 5th at Murray’s, Bradley Road, Stourbridge.

Make Britain Great Again “VOTE LEAVE” 

15 May

Just over 50 years ago a great American president was stolen from the world, he foretold of a corrupt power that linked a number of governments, he said only a free press could inform and educate the people if Governments did wrong, weeks later JFK ...

King Edward VI College EU Referendum Q&A 

13 May

Q and A today at King Edward VI College, Stourbridge featuring Margot and Rt Hon Justine Greening MP.

Hundreds attend MP’s University Fair 

9 May

On Friday 29th April, Margot James, MP for Stourbridge, hosted the latest event in her Aspirations programme.

Tory Fraud Probe Deepens 

9 May

Just over a month ago following a TV program linked to Channel 4 news, details came out about irregularities in the Conservative Parties declaration of election expenses and allegations they could have spent more that twice the legal limit on ...

MP to host charity fundraiser with International Development Secretary Justine Greening 

5 May

Margot James, MP for Stourbridge, will host a charity fundraiser coffee morning next Friday in support of Christian Aid.

Theresa May’s Voting IN and Out 

26 Apr

We now have three EU sides to your Referendum Vote we have the “OUT” group who want to retain self rule, we have the disgusting “ IN” group who want to hand Britain on a plate to the Europeans and now we have Theresa May's “I'm voting in, ...

Junior Doctors’ Strike 

26 Apr

Statement from Margot James MP and radio interview.

Clockfields road saga nearing an end after major step forward 

26 Apr

A breakthrough resolution in the Clockfields road saga means an agreement to maintain the area’s roads has moved a step closer.

Margot welcomes falling crime in the West Midlands 

26 Apr

Margot James, MP for Stourbridge, has welcomed the news that crime has fallen by 14% in the West Midlands since 2010.

We need to do more to tackle the incidence and outcomes for people suffering brain cancer 

25 Apr

Parliament debated a petition signed by over one hundred thousand people into brain tumours last week.

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