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At last! 

19 Sep 18

At last after being without my camera then my 500mm lens for nearly four months in total! Both in for repair, one after the other, my lens finally came home today.

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A funny old time! 

20 Aug 18

Well it’s been a long while since I posted anything.

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A quick visit to North Wales and RSPB South Stack 

30 Jun 18

Last weekend brought about the need to head to Rhyl for family reasons, so we tagged a couple of nights on the front, found ourselves a hotel deal in Llandudno and did a bit of birding in our one full day that we had.

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Heavy Metal Time – Cosford Airshow 2018 

28 Jun 18

My annual indulgence to metal birds, managed to get some photos, but missed some good shots especially of the Red Arrows, but still I already have one or two photos of them…

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Suffolk – The Rest! 

27 Jun 18

We of course went up to Dunwich Heath looking for Dartford Warbler, and were rewarded with a few sightings, not very close but good views through the bins.

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Suffolk- RSPB Minsmere 

20 Jun 18

We spent a week in Suffolk earlier this month, staying just outside Lowestoft.

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Kinver Canal 

27 May 18

We fancied a nice walk this week, so opted for our favourite and parked up in Kinver at the Vine and strolled off down the canal.

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Romania with Naturetrek – Part 4 

25 May 18

So it was with sadness that we left our house boat in Tulcea, we headed off to the Black Sea coast for the day, whilst our luggage headed to another guest house in Tulcea.

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Romania with Naturetrek – Part 3, The Danube Delta 

22 May 18

An early start saw us leave Zarnesti, heading for Tulcea a port on the Danube, where our House Boat for four nights and the gateway into the Delta awaited.

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Romania with Naturetrek – Part 2 

20 May 18

So Day 3 too us to the Piatra Craiului National Park, we started with a drive up a gorge, finally stopping and walking the rest of the way, this was a gentle climb up, where we saw many Grey Wagtail, our first ever Wood Warbler, that proved to …

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Romania with Naturetrek – Part 1 

18 May 18

We have just returned from a 10 day trip with Naturetrek to Romania.

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Chester Zoo 

17 Apr 18

Being controversial here, not everyone will agree with our views, but here goes…

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A Lovely Sunny April Afternoon at Upton Warren 

6 Apr 18

After a month devoid of birding for various reasons, we made a welcome return to Upton Warren on Thursday.

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Attingham Park, Shropshire 

25 Feb 18

Our winter visit to Attingham for the Snowdrops and a lovely walk took place on Thursday, it was a bit of a dull and cold afternoon, but the Snowdrops still looked fantastic and there were plenty of birds about too.

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21 Feb 18

After a week on the west coast of Scotland, we had a brilliant weekend in Edinburgh with our daughter, before travelling north and stopping in Tomintoul for 5 nights.

Blog feature
Pine Marten Video 

21 Feb 18

As an after thought here’s a bit of video…

Blog feature
Scotland West Coast, Lochaber Area and Pine Martens! 

21 Feb 18

We decided to explore somewhere new in Scotland this winter and stay on the coast, west of Fort William at Glenuig.

Blog feature
Norfolk Parts 2 & 3! 

18 Feb 18

I never got around to continuing with Norfolk, as we scooted off up to Scotland for a couple of weeks, so I will condense parts two and three into one, so that I can get on with the Scottish stuff.

Blog feature
Norfolk – Mid January – Part 1 of 3 

31 Jan 18

We normally go to Norfolk in November each year, with the main feature being the huge flocks of Pink-footed Geese that can be seen, especially arriving at dusk at Holkham.

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Bewdley – Hawfinches 

16 Jan 18

While we were at Upton Warren last Thursday, we got chatting as you do, with another birder, who pointed us in the direction of the Treecreeper whose photograph I included in my last post.

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First Visit to Upton for 2018 

16 Jan 18

Had a very pleasant but very cold afternoon at Upton on Thursday with out friends Tim Wendy.

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Garden Visitor! 

23 Dec 17

A nice garden visitor yesterday.

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The Last Leg – Hong Kong & River Dolphins! 

19 Dec 17

Perhaps after 7 weeks away Hong Kong was a city too far! But nevertheless we made the most of our two nights there.

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New Zealand Part 6 – Dunedin and Albatross! 

18 Dec 17

We left Milford Sound in the rain, and had another long drive to Dunedin.

Blog feature
New Zealand Part 5 – Milford Sound 

17 Dec 17

Another long drive took us from Queenstown to Milford Sound.

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New Zealand Part 4 – Queenstown 

16 Dec 17

From Franz Josef we travelled across to Queenstown, with a few stops on the way.

