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Only In Your Underwear 

22 May 17

Yay! The joys of being self-employed.

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Scrap Craft – The Art Of Making Do & Being Unique 

18 May 17

Ever heard of scrap craft? According to gardening guru Guardian columnist, Alys Fowler , in her superbly sensible book, The Thrifty Gardener , it’s when you reuse or recycle unwanted items into something useful.

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The Love Witch – Vintage Wardrobe Magick 

12 May 17

I’m often mistaken for someone who practices the dark arts.

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Hot Fun In The Summertime 

10 May 17

Hoo-bloody-ray! After a seemingly endless week of icy temperatures and oppressive grey skies the sun has finally burst through and in a fit of solar-induced madness I’ve banished all my cold weather clothes to the suitcase on top of the wardrobe and …

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Hey Ho, Lets Sew 

4 May 17

Rarely a day goes by when I’m not sewing, replacing zips and buttons, taking up hems or mending split seams in order to get our stock ship-shape and ready for selling.

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Y Viva Espana -My Bell Bottom Blues 

2 May 17

Last October my gorgeous friend Claire visited us at one of our vintage fairs and gave me this groovy 1970s trouser suit she’d found on her chazzing travels, knowing that it would be the perfect addition to my festival wardrobe.

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Scandalous Behaviour – The History Of Hanbury Hall 

28 Apr 17

Fire up the camper! With less than a month until the festival season kicks off it was time to give Gilbert his first run of the year and, with the Easter Holidays over the kids safely back at school, a National Trust visit was well overdue.

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Something Old, Something New – A Week In Charity Shopping 

24 Apr 17

Charity shops are always rubbish during the school holidays I said to my friend Lyndsey Boomerang when we bumped into each other last week with not a purchase between us.

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How The Waist Was Won – Reclaiming My Figure After 50 

20 Apr 17

Eighteen months ago I started to notice that my clothes were getting tighter.

Blog feature
Paint It Black – Introducing The Kinky Shed 

18 Apr 17

Izzy, our postman, looked on aghast when he handed over our mail on Saturday morning and caught us slapping paint on the Kinky shed.

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If Wes Anderson Did Vintage 

10 Apr 17

I swear that as long as there’s breath in my body I’ll never stop getting excited by vintage clothes.

Blog feature
Modern Talking 

6 Apr 17

Shock horror! I’m NOT in head to toe vintage.

Blog feature
Upton Top Ranking – Art Deco Glamour In Rural Warwickshire 

4 Apr 17

In 1927 Mr AR Motion put his house and accompanying 800 acre estate up for sale.

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – A Bloggers’ Day Out 

29 Mar 17

It’s been ages since I saw Tania Curtise so when we met yesterday we were far too busy catching up to take many photos (thanks to Tania for sharing hers).

Blog feature
Mega Flares, Ruffles & Wonder Woman 

27 Mar 17

There’s something completely ridiculous about making myself an entire outfit to wear to Wetherspoons for today’s drunken lunch date but there again, I’ve never claimed to be normal.

Blog feature
Curtain Couture – Backyard Swagger 

24 Mar 17

Yesterday a sun-bleached curtain, today a psychedelic maxi skirt.

Blog feature
Workin’ 5 to 9 

21 Mar 17

What A Way To Make A Living! …

Blog feature
Buy Buy Love – This Week’s Secondhand Finds 

16 Mar 17

For a woman who spends a large part of her life shopping I rarely end up keeping any of it.

Blog feature
Leo & Me 

14 Mar 17

A day without dressing up is a day wasted says me.

Blog feature
More National Trust Adventures – Exploring Croome Court 

10 Mar 17

It’s been ages since we last visited a National Trust property.

Blog feature
Livin’ For The Weekend 

6 Mar 17

The fair trade company I’d bought my eco-activism cushion covers from asked me to complete a customer survey but I drew a blank at the second question, Where do you get your style inspiration from…

Blog feature
This Old Thing? Rediscovering My Wardrobe 

2 Mar 17

I could never be a minimalist.

Blog feature
The Sweetest Taboo – My Charity Shop Find Of The Week 

27 Feb 17

There I was rifling through the rails in the clearance charity shop on Thursday…

Blog feature
Viva Goa – Travels To Goa and Beyond 

23 Feb 17

As always I wore every piece of clothing I’d taken to India with me …

Blog feature
From The Estuary of the Wolf to The Villlage of the Cow – Travels To Goa & Beyond 

19 Feb 17

Ten hours and some 411 kilometres later the Malabar Express pulled into Mangalore Central.

Blog feature
Cochin On A Budget – Travels In Goa & Beyond 

16 Feb 17

If you watched The Real Marigold Hotel last night you’ll have heard our intrepid band of pensioners marvel at how cheap Cochin is.

