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Blog feature
New Carlsberg Corbyn Shirt on the TV 

18 Jun 17

A mate called to say they were gonna be on the telly and the wanted a Corbyn t-shirt to wear.

Blog feature
We Still Like Paul Mason But We’re Voting Leave. 

31 May 16

Paul Mason’s writing has always been good, we’ve been fans for a while, he writes from and gives a working class perspective which is rare in today’s mainstream media, we even put him on a t-shirt back in the early days of Sabcat.

Blog feature
Tory Assault on Rights Is a Sign of Fear and Weakness 

15 May 15

Quite rightly much has been made of Tory proposals to replace the Human Rights act, undermine the right to strike and introduce new laws to tackle extremism.

Blog feature
The Tories Are in. We Predict a Riot. 

11 May 15

Another 5 years of Tory Rule.

Blog feature
Our new mate Dave Roper 

11 Nov 13

We’ve been very busy at Sabcat lately, you might have missed us Twitter and Facebook (or maybe you’re glad we’ve shut up).

Blog feature
EDL In Birmingham Juy 20th 

22 Jul 13

There’s been a lot said about the EDL visit to Birmingham on Saturday and none of it good.

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