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Spider-Girl Sarah! 

27 Oct

Spiders may be one of the most feared animal species in the world, but for DZG’s Weekend Keeper, Sarah Redding, they’re a life’s passion! Currently the 40 year-old owns 23 tarantulas which she keeps in tanks in her bedroom, including the world...

Little Pascal’s big personality! 

26 Oct

Despite standing at just 20cm tall, little Pascal the burrowing owl has a big personality! The five month-old was abandoned by his parents when he was just a week old and bird keepers stepped in to rear the youngster.

Spooky Sprout’s sheet shoutout! 

25 Oct

Whooooooo! We’re gearing up for Hallowe’en and all getting into the spooky spirit here at DZG – orangutans included! Our great apes are all playful primates who love making up games with whatever they can get their hands on, so we’re ...

When High Arcal Grammar School was built in the 1960s 

24 Oct

OVER the summer the debate over whether new grammar schools should be built was reopened.

Fancy dress firemen and girls dipped in powder at Stourbridge 

24 Oct

HERE we have another selection of curious photographs from the collection of reader Raymond Franks of Stourport, in follow-up to those featured two weeks ago.

Happy Birthday, Kubwa! 

24 Oct

It’s a big day for our handsome Rothschild’s giraffe, Kubwa, who’s celebrating his 16 th birthday! And keepers treated the birthday boy to some of his favourite browse delivered in his own personalised carved pumpkin,  as his big day falls in ...

Monks’ conference held at historic Priory ruins 

23 Oct

DUDLEY Borough's most historic park was the setting for the UK Cluniac Forum Conference on Monday 17 October.

Looking back on skewl days 

23 Oct

I'VE written a few lines of verse to record our 14th school reunion we all went to Wednesbury County Commercial College on Wood Green Road, from 1949 to 52.

On the beat with the Dudley Borough Police 

23 Oct

BACK in July, in Bugle 1247 we published a letter by Bob Pooler who has researched the history of Worcestershire Police Force and is particularly keen to hear from anyone connected with the Dudley Borough Police.

Oliver’s best day ever! 

23 Oct

Nine year-old Oliver Cobbold had the “best day ever” when he became a Little Zoo Keeper at DZG.

New day for Laurel and Hardy fans in Stourbridge 

22 Oct

LEGENDARY funnymen Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy still have a legion of fans, many decades after their films were made.

Going batty for Hallowe’en 

22 Oct

We’ve had some timely births in the bat enclosure just in time for Hallowe’en! This Egyptian fruit bat is just a few days old and is one of four newborns who can be spotted tucked up on their mums in the Castle Creatures exhibit throughout half ...

Thanks to those who honoured Battle of Britain Memorial Day inn… 

21 Oct

THE first Battle of Britain service and the dedication of the RAF Association Branch Standard took place on September 21, 1947.

Romy’s first adopter! 

21 Oct

Recently arrived giant anteater Romy, has her first adopter and it’s none other than our longest visiting supporter, Muriel Thatcher.

Mystery Stourbridge wedding from 100 years ago 

20 Oct

IT IS remarkable what historical treasures can be found with a search through the internet.

Cecil joins panto launch! 

20 Oct

Cecil the Sinaloan milk snake had a starring role in the launch of Wolverhampton Grand Theatre’s forthcoming Christmas pantomime.

We ‘rec’ lads all dreamed of club career – even for… 

19 Oct

YOUR article on the sportsman John Sedgley, Bugle 1256, brought back happy boyhood memories of hours spent playing football and cricket with him and others on the rec Greets Green recreation ground, off Claypit Lane, West Bromwich.

Conservation comes to life 

19 Oct

DZG staff and visitors heard all about the vital conservation work being undertaken for the critically endangered blue-eyed black lemur in Madagascar during a special presentation.

A carpet of colour! 

18 Oct

DZG highlighted the importance of natural habitats for native wildlife by growing our own mini meadow over the summer.