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New Zealand Part 3 – Franz Josef 

15 Dec 17

We left Rotorua, drove back to Auckland (after some shenanigans) and flew down to Christchurch were we stopped overnight before boarding the Trans-alpine Train up to Arthur’s Pass.

Blog feature
New Zealand Part 2 – Rotorua 

14 Dec 17

It was a long drive down from the Bay of Islands to Rotorua, but what an amazing place, didn’t know what to expect, but the clouds of steam and smell of sulphur were all around town.

Blog feature
New Zealand Part 1 – Bay of Islands 

12 Dec 17

We started the New Zealand leg of our trip by flying in to Auckland from Sydney.

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Australia Part 8 – Sydney 

10 Dec 17

So the last post for Australia.

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Australia Part 7 – Karunda & The Great Barrier Reef 

9 Dec 17

For part 7 we are still in Cairns but with the aforementioned trips to Karunda and The Great Barrier Reef.

Blog feature
Australia Part 6 – Cairns 

8 Dec 17

After our short but very productive stay in Darwin we flew down to Cairns where we stopping four nights.

Blog feature
Australia Part 5 – Darwin & Wetlands 

7 Dec 17

We arrived late afternoon in a very hot and sticky Darwin from the Ghan Train, looking forward very much to our Wetlands tour the next day.

Blog feature
Australia Part 4 – Ayres Rock, Uluru, Alice Springs and Katherine Gorge 

5 Dec 17

From Melbourne we flew up to Ayres Rock and our visit to Uluru.

Blog feature
Australia Part 3 – Melbourne 

4 Dec 17

From Kangaroo Island we were driven back to Adelaide and then we flew across to Melbourne and spent a couple of days there.

Blog feature
Australia Part 2 – Kangaroo Island 

3 Dec 17

We left Adelaide and headed south (ish) to the ferry for Kangaroo Island, we were really looking forward to this.

Blog feature
Australia Part 1 – Perth and Adelaide 

1 Dec 17

More urbanish birding…

Blog feature
Urban Birding in Singapore, then on to Perth 

1 Dec 17

As I said in our previous post, this wasn’t a birding holiday, but we made sure that we nearly always had our binoculars with us, and the big lens was in my rucksack, although birds being birds they didn’t always hang around for me to swap the lenses.

Blog feature
We’re Back 

14 Nov 17

So we are back from Australia and New Zealand.

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On tour 

13 Oct 17

It’s been quite a while since I have posted anything, that because on holiday in Australia at the moment, it’s not a birding holiday, but we aren’t doing too badly up to 137 species so far and a fair lot to do yet.

Blog feature
Buzzard Fest at Kinver 

18 Sep 17

On Friday we went for a walk at Kinver along the canal from The Vine in the direction of Whittington Lock, we hadn’t done this since February and it is one of our favourite walks.

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The Highlands 

22 Aug 17

The Highlands covers a huge area, we were based in the small town of Newtonmore just off the A9 about 20 minutes south of Aviemore.

Blog feature
Malham Cove, Yorkshire Dales 

9 Aug 17

Sunday saw us taking the walk from Malham Village up to and over Malham Cove, it was a strenuous walk but well worth arriving on the Limestone Pavement at the top.

Blog feature
Wharfedale , Yorkshire Dales 

9 Aug 17

We went to spend the weekend up in Yorkshire, stopping with our good friends Tim Wendy.

Blog feature
The first time we have ever twitched! 

25 Jul 17

I follow with interest the goings on up and down the country and like to know what rarities are about, but a long time ago we said that we would never jump in the car and do the twitcher thing.

Blog feature
RSPB Nagshead 

24 Jul 17

At the end of our wonderful trip to Somerset and as we had to be out of our digs by 10am, we took the opportunity for a detour, crossed the Severn (paying an extortionate £6.70 for the privilege) and ended up at RSPB Nagshead in Gloucestershire (just…

Blog feature
An unexpected trip to Somerset 

24 Jul 17

Following a tough week earlier in the month, my brilliant wife surprised me by booking us a couple of nights down in Somerset not far from RSPB Ham Wall.

Blog feature
Blacktoft Sands 

23 Jul 17

On the way back from Northumberland we made a detour to RSPB Blacktoft Sands, it was a scorcher of a day, so I suppose predictably the reserve was pretty quiet from a birding viewpoint and as it was really only a lunch stop, we concentrated on the …

Blog feature
A much belated Northumberland Part 4 

22 Jul 17

After a difficult few weeks I have finally got around to getting up to date with the blog.

Blog feature
On Tour – Northumberland – Part 3 The Farne Islands 

25 Jun 17

We booked on to a boat to the Farnes for the afternoon.

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