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RUTH LOWE – 1960’s Fashion – Part 2 

12 Jan 18

Today we welcomed back Ruth Lowe withthe second part of her talk and collection on 1960’s fashion Ruth is holding a piece of Mary Quant’s homewares, as in 1970 she gave birth to Orlando, spent more time at home and consequently went into designing …

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Standing tall project unveiling at the Grand Theare Dec2017 

10 Dec 17

Elise and I as the New and Used Chairs of Wolverhampton Branch attended the unveiling of the Giant at the Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton.

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christmas workshop 2017 

4 Dec 17

On Saturday Louise led a Christmas workshop where we made knitted, crocheted and felted Christmas trees that lit up .

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Jane Fairweather ”Teacup Trees” 

1 Dec 17

Today we welcomed Jane Fairweather and her wonderful array of teacup trees Two wonderful examples of Jane’s trees We were very keen to begin – Jane provided lovely laminated photographic images of oak trees Then off we went using our…

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Angie Hughes -inspired by Klimt 

28 Oct 17

October 21st saw us all being “Inspired by Klimt” with Angie Hughes.

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Grand Theatre Stand Tall Project 

28 Oct 17

This year again we were asked by the Grand Theatre to contribute pieces of work towards a community project.

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Angie Hughes – Inspiration on your door step 

8 Oct 17

Angie talked to us about where to look for inspiration and more often than not its closer to home than you think.

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Chair’s Challenge 2017 

8 Oct 17

This year’s challenge was a small piece of dust cloth.

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Alison Hulme “My Life in Stitch” 

12 Sep 17

If you missed this evening’s lecture from Alison Hulme.

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Members workshop Summer 2017 

21 Aug 17

This month we held a “members workshop” day.

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Stitch doodling – taking a stitch for a walk 

25 Jul 17

Saturday saw the talented Kathleen Murphy, from Murgatroyd and Bean, showing us how to take a stitch for a walk.

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Louise West “Cotton, Concrete and Beyond” 

10 Jul 17

Today we welcomed Louise West who began with a question.

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Eco Dyeing with Caroline Bell 

24 Jun 17

We spent today creating the most incredible fabrics using leaves from local plants and trees under the guidance of Caroline Bell.

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Caroline Bell “The Magic of Eco Printing” 

23 Jun 17

Today we welcomed Caroline Bell Eco Printing is a process whereby plant imagery and patterns are transferred onto fabric or paper.

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Book making with Ann Patterson 

22 May 17

Ann Patterson led a brilliant workshop on Saturday making simple books.

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Photography meets textiles with Maggie Finney 

20 May 17

Examples of Maggie’s textile work including the theme of space.

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members dyeing day 

22 Apr 17

We had a wonderful dyeing day today facilitated by Margaret McQuillen.

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Lizzie Harper “Illustrating the Natural World” 

16 Mar 17

Today we welcomed Lizzie Harding – a natural history and botanical illustrator ”The bumper book of nature” by Stephen Morris, included Lizzie’s husband posing while digging the garden in his wellies Lizzie’s wonderful illustrations can be seen …

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Creative Thread and Texture with Angie Attwood 

26 Feb 17

14 of usspent an enjoyable and informative day with Angie Attwood.

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Kanj Nicholas – My artistic journey 11th February 2017 

15 Feb 17

Saturdays lecture was by the lovely Kanjana Nicholas – a new member of our branch and a talented artist.

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Button making with Lorraine Brettle 

21 Jan 17

Lorraine led a workshop today on button making.

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Ruth Lowe “The ’60s” 

11 Jan 17

We were packed into our lecture room today.

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2016 christmas workshop 

3 Dec 16

We held our christmas workshop today which turned out to be a brilliant ‘party’.

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Amanda Hislop “Layers in Land and Seascapes” 

21 Nov 16

Today’s workshop was led by Amanda Hislop and was entitled “Layers in land and seascapes”.

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Alison Parkes “Layer, Stitch Explore” 

30 Oct 16

Saturday’s workshop was run by our own Alison Parkes.

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Angie Attwood – “From Come Dancing to Come Stitch with me” 

11 Oct 16

Today we welcomed Angie Attwood to share with us her textile journey to date Dance and design may seem like an unusual path to a love of textiles and a vocation Angie certainly didn’t see coming.

