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Nigel Spots A Modern Antique! 

20 Nov 17

It hasn’t gone unnoticed by Nigel that almost all the charity shops of Evesham have received a whole plethora of unwanted, donated Christmas trees, especially the one on the corner on the road to The Towers, which has no less than four boxed trees …

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A Retro Delicacy To Look Forward To …….. 

19 Nov 17

Darrell spotted something in a poundshop the other day that he thinks was quite a delicacy in the olden days, but which has fallen out of favour in recent times ……..

Blog feature
Autumn Pumpkins Akimbo 

18 Nov 17

Iris was desperate for her beloved Uncle Nigel to go with her to her Nursery Autumn Festival ……… …….

Blog feature
Darrell’s Final Brush With Celebrity 

17 Nov 17

On his way home from London via Paddington Station Darrell couldn’t help notice this “homage” to Paddington Bear ……..

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Darrell ……. Out And About On The South Bank 

16 Nov 17

Darrell didn’t really have that long in London, but still managed to have a bit of a look round the South Bank, somewhere he hadn’t really delved much before …… …… everything he saw seemed to have an artistic bent ….

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A Haunting Sort Of Feeling 

15 Nov 17

As you know Darrell always takes a keen interest in all the “art work” he finds in his various hotel rooms ……… but this picture that was in his Southwark hotel, while he was in London for The Apprentice has been troubling him …… more …

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Succulent’s Akimbo 

13 Nov 17

Darrell was very taken by the artistic use of the very en trend and de rigueur succulent outside the Hilton London Bankside during his stay in London.

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Lest We Forget 

12 Nov 17

Large remembrance poppies have been put on either side of the Workman Bridge in Evesham …….

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In Certain Circumstances Some Things Are Best Covered Up ….. Especially In Front Of Hotel Windows! 

11 Nov 17

Darrell was very, very pleased with the location of his London hotel, it was a only humble Travelodge, but all he really needed on this trip was a bed for the night, no whistles and flutes, but a restaurant and a comprehensive menu never goes amiss.

Blog feature
Darrell’s Good Morning Experience 

10 Nov 17

Darrell is now back back home ……..

Blog feature
An Emotional Evening …… Even If It Was Without Darrell 

9 Nov 17

Darrell should be back from London tomorrow, full of tales of his wonderful Apprentice adventure, but that meant that he wasn’t actually with us last night for “ his ” episode of “The Apprentice, You’re Fired” ……..

Blog feature
Fired Or Hired? 

8 Nov 17

As I write, Darrell has already partaken in his The Apprentice, You’re Fired adventure, but just like Bake Off and X Factor he almost had to sell his soul to the devil re: confidentiality, until tomorrow night when the programme he saw recorded is …

Blog feature
NO Nigel …… NO! 

7 Nov 17

Nigel does have a certain propensity to find “ useful ” things on his travels, which he has been known to occasionally bring home with him …….

Blog feature
Autumnal Indulgences 

6 Nov 17

There’ll be absolutely no doing with Darrell until Nigel and I finally wave him off tomorrow morning on the start his Apprentice Adventure, the ultimate ticket on his 2017 bucket list.

Blog feature
It’s Almost Too Too Much For Darrell 

5 Nov 17

I came home from the library yesterday afternoon to find poor Darrell in a rabbit caught in the headlights type scenario in front of his laptop.

Blog feature
Nigel’s Favourite Dustbin 

4 Nov 17

On moving into a bijoux riverside apartment we forwent the pleasures of the green and black wheelie bins of our past lives …… and gained the unbridled freedom of the communal bin! All worries of overfilling and then subsequently not having your …

Blog feature
Evesham Finally Gets A Poundstore 

3 Nov 17

As you know we very much appreciate a poundshop, but sadly, up until now, Evesham has been sadly lacking, but imagine my excitement when I found out that while Poundstretcher had closed a few weeks back, it had been replaced by a Poundstore…

Blog feature
A Bit Of A Damp Squid! 

2 Nov 17

While Nigel and I were enjoying the pleasures of Dawlish, Darrell spotted this poster …….

Blog feature
The Day After The Day Before ……. 

31 Oct 17

I have to say our Halloween celebrations were quite, quite wonderful …….

Blog feature
It’s Halloween ……… 

31 Oct 17

There is much occurring of a spooky type nature at The Towers today as we are entertaining later on today.

Blog feature
It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like …….. Halloween 

30 Oct 17

As you know Nigel very much appreciates a good seasonal shop window display, but with our recent Dawlish jaunt etc.

Blog feature
One Final Hurrah of a Seaside Type Nature for 2017 

29 Oct 17

Nigel and I are now back, firmly ensconced within Darrel’s and The Towers ample bosom……..

Blog feature
A Few Choice Gifts For Darrell 

28 Oct 17

Sadly, our short holiday is drawing nigh, it was but a brief encounter, but I think we have all taken Dawlish to our hearts and embraced all its pleasures.

Blog feature
A Beach Artist In The Making …… 

27 Oct 17

It has been very, very lovely watching Little Miss Iris create her beautiful beach pictures in the sand, although Nigel and I have both mooted that she might actually be sending coded messages to beings of an alien type nature! They are very …

Blog feature
Nigel’s Nom Nom Nom Moment 

26 Oct 17

Being on a self catering holiday, we have mainly been self catering, with Darrell sending us off with select freezer bag packed with a full compliment of individual cottage pies, tuna pasta bakes, a humungous boeuf bourguignon and a couple of sponge …

Blog feature
Another Day ……… 

25 Oct 17

Another day ………..

