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Final Boundary Review for Pheasey 

10 Sep 18

The boundary review concluded today and we are in the seat of Walsall and Oscott as below This includes the following wards So from the old Walsall South Wards we have lost Darlaston and Bentley, Darlaston South and Pleck and gained Blakenhall, …

Local news
Carjacking and Violence in Pheasey 

5 Sep 18

Shocking news came in this afternoon whilst at work on the Birmingham Live App of a dreadful incident on Morteon Avenue by the hairdressers.

Local news
Crash on Collingwood Drive 

12 Jun 18

Thanks to Ashley Preece of Birmingham Live for allowing me to use this picture.

Local news
Spate of car key Burglaries 

30 May 18

I have just received notification of these from the excellent WMNOW alert system – HERE  These alerts come from he police and it would astounding if these were not linked in someway and on demand for Audi’s ? Take the police advice and secure …

Local news

23 May 18

Great news that Aldi has been rejected planning permission for their plans at the Old Horns.

Local news
Police Helicopter in Pheasey 

7 May 18

For the last 30 mins we have all heard a helicopter over Pheasey and I went out to look and saw this.

Local news
Local Election results 

4 May 18

So the voting is over and the count complete and earlier this morning Pheasey was declared as follows So a tory hold.

Local news
Community Centre delivering political leaflets using vulnerable people 

29 Apr 18

I have been very quiet on here and for that I can only apologise.

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Been a while but movement on Great Barr Hall ?? 

28 Nov 17

So after a quiet period two interesting pieces of news has appeared.

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Yet more atrocious parking at Beacon and boundary rant ! 

19 Oct 17

For a couple of weeks I have not seen any issue at the school and then today ? Well a bit of rain and all of a sudden as bad as ever.

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Collingwood Surgery change of ownership – lower services ? 

12 Oct 17

A few weeks ago I flagged up the review that was happening with Walsall primary care and the loss of services Pheasey would see through the Collingwood Centre.

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Speed, Shop closed? & Travellers 

9 Oct 17

A bit of news today.

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Parking issues on Old Hall Lane/Barr Beacon School 

3 Oct 17

A week or so ago Barr Beacon school issues a strongly worded letter regarding the awful parking outside the school and in particular on Old Hall.

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Incident at the flats ? 

26 Aug 17

Just drove by the flats at the Terminus and 6 ambulances there including incident response units.

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Food standard report on Spice Vila maybe wrong 

20 Aug 17

The Express and Star have in THIS REPORT said that Spice Vila, the Indian Takeaway on Beacon Road has failed in a major way a Food standards test.

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Any news regarding Collingwood Surgery 

16 Aug 17

After the news I broke a couple of weeks ago I have been that over the past few months a lot of patients have been moving to the new surgery on the Queslett.

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Proposed changes to Collingwood Surgery 

1 Aug 17

Valerie Vaz has jus altered me to the proposed changes to the surgery Due to the current contract being up the Walsall Commissioning Group are looking at alternatives.

Local news
Sad News – Pheasey CAB to close 

28 Apr 17

Sorry to say this, last year Walsall CAB was under threat from Tory cuts but the Lab council then managed a stay of execution for a lot of it’s services.

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Food Ratings in #Pheasey #GreatBarr #walsall #birmingham 

16 Mar 17

An unusual post but these are the food ratings for all the local places serving food.

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Views of Pheasey 1995 

7 Mar 17

Wow this is a great find by Jez Couzens on YouTube Note the cars, the buses and of course the old library and neighbourhood offices !! Actually notice how quiet the roads are and esp around the old horns, never like that now ! Great find…

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#Walsall Council Budget passed, Pheasey Library to close 

23 Feb 17

At tonight’s meeting of the Full Council the budget for 2017 has been passed.

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West Midlands #Mayor, Undemocratic, costly and BOYCOTT #walsall #birmingham 

17 Feb 17

This report from Rob Mayor the ES reporters sums up the whole farce that is the West Mids Mayor.

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#Aldi Planning REJECTED 

16 Feb 17

Great news today from Neil Elkjes at the Birmingham CC planning meeting.

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#Sinkhole on Stanhope Way 

6 Feb 17

Riding home from work tonight I saw Stanhope Way was closed off and rode up to the problem.