Sad Bart news 

17 Oct

We’ve sad news about DZG’s oldest cat, Bart, who died this morning.

I drove in bright pink car to mu Stourbridge wedding 

17 Oct

KEITH Goodman of Shrewsbury has sent in these pictures of his wedding after seeing our feature in Bugle 1252 on the Chevrolet Impala wedding car owned by Cradley garage owner Clarry Thompson.

Join our Freak Week! 

17 Oct

We’re gearing up for a fang-tastic half term at DZG, which promises to be frighteningly good fun for all the family! Join us for Freak Week and get discounted group admission for up to four people by bringing a carved pumpkin for our Hallowe’en ...

Zipping along for Milwr Time 

16 Oct

Paul Fairman of the BEC had arranged a weekends play in North Wales and had kindly invited Jess and I along.


16 Oct

It's time for a mid month reminder at 12 MOC challenge.

Ha Full Disk – 16th October 

16 Oct

Just the one image from today as seemed to be under a cloud streamer, and then the sun passed into the trees.

From Stourbridge school to police training college 

16 Oct

THREE weeks ago, in Bugle 1256, we printed pictures of the pupils at High Park School, Stourbridge, in the summer of 1970.

On-the-go refreshment 

16 Oct

Visitors can grab a refreshing drink on the lower zoo site following the installation of two new drinks machines.

Saturdays Trifecta – 15th October 

15 Oct

The trifecta of solar images is at the heart of the Brierley Hill Solar logo, and it seems like ages since i've done one, so, today seeing as I imaged in 3 wavelengths I decided to put one together! All taken with 40mm aperture, 500mm focal length ...

Ha Full Disk 15th October 

15 Oct

The double stack disks are back! I decontacted an etalon in my trusty DS40 scope earlier this year, and despite recontacting the damaged etalon, i've never been enamoured with the results it gives.

CaK Full Disk 15th October 

15 Oct

The proms were quite easy to see today in CaK light due to the clean air following the passage of a weather front and the deep blue skies in the suckers gap that followed.

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Margot James responds to BHS debate 

20 Oct

Margot James responds to a Parliamentary Backbench Business Committee debate on the governance of British Home Stores.

Halloween happenings at Dudley Castle 

20 Oct

Chance to witness ghostly goings on at haunted venue.

Chef Evans, due process, and equality fights 

15 Oct

***Content warning – may be triggering in relation to sexual assault and rape*** I wanted to write something briefly on this in solidarity with the opening up of pain and frustration I have seen from lots and lots of women I admire and value and ...

MP announces 2016 Careers Evening 

10 Oct

Local MP and Business Minister Margot James is hosting her next Aspirations Event, a Careers Evening, on Friday 11th November at the Glasshouse College in Stourbridge.

Leave Means Leave, but only if Donald Trump Wins 

25 Sep

This site has not hidden the notion we DO NOT trust Theresa May's government to get the best deal for the British in our exit negotiations, the reasons are simple, she is a strong remain MP, she loves Europe, worst of all she refuses to introduce any...

Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Questions 

14 Sep

Margot James answers MPs’ questions in relation to white goods product recall and employment protections.

Faulty Tumble Dryers (Fire Risk) Debate 

13 Sep

Margot James responds on behalf of the Government to an adjournment debate on fire risk of faulty tumble dryers.

Harvest 2016! 

12 Sep

Hello Everyone We are excited to be preparing for the Harvest season.

Welcome Back! September 2016 

5 Sep

Hi All The BCFB Warehouse is open as usual, Monday to Friday 9am-2pm.

Vote Elane for FE disabled rep, NEC 

3 Sep

This week ballot papers will arrive for a UCU NEC by-election for FE disabled members rep.

The Single Market CON 

31 Aug

So Theresa is holding a big meeting at checkers, well don't hold your breath on the outcome, as most of her EU loving team want to submit to the EU's threats, made by the EU's autocratic unelected dictatorial masters.