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Chair’s Challenge 2016 

8 Oct 16

This year we held our first Chair’s challenge.

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Modern Applique with Margaret McQuillen 

17 Sep 16

A lovely day was had by all the people who attended Margaret’s workshop.

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The Wolverhampton grand theatre and the Magic Carpet 

15 Sep 16

Last Saturday we were fortunate to be asked by Wolverhampton Grand Theatre to contribute to the making of a Magic Carpet .

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Marlene Little “Serendipity” September 2016 

5 Sep 16

Today we welcomed Marlene Little Thank you Marlene, for keeping your booking with us so soon after surgery on your foot.

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National Stitch day August 2016 

7 Aug 16

It was National Stitch Day Saturday August 6th and Wolverhampton chose to celebrated it stitching leaves at a local garden centre.

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Ann Paterson “Obsessions” 

24 Jul 16

Today we welcomed back a former member of our branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild, an old friend, Ann Paterson …

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Stevie Walker workshop 

8 Jul 16

Saturday saw us enjoying “Quilty Painty Landscapes with Stevie Walker.

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Stevie Walker “Obsessively Addicted to Stitch” 

2 Jul 16

This evening we welcomed back an old friend Stevie Walker who talked to us about her work and her inspirations, both old and new Stevie’s display Stevie’s entry for the Charles Henry Foyle Trust award for stitched textiles The idea was a complex one …

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Donna Rumble Smith workshop 

30 Jun 16

We had a great workshop on Saturday with Donna Rumble Smith.

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Congratulations on regional Day 

18 Jun 16

Today was Regional Day held by Birmingham branch at Oldbury, and Wolverhampton are to be congratulated once again Congratulations to Margaret Biggs, whose work in the competition was “the people’s favourite” Here is Margaret holding her huge prize! …

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Relief Printing with Amanda Hillier and Molly 

21 May 16

Today was a workshop by Amanda Hillier on Relief printing and what a relief we did not have to take anything but our lunch.

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Kate Farley 

9 May 16

On this lovely sunny day we welcomed Kate Farley, who shared with us her Inspiration for Design and her Making of the product.

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April members day 

17 Apr 16

It was ‘do your own thing day’ last Saturday..

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book making with Lesley Crawley 

21 Mar 16

This weekend we had a brilliant residential at Parkfield Quilting Retreat in Stourport.

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Above and Below 2016 exhibition 

18 Mar 16

This year sees our brilliant exhibition,Above and Below, at the Red Cone Glass museum near Stoubridge.

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murgatroyd and bean 

5 Mar 16

Kathleen Murphy visited us today and told us the the fascinating story behind her work and that of Murgatroyd and Bean and the Silver Populi.

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The Story of the Collection – Trisha James 

9 Feb 16

We were really pleased today, to welcome Trisha James who gave a really interesting talk on the Embroiderers’ Guild Collection of Stitch and Textile Art.

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Kim Major-George 

30 Jan 16

Our first workshop for 2016 is with Kim Major-George Kim shared her work with us before demonstrating We were shown the materials to use such as organza and our favourite, scrim Soluble fabric/Romeo encasing puree packaging that has been scored/…

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Karen Johnson “Celestial convergence” 

10 Jan 16

Today we welcomed in the new year with Karen Johnson.

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2015 Christmas members workshop 

6 Dec 15

On Saturday we had our Christmas member’s workshop.

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Ruth Singer Workshop – November 21st 

23 Nov 15

Examples of work from Ruth Singer from Saturday’s workshop Different techniques Wolverhampton Embroiderers’ Guild 10 Nov 15

Today we welcomed Ruth Singer Fabric Manipulation by Ruth Singer Ruth gave an interesting lecture on her background in textiles Ruth has been a textile artist for over 10 years and has moved from products such as bags into looking at historical …

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Alysn Midgelow-Marsden ~ ”Hanging Pods” 

24 Oct 15

Today we welcomed back Alysn Midgelow-Marsden Alysn has made a series of needle felted pods using a variety of fabricswith additions such as copper sheet, knitted wire tube, beads and hand embroidery The work is 3D but there is the choice to make …

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Bobby Britnell lecture 

10 Oct 15

Bobby Britnell talked to a packed house this afternoon at our branch AGM.

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