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Wolves Vs Birmingham City Preview 

13 Apr 18

Regardless of what happens in the next four games, this is already Wolves’ best ever season in the second tier.

Wolves 2 Derby County 0 

12 Apr 18

Golf fans will know there’s one certainty on day three of the Ryder Cup.

Wolves Vs Derby County Preview 

10 Apr 18

Will this be the game? Embed from Getty Images I’m not optimistic about Reading’s chances of derailing the juggernaut at Craven Cottage tonight, but stranger things have happened in football (see last Friday night).

Cardiff City 0 Wolves 1 

7 Apr 18

Having been awarded not one, but two injury time penalties, I didn’t think Neil Warnock would have anything left to complain about.

Cardiff City Vs Wolves Preview 

5 Apr 18

Defeat at Villa Park last month felt seminal.

Wolves 2 Hull City 2 

4 Apr 18

One schoolboy receiving a raucous ovation for stealing the ball from a Hull City coach in the dying embers, and what looked like another stealing the headlines with an unlikely equaliser when the game looked lost.

Wolves Vs Hull City Preview 

2 Apr 18

Although they’re three wins away from mathematical certainty I think Wolves are already close to meeting the top two requirement.

Middlesbrough 1 Wolves 2 

31 Mar 18

They’ve been shoved, kicked and assaulted.

Middlesbrough Vs Wolves Preview 

26 Mar 18

Here’s one for you: When was the last time Wolves won at the Riverside? Embed from Getty Images The answer is never.

View From The Home End With OneBoro 

26 Mar 18

I contacted the lads at OneBoro to get the lowdown on what’s happening at the Riverside, their aspirations for the remainder of the season and their take on Friday’s game.

Fans’ Parliament – Ben’s Minutes 

18 Mar 18

If there is one drawback from being so successful on the field of play, then it’s that the fans’ parliament is a damn sight quieter than it used to be! Embed from Getty Images Having said that, I found this latest get-together (having missed…

Wolves 3 Burton Albion 1 

18 Mar 18

What a difference a week makes.

Wolves Vs Burton Albion Preview 

15 Mar 18

Someone on Twitter posted the results Wolves have achieved this season in matches that immediately follow a league defeat.

Wolves 3 Reading 0 

14 Mar 18

Ironic that ‘Insomnia’ by Faithless was blaring on the PA system moments before the teams took to the field, when most of us haven’t had a wink of shut-eye since Saturday night.

Wolves Vs Reading Preview 

12 Mar 18

If Wolves don’t get in the top two it won’t be because they lost to Aston Villa on Saturday.

Aston Villa 4 Wolves 1 

11 Mar 18

They wanted it more.

Aston Villa Vs Wolves Preview 

9 Mar 18

Back in October after Wolves deservedly won the first encounter between these sides, Steve Bruce stated there was a long winter ahead.

Leeds United 0 Wolves 3 

8 Mar 18

Given the circumstances, this must go down as the most impressive victory of the season.

Leeds United Vs Wolves Preview 

6 Mar 18

I’ve done all my predictions to the end of the season for Wolves, Cardiff and Villa.

Wolves Vs Reading Preview 

2 Mar 18

I’ve been optimistic about our prospects all season and that hasn’t changed despite a disappointing couple of weeks .

Fulham 2 Wolves 0 

25 Feb 18

If Wolves do end up in the Premier League next season they’ll benefit from the experience of this chastening defeat.

Fulham Vs Wolves Preview 

22 Feb 18

This is one of those fixtures you start fretting about weeks in advance.

Wolves 2 Norwich City 2 

22 Feb 18

Like many of you doubtlessly were, I was seething at full time.

Wolves Vs Norwich City Preview 

20 Feb 18

If Wolves can keep getting the job done at Molineux, any point gained on the road can be considered a bonus.

Preston North End 1 Wolves 1 

17 Feb 18

Alex Neil believes his team probably would have won this game had they kept 11 men on the pitch.

Preston North Ends Vs Wolves Preview 

16 Feb 18

Our previous encounter with Preston should serve as a reminder about the ever present danger of this competition.

Wolves 2 QPR 1 

10 Feb 18

There was a time, not so long ago in fact, that practically every victory played out like this one.

Wolves Vs QPR Preview 

9 Feb 18

After dispatching Sheffield Utd, there are now only three teams yet to suffer a league defeat at the hands of Wolves this season.

Wolves 3 Sheffield United 0 

4 Feb 18

With the night sky thick with smoke from the pyrotechnics, you’d have been forgiven for thinking the early minutes of this match were taking place at the San Siro.

Wolves Vs Sheffield Utd Preview 

2 Feb 18

After tonking Brentford, I was probably a bit optimistic with my ‘we could win every home game’ assertion.

Back in the pack 

1 Feb 18

In the pantheon of great contemporary Wolves strikers, Benik Afobe would certainly rank in my top three.

Ipswich Town 0 Wolves 1 

27 Jan 18

There was a time when getting the deck chairs out was a sign of complacency.

Ipswich Town Vs Wolves Preview 

25 Jan 18

It’s pretty low to blame a bad result on the pitch, but I’m going to do it anyway.

Age of innocence 

22 Jan 18

‘Nostalgia’, as my dear old Dad likes to tell me, ‘ain’t what it used to be.

Wolves 0 Nottingham Forest 2 

21 Jan 18

Perspective is often the hardest thing to keep in football, particularly after you’ve enduring an afternoon as galling as this.

Wolves Vs Nottingham Forest 

19 Jan 18

Teams never play consistently well for an entire season.

Swansea City 2 Wolves 1 

18 Jan 18

The dream is over for another year.

Swansea City Vs Wolves Preview 

17 Jan 18

The cup competitions have highlighted just how much Wolves have progressed this season.

Barnsley 0 Wolves 0 

13 Jan 18

The phrase ‘it’s grim up north’ could have been penned for this very occasion.

Barnsley Vs Wolves Preview 

12 Jan 18

I’m feeling particularly bullish at present.

Wolves 0 Swansea City 0 

7 Jan 18

Given the contrasting fortunes of the two teams, the scene was set for an upset.

Wolves Vs Swansea City Preview 

4 Jan 18

For years I’ve bleated on about putting together a cup run to see Wolves play at Wembley.

Wolves 3 Brentford 0 

3 Jan 18

As the turkey leftovers are scraped into the slop bucket and the tired tinsel sags on the tree, trust Wolves to stay in the festive spirit as we all trudge back to work.

Wolves Vs Brentford Preview 

1 Jan 18

This season has been dreamy.

Bristol City 1 Wolves 2 

31 Dec 17

If you’re anything like me, the new year will have you contemplating the last 12 months and what lies ahead from a personal, professional and societal perspective.

Bristol City Vs Wolves Preview 

29 Dec 17

In lieu of the standard preview, Ben has been catching up with a Bristol City supporting friend to get the lowdown on tomorrow’s opponents.

Millwall 2 Wolves 2 

27 Dec 17

Statistics rarely tell the whole story.

Millwall Vs Wolves Preview 

25 Dec 17

You’ll forgive me if I keep this brief.

Wolves 1 Ipswich Town 0 

24 Dec 17

Another game gone, another ghost exorcised.

Wolves Vs Ipswich Town Preview 

22 Dec 17

With our former boss back in town tomorrow, it was fitting to read that extract from Dave Edwards’ book about the day Mick McCarthy was sacked .

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