May’s Honeymoon Is Over 

4 Aug

All over the UK good and true Conservatives are worried that the “Remain” team inside this new cabinet will NOT deliver our Exit to Britain's best advantage.

Playing the race card: Smith and working class identity politics 

26 Jul

Women workers’ banner at the black country museum workers institute It wasn’t too many decades ago that it was the tories who attacked the Labour party with the race card – if you want X for a neighbour vote Labour and all of that.

Summer Holiday Storehouse Opening Times 2016 

21 Jul

Hi All The Storehouse is Albion Street will be closed from (and including) Monday 29th August and reopen on Monday 5th September.

Brexit Light 

19 Jul

The new unelected Remain Prime Minister has now been appointed by the party board and all over the UK Brexit voters see no change in the direction of the UK's governance.

If you really want out, VOTE GOVE 

1 Jul

All over the UK following a world shattering referendum result our Government was given clear direct democratic instruction “LEAVE THE EU”, yet inside one week the very remain politicians in the Tory party helped by Labour are now ignoring your ...

Margot supports Theresa May – for a country that works for everyone 

30 Jun

I was delighted to attend the launch of Theresa May's campaign for the leadership this morning.

Nature Returns to the River Stour 

28 Jun

River Stour behind Lion Health Centre Murrays Chemist Thanks to our dedicated and committed volunteers we’ve almost completely cleared the River Stour behind the Lion Health Centre .

#KeepCorbyn : An open letter to the Labour right in the PLP 

24 Jun

I’m writing to you as a Labour party member to beg you to respect the mandate of Jeremy Corbyn as leader.


24 Jun

Jean-Claude Juncker, Angela Merkel, François Hollande, Dave Cameron, James Morris , Margot James Sajid Javid, Tom Watson, Adrian Baily , Eddie Izzard, Peter Mandelson, Will Straw, Richard Branson, Sayeeda Warsi, Barack Obama, Christine Lagarde, Mark...

#SayHerName: Justice For Sarah Reed 

22 Jun

Wednesday 22nd June would have been Sarah Reed’s 33rd birthday.

News from the Combined Authority AGM 

20 Jun

The West Midlands Combined Authority intended to hold its inaugural AGM last Friday, 10 June, but a little local difficulty in the House of Commons meant that the legislation hadn’t been completed in time.

Jo Cox, motherhood and antifascism 

16 Jun

Just had a cry in the pouring rain and thought I would quickly express some thoughts about what happened today.

EU Q&A Event Cancelled 

16 Jun

Following the shocking and tragic death of Jo Cox MP, the QA Event has been cancelled tonight.

Wolves Civic appeals for Fleetwood Mac memories 

16 Jun

Did Fleetwood  Mac play Wolverhampton Civic Hall?   This pic shows Dave Finely and Pamela Evans in the 1970s and a picture of the American/UK supergroup from this period.

Sedgley Post Office Burglary Leaves Owners and Local Residents Shocked 

13 Jun

The scene outside Sedgley Post Office today after the burglary on Sunday night Sedgley Post Office is usually a hive of activity at the start of each new week.

Stourbridge MP to host Senior Cabinet Minister for EU Q&A 

7 Jun

Margot James, MP for Stourbridge, will host a senior Cabinet Minister to answer questions and listen to comments from local residents in a session ahead of the forthcoming referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union (EU).

True Patriots talk while lesser MP’s Hide 

4 Jun

Last night Mr Gove gave a passionate talk about the UK leaving Europe and how we can rid this country of unelected faceless people who over 40 years have dictated the very rules that have destroyed our society and factories, the same faceless rulers ...

Most Tories Don’t believe Cameron’s Lies 

31 May

While Cameron's team threaten you with World War 3 if we leave the EU, more sensibly today we offer you VAT free energy bills and a commitment to protect our British borders.

University Fee Lies 

23 May

You are probably wondering how your child can afford the £9000 per year University fees, full in the knowledge some of our local MP's voted to raise them.

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