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A Share Platter Too Too Far 

28 May 17

As a treat Hugh took us all to his “local” where they don’t have a clue who he is or even really care.

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Happy Birthday Hugh 

27 May 17

Nigel was a little reluctant to leave his beloved swans behind, but we had promised to spend the weekend with Hugh at his country bolt hole in Worcester for his birthday.

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Nigel’s Emotions Are Wrung Through The Mill ……. 

26 May 17

Nigel went to visit his beloved swans nest yesterday afternoon and got a the most horrendous shock …….

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Time For Darrell To Return Home ….. 

25 May 17

Darrell’s stay in London with Hugh, his showbiz friend, bon viveur and style guru to the stars has been short and but very sweet, Eurovision, a spot of mooching and then homeward bound.

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A Most Romantic Nursery School …… 

24 May 17

Just up the road from Hugh is a bilingual nursery called La Petite Ecole Bilingue, just how romantic is that? Darrell has been imagining who unbelievably cute it would be to pick Iris up from nursery and greet her in French, with something along the …

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Darrell Ventures Into Portobello Road Market 

23 May 17

While Hugh was out giving several radio interviews on Theresa May’s election wardrobe Darrell decided to have a mooch around Portobello Market, about a five minute walk from Hugh’s flat.

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A Belated Eurovision 2017 

22 May 17

As you read this, Eurovision is well and truly over, but on the evening, in Notting Hill, Darrell and Hugh had a wonderful, wonderful night ……..

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Darrell Returns To London 

21 May 17

While Nigel and I were in Devon, Darrell travelled down to London for the first time in over a year, as he/we now tend to visit Hugh in his Worcester Cottage Bolt Hole, where he is a very different Hugh to the one we see in Notting Hill when he is …

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Nigel Gets The Most Wonderful Surprise 

20 May 17

As soon as Nigel and I got home from Devon Cliffs the first thing he wanted to do was go down to the lock to check on his swans and their eggs ………..

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Upwards and Onwards Or Vice Versa 

19 May 17

This morning it was time to bid a fond farewell to Devon Cliffs.

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A Tiny Bit of Beach Respite for Nigel 

18 May 17

This morning we decided that we would get up bright and early to be the first in the queue for when the doors of campsite swimming pool opened.

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Nigel’s Changing Role ……. 

17 May 17

Nigel’s role so far this holiday has been chief sandwich sandcastle maker, however, today Iris changed tack in her requests and wanted to be a mermaid on the beach …….

Blog feature
A Tour Round Our Bijouxesque Holiday Homestead. 

16 May 17

The best thing about our bijouxesque caravan is that we have a sea view from the lounge area …….

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Least Said ……. 

15 May 17

There is a really nice restaurant with panoramic views across the bay on our “campsite” and well, it would look rude not to partake in a morsel or two there wouldn’t it ? Nigel said he was in the mood to experiment ………… He found the …

Blog feature