Blog feature
Everyone Is An Art Critic 

24 Oct 17

As with all our holiday caravans, there is the obligatory work of art in each of the rooms, but this time it seems less corporate and more personal.

Blog feature
Happy Hook A Duck Days 

23 Oct 17

Young Miss Iris is keeping us very much on our toes, but not in an overly demanding sort of way as we certainly do not countenance any three year old diva type behaviour …… or it’s back to the caravan! Needless to say Hook a Duck is ALWAYS …

Blog feature
Our Dawlish Home From Home. 

22 Oct 17

Our last caravan of the year ……… …….

Blog feature
Nigel Found A Little Flagging 

21 Oct 17

The beach at Dawlish Warren is but a short saunter away from our beautiful caravan, and though it would be lovely to just sit back, feel the sand between our toes, chill, embrace the sea air ……….

Blog feature
Our Final Seaside Visit Of The Year 

20 Oct 17

Well …….

Blog feature
More Than A Woman 

19 Oct 17

It has to be said that Nigel very much appreciates and admires a strong woman …… However, I feel that Domina may be too much a force to be reckoned with, even for Nigel ………..

Blog feature
Who’s A Mardy Bum? 

18 Oct 17

Ever vigilant Darrell has spotted that Snickers have new packaging, which, according to him and the advertising bumpff, expresses symptoms such as irritability or moaning for when you are hungry.

Blog feature
What Is He Like? 

17 Oct 17

It has to be said that Nigel is a touch diminutive in size, which often does not bode well when shopping, however his experience in the local card shop would have frustrated even the most lofty of customers, with cards displayed at an impossibly high…

Blog feature
A New Boat Across The Way …… 

16 Oct 17

A new boat has appeared across the way…….

Blog feature
Sometimes The Old Ways Are The Best ………. 

15 Oct 17

I’ve been searching for a certain something for as long as we have been living in Evesham …….

Blog feature
Nigel Is Learning ….. 

14 Oct 17

Nigel is quite receptive to Darrell’s tutoring on what is currently de rigueur, must have and trending and what is not of a home decor type nature……… …… and as such has noted that though artificial, outdoor hanging baskets may be regarded…

Blog feature
It’s A Final …………. Timber!! 

13 Oct 17

That’s it ………..

Blog feature
Somewhere …… 

12 Oct 17

This morning as I left The Towers I saw the most beautiful rainbow arched over Robins Corner ……… I did consider giving Nigel a quick call, as it looked as if the one end could possibly have been in our back garden ……..

Blog feature
Not Quite A Forage But ……. 

11 Oct 17

After my quandary about picking mushrooms/toadstools the other day and deciding that it might be best to leave well alone, yesterday I had a much more fruitful find, where someone else had kindly done any necessary foraging for me …….

Blog feature
Nigel’s Bit Of A Fixer Up-per 

10 Oct 17

Nigel’s been mooching again in the “Antique Shop” up the road …..

Blog feature
Recognition At Last …..? 

9 Oct 17

It seems that word has spread around town ………..

Blog feature
Perhaps Not ……… 

8 Oct 17

Darrell, Nigel and I very much enjoy a forage, The Vale of Evesham being known as the Garden of Eden England as our burgeoning freezer testifies with its ample sufficiency of blackberries, damsons and plums ready for one of our much nommed Sunday …

Blog feature
An Inspirational Nudge For Darrell? 

7 Oct 17

When I nipped into the Amber Café Bar for a constitutional mid-morning latte and Malteser Ice Cream Sundae, I picked up a couple of flyers for Darrell, one was a list of cocktails, which I thought might inspire Darrell, as he is always on the look …

Blog feature
Nigel’s Home 

6 Oct 17

Nigel arrived home yesterday just in time for tea (spag-bol) full of tales of his London Adventure.

Blog feature
Nigel Imminent Return Is Nigh 

5 Oct 17

Nigel should be home later today, hopefully in time to watch tonight’s Extra Slice with Darrell and I, amidst much tangible and palpable excitement I am sure.

Blog feature
Nigel’s Bake Off Adventure Continues 

4 Oct 17

By now, all those who watch “Bake Off” will know that it was Julia who “left the tent” last night.

Blog feature
Nigel Signs The Official Secrets Act! 

3 Oct 17

Nigel phoned last night to say that he had the most wonderful time at the recording of The Great British Bake Off – An Extra Slice, it was all he had imagined and much more, and if he loved Jo Brand before, he loved her even more now too, she was …

Blog feature
Nigel In London ….. For An Extra Slice ……. 

2 Oct 17

No sooner did he arrive home yesterday afternoon from Bude, Nigel off again on another adventure, and what a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL adventure! This morning we waved him off to London, as he’s got himself a ticket for the recording of The Great …

Blog feature
Enough’s As Good As A Feast 

1 Oct 17

Darrell and Nigel’s short Bude jaunt has been a brief but not fleeting series of pleasures, but they should be back home tomorrow.

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