Blog feature
Groove Is In The Art – Travels To Goa & Beyond 

13 Feb 17

As luck would have it – and it really was luck, we didn’t even know we were going to Kerala until we’d secured rail tickets the morning before – our trip to Fort Cochin coincided with the Biennale, the city’s two yearly festival of contemporary art.

Blog feature
The Mistress Of Spices – Travels To Goa & Beyond 

10 Feb 17

Fourteen hours after boarding the sleeper train we pulled into Ernakulam Junction in Kerala.

Blog feature
Faded Splendour – Travels To Goa & Beyond 

8 Feb 17

Who’d have thought it? Almost twenty years after we first visited Goa and there’s still places we haven’t seen.

Blog feature
Traveling Light(ish) – What’s In My Bag? 

8 Jan 17

If I was travelling in true vintage style I’d be carrying pre-war luggage and a copy of S Reuben’s 1939 Travellers In India*, the essential guide to the subcontinent during the Days of the Raj.

Blog feature
Adventures In Charity Shopping – The 2017 Edition 

5 Jan 17

My first charity shop buy of the year…

Blog feature
Block Rocking Beats 

2 Jan 17

The things I do for my blog…

Blog feature
Walking In A Winter Wonderland 

29 Dec 16

It’s the middle of winter, there’s two inches of ice underfoot and it’s zero degrees centigrade.

Blog feature
‘Tis The Season To…. Go Chazzing! 

23 Dec 16

What’s the best thing about this time of year? An excuse to dress up? Nah, don’t need one of those, as you can see from this week’s outfits, I do it on a daily basis.

Blog feature
Sunnycroft – The Sound Of The Suburbs 

20 Dec 16

We weren’t planning on another National Trust trip until later in the week but when we discovered that Sunnycroft, the next place on our agenda, was closing for the season today we had to change our plans.

Blog feature
Packwood – A House To Dream Of, A Garden To Dream In 

16 Dec 16

When asked why, in 1904, Alfred Ash, a Birmingham businessman and confirmed city dweller, had somewhat impulsively bought the 134 acre Packwood Estate in rural Warwickshire at auction he replied, I bought it because the boy wanted it.

Blog feature
Travels Within My Suitcase 

14 Dec 16

Don’t be fooled by the outward appearance of this rather mundane looking vintage suitcase.

Blog feature
Dressed For Excess 

11 Dec 16

Life’s just too short to spend it in jogging bottoms.

Blog feature
I Capture The Castle 

7 Dec 16

Bloody hell, I must be getting old! When Jon asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, rather than suggesting an all-day bender, I asked for an outing to a National Trust property, Powys Castle in North Wales.

Blog feature
The Years Of Living Dangerously 

2 Dec 16

Where’s those 30-odd years of my adult life gone? I’m 50 next week.

Blog feature
Ain’t Going To Goa…Yet! 

28 Nov 16

Today is sunglasses and big coat weather, which I like…

Blog feature
My Life In Orange 

24 Nov 16

I know, I’m so behind the times.

Blog feature
Bollywood & Beyond 

21 Nov 16

It’s truly horrible outside, it’s been lashing it down for hours, freezing cold, dark and windy but you’d never guess from these photos.

Blog feature
What Lies Beneath 

18 Nov 16

Now there’s a dilemma.

Blog feature
Get Up, Stand Up: Don’t Give Up The Fight! 

15 Nov 16

Tuesday, already! It’s a sign I’m knocking on a bit, where does the time go? Since I last posted my sewing frenzy has continued.

Blog feature
Green Velvet & Other Things 

10 Nov 16

Other than an all-day session in ‘Spoons on Monday I haven’t really done a fat lot this week but I did manage to squeeze a quick tour of the Walsall chazzas before hitting the pub and found this velvet beauty for less than the price of a round of …

Blog feature
Stash, Bang, Wallop….Further Adventures In Sewing 

7 Nov 16

Cover your ears, lads Jon warned the cats on Saturday morning, The swearing is about to start! The cheek! All because I’d told him that I was off to do some sewing.

Blog feature
Mojo Rising 

4 Nov 16

For the last couple of weeks I’ve eagerly sat on the floor in my sewing room with a mug of tea and the radio tuned to 6 Music.

Blog feature
An Old Favourite 

1 Nov 16

It’s that time of year again.

Blog feature
What’s New, Pussycat? 

28 Oct 16

New? Nothing new to see here! I’ve owned this 1970s psychedelic catsuit for at least five years, it’s worked at a few vintage fairs, danced on a moonlit beach in Goa, had lunch in Wetherspoons and survived Glastonbury tucked into my wellies.

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