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Pheasey Library to Close – Just announced #Walsall Council Tax up by 5% 

31 Jan 17

Just been announced at the Walsall council leadership press conference that after consultation the 9 libraries marked for closure will close.

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Pheasey Childrens Centres under threat #Walsall #govtcuts 

25 Jan 17

I have been informed of a note gone out to Meadow view and Pheasey Childrens Centre users of big changes to come.

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Yet More accidents on the #Queslett, will #birmingham and #walsall do anything ? #greatbarr 

16 Jan 17

Yet again the Great Barr Observer is reporting more crashes not he Queslett Road – LINK This time on the same day and within metres of each other on the Old Horns island.

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Queslett Aldi Application – Please Comment 

16 Dec 16

Today The Great Barr Observer have run the story on the new Aldi application – LINK I would urge anyone interested to make their comments and it is regardless it is not our council making the decision.

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The Hypocrisy of Walsall Council 

15 Dec 16

Well Thursday is our bin day and we have some neighbours who insist on leaving black bags.

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Sad news – Melon Cauli to close 

10 Dec 16

I have used the brilliantly named Melon Cauli for years now.

Local news
Christmas on Barr Beacon 

26 Nov 16

I love what is planned for Barr Beacon on 9-11th December and 16-18th September.

Local news
Petitions and false information 

25 Nov 16

The Tories now have a petition against the Boundary commission plans where we are moved to Birmingham Erdington.

Local news
Accidents on Queslett Road 

23 Nov 16

As mentioned earlier there was an accident on Queslett Road but thats to the Great Barr Observer this was actually a motorcyclist by the motorway bridge.

Local news
Yet another accident at the Trees Island 

23 Nov 16

Just been informed of yet another accident on the Trees Island (refuse to call it buffet island, what an awful name and food !!).

Local news
Pheasey School Cuts and Petitions against cuts 

17 Nov 16

I came across this Schools Cuts website a couple of days ago – LINK For all the three schools in our area it shows the cuts that will have be enforced.

Local news
Planning Permission Granted – Phone Mast 

11 Nov 16

Dave asked when I revived the blog about the planned phone mast on Hillingford Avenue.

Local news
More budget consultations 

31 Oct 16

During my time away we saw the settlement for Walsall Council from central govt that is mirrored across all our neighbours in Sandwell, Birmingham etc.

Local news
Time to revive this blog !! 

29 Oct 16

A lot has happened to me in the last few years, mainly positive but I do think it is time to revive this blog.

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Aldi meeting tomorrow 

13 Jan 16

A reminder that Aldi will be at the Community Centre between 3 and 7PM for anyone to discuss the plans.

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Aldi to come to Queslett ? Asda closing ? 

8 Jan 16

Ashley Preece from the Great Barr Observer has tweeted this very important story for the area.

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Serious Incident at the Old Horns 

25 Dec 15

Rumours were starting to circulate early this morning of a serious incident last night at the Old Horns.

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Three Coverage in Pheasey 

11 Dec 15

My wife is on Three and we have had serious coverage issues in Pheasey and about a mile radius.

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Inconsiderate Parking 

25 Nov 15

If I have one major bug bear it is inconsiderate people and the example I will show is perfect.

Local news
WMCA – the undermining of Democracy 

17 Nov 15

Today we have heard the news I have feared.

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Walsall Budget cuts and CAB at threat, Library safe (for now) 

12 Nov 15

Over the past week the scale of the cuts to Walsall’s council budget has become clear.

Local news
Asda Queslett – future in doubt ? 

15 Oct 15

Tonight I have heard from two separate people the same story.

Local news
Go Fund Pheasey Community Centre 

12 Oct 15

Charlotte Hart from the Great Barr Observer has brought my attention to the appeal to raise £15K to keep the Community centre open.

Local news
Great wins in Paris for local dance group- Gem’s Dance Academy 

9 Oct 15

This may not be directly related to Pheasey but my daughter goes to a dance group – Gem’s Dance Academy which is based at Perry Beeches Baptist Church.

Local news
Pheasey Community Centre an update #walsall 

9 Oct 15

OK you may have noticed been away for a while, apologies for that but things happening to me which lost my enthusiasm a bit.

Local news
Election Fever Part 2 !! – Local Statement of Persons Nominated 

9 Apr 15

Yep it is a dual election this year and when we look at the SOPN again no real surprises except for Greens standing.

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