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What happened to Five Ways pub? 

7 Dec

I HOPE you can help me, my wife and I now live in the south of England, but when we lived in Walsall we sometimes used to go to a pub in Lower Gornal.

Remembering loved ones with Dudley Christmas decorations 

6 Dec

ON THE run up to Dudley town centre's Christmas Fayre people can buy charity Christmas memory wish tags to hang on the town's tree.

Win festive grotto goodies! 

6 Dec

Visitors to our Winter Wonderland grotto are urged not to forget to enter the Christmas competition to win some festive goodies from our Safari Shop.

P-p-pick your own penguin! 

5 Dec

We’re offering DZG supporters the unique chance to adopt and name one of our Humboldt penguins! We’ve had great success with our colony since we started it off in 1991, with just five hand-reareds and now have a headcount of 85 – one of the ...

CaK Full Disk – 4th Decmeber 

4 Dec

The sun was low in the sky this afternoon, and was a waiting game for it to pass between the gaps in the trees so that I could image it.

Ha Full Disk – 4th December 

4 Dec

The sun really is low now as we're only just over 2 weeks away from the winter solstice, where, for observers in the northern hemisphere the sun is at it's lowest in the sky.

A fascinating keeper day! 

4 Dec

Two animal lovers from Stoke-on-Trent had a fascinating day learning about some of the rarest animals in the world when they became zoo keepers for the day.

Another rare snap of Dudley Co-op firemen 

3 Dec

THE 'time capsule' which was recently opened at a Dudley factory has certainly captured the imagination of Bugle readers.

Percy porcupine arrives 

3 Dec

We’re hoping to hear the pitter patter of tiny porcupine feet after welcoming a male to DZG.

TripAdvisor thanks! 

2 Dec

We’ve been awarded a TripAdvisor 2016 Certificate of Excellence thanks to great feedback from visitors.

Paper Piecing 

1 Dec

Gone Fishing Spot of Golf I made these a couple of days ago when I went and had a crafty evening with a friend.

The Dudley, Caving and Cakes – Episode 3 

1 Dec

How is Chunky going to get out of last weeks predicament? Who's going to end up in trouble this week? Watch episode 3 to find out.

Stourbridge high street in the 1950s 

1 Dec

INDEED let us be frank about it most of our people have never had it so good.

Santa arrives at DZG! 

1 Dec

Christmas magic is in the air as we officially open Santa’s grotto today! Throughout the last few weeks, Mrs Claus – pictured above – and her elves have been busy transforming the 11th century Dudley Castle in the heart of the zoological ...

Thanks for the tools! 

30 Nov

We’re saying a HUGE thank you to a generous Lichfield-based business, who has donated thousands of pounds’ worth of tools and equipment to DZG.

Oldswinford view of a hundred years ago 

29 Nov

OLDSWINFORD may be part of Stourbridge, but it has fiercely clung to its own identity to the present day.

Death of DZG’s oldest bird 

29 Nov

We’ve sad news about DZG’s oldest animal, Beryl, the Chilean flamingo, who passed away at the weekend.

Happy memories of Dudley delivery round with Dolly the horse 

28 Nov

EARLIER this year, in Bugle 1241, June 8, we looked at some of the Black Country's working horses in the 1940s.

Feed the birds! 

28 Nov

The weather’s turning colder and here at DZG we’re looking out for our feathered friends.

Santa checks in 

27 Nov

It’s Advent Sunday and the countdown to Christmas is officially on! There are just four days until our Winter Wonderland Grotto opens to visitors in the 11 th century castle and Santa dropped by to check the progress and to make sure his elves have...

Archive collection reveals haunting details from West Bromwich… 

26 Nov

ON THURSDAY November 22, 1871, a terrible disaster happened at Black Lake Colliery at Hill Top, West Bromwich, in which seven men and a boy lost their lives.

Baby maras! 

26 Nov

There are two new additions in the Patagonian mara enclosure following the birth of twins! The babies were born to mum Martha and dad Lenny, on November 17 and are both doing well.

Bugle cartoonist and colleagues at Brierley Hill Grammar School… 

25 Nov

CALLING all Brierley Hill Grammar School pupils of the late 1950s.

Mystery Victorian Salvation Army photograph found in Dudley 

25 Nov

HOW many of us have found on old picture in the family's photograph collection and had no idea who is in it or why your family has it?But have you ever found a picture like this one? It's 134 years old and shows pioneers in the Salvation Army.

Frilled lizards 

25 Nov

Three new sibling frilled lizards are on show in the Reptile House.

The Dudley, Caving and Cakes – Episode 2 

24 Nov

The next instalment of our caketastic adventures can now be viewed on YouTube.

Chimps’ autumnal enrichment 

24 Nov

DZG’s chimpanzees enjoyed some seasonal enrichment with autumnal fallen leaves.

Santa helps snowies! 

23 Nov

Our female snow leopard, Taïga, is settling into her new DZG home and this week also met Father Christmas, who has pledged to raise money towards our £100,000 big cat enclosure extension appeal.

A grrr-eat keeper deal! 

22 Nov

We have a grrrr-eat opportunity for animal lovers – by offering a 2-4-1 deal on keeper for a day experiences.

It’s a boy! 

21 Nov

Keepers have discovered our newest gelada baboon is another boy! And the youngster, who was born on October 19, to mum, Jimma and dad, Ebano, has been named ‘Gimbi’.

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Scottish Questions 

24 Nov

Margot James answers MPs’ questions relating the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in Scotland.

Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Questions 

9 Nov

Margot James answers MPs’ questions in relation to counterfeit and substandard electrical goods, carbon monoxide alarms and opportunities for the development of small businesses.

Margot James responds to debate on workplace internships 

4 Nov

Margot James responds on behalf of the Government to the Second Reading of a Private Member’s Bill to ensure all workplace internships are paid the National Minimum Wage.

Margot James responds to a debate on the national living wage 

3 Nov

Margot James responds to a debate on the national living wage which has brought immense benefits and seen wages for the low paid rise more than twice as much as those on average or higher pay around the country.

MP’s Stourbridge Careers Evening less than 2 weeks away 

1 Nov

Local MP and Business Minister Margot James will be hosting her next ‘Aspirations Event’, a Careers Evening, on Friday 11th November at the Glasshouse College in Stourbridge.

Margot James responds to BHS debate 

20 Oct

Margot James responds to a Parliamentary Backbench Business Committee debate on the governance of British Home Stores.

Halloween happenings at Dudley Castle 

20 Oct

Chance to witness ghostly goings on at haunted venue.

Chef Evans, due process, and equality fights 

15 Oct

***Content warning – may be triggering in relation to sexual assault and rape*** I wanted to write something briefly on this in solidarity with the opening up of pain and frustration I have seen from lots and lots of women I admire and value and ...

MP announces 2016 Careers Evening 

10 Oct

Local MP and Business Minister Margot James is hosting her next Aspirations Event, a Careers Evening, on Friday 11th November at the Glasshouse College in Stourbridge.

Leave Means Leave, but only if Donald Trump Wins 

25 Sep

This site has not hidden the notion we DO NOT trust Theresa May's government to get the best deal for the British in our exit negotiations, the reasons are simple, she is a strong remain MP, she loves Europe, worst of all she refuses to introduce any...

Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Questions 

14 Sep

Margot James answers MPs’ questions in relation to white goods product recall and employment protections.

Faulty Tumble Dryers (Fire Risk) Debate 

13 Sep

Margot James responds on behalf of the Government to an adjournment debate on fire risk of faulty tumble dryers.

Harvest 2016! 

12 Sep

Hello Everyone We are excited to be preparing for the Harvest season.

Welcome Back! September 2016 

5 Sep

Hi All The BCFB Warehouse is open as usual, Monday to Friday 9am-2pm.

Vote Elane for FE disabled rep, NEC 

3 Sep

This week ballot papers will arrive for a UCU NEC by-election for FE disabled members rep.

The Single Market CON 

31 Aug

So Theresa is holding a big meeting at checkers, well don't hold your breath on the outcome, as most of her EU loving team want to submit to the EU's threats, made by the EU's autocratic unelected dictatorial masters.

May’s Honeymoon Is Over 

4 Aug

All over the UK good and true Conservatives are worried that the “Remain” team inside this new cabinet will NOT deliver our Exit to Britain's best advantage.

Playing the race card: Smith and working class identity politics 

26 Jul

Women workers’ banner at the black country museum workers institute It wasn’t too many decades ago that it was the tories who attacked the Labour party with the race card – if you want X for a neighbour vote Labour and all of that.

Summer Holiday Storehouse Opening Times 2016 

21 Jul

Hi All The Storehouse is Albion Street will be closed from (and including) Monday 29th August and reopen on Monday 5th September.

Brexit Light 

19 Jul

The new unelected Remain Prime Minister has now been appointed by the party board and all over the UK Brexit voters see no change in the direction of the UK's governance.

If you really want out, VOTE GOVE 

1 Jul

All over the UK following a world shattering referendum result our Government was given clear direct democratic instruction “LEAVE THE EU”, yet inside one week the very remain politicians in the Tory party helped by Labour are now ignoring your ...

Margot supports Theresa May – for a country that works for everyone 

30 Jun

I was delighted to attend the launch of Theresa May's campaign for the leadership this morning.

Nature Returns to the River Stour 

28 Jun

River Stour behind Lion Health Centre Murrays Chemist Thanks to our dedicated and committed volunteers we’ve almost completely cleared the River Stour behind the Lion Health Centre .

#KeepCorbyn : An open letter to the Labour right in the PLP 

24 Jun

I’m writing to you as a Labour party member to beg you to respect the mandate of Jeremy Corbyn as leader.


24 Jun

Jean-Claude Juncker, Angela Merkel, François Hollande, Dave Cameron, James Morris , Margot James Sajid Javid, Tom Watson, Adrian Baily , Eddie Izzard, Peter Mandelson, Will Straw, Richard Branson, Sayeeda Warsi, Barack Obama, Christine Lagarde, Mark...

#SayHerName: Justice For Sarah Reed 

22 Jun

Wednesday 22nd June would have been Sarah Reed’s 33rd birthday.

News from the Combined Authority AGM 

20 Jun

The West Midlands Combined Authority intended to hold its inaugural AGM last Friday, 10 June, but a little local difficulty in the House of Commons meant that the legislation hadn’t been completed in time.

Jo Cox, motherhood and antifascism 

16 Jun

Just had a cry in the pouring rain and thought I would quickly express some thoughts about what happened today.

EU Q&A Event Cancelled 

16 Jun

Following the shocking and tragic death of Jo Cox MP, the QA Event has been cancelled tonight.

Wolves Civic appeals for Fleetwood Mac memories 

16 Jun

Did Fleetwood  Mac play Wolverhampton Civic Hall?   This pic shows Dave Finely and Pamela Evans in the 1970s and a picture of the American/UK supergroup from this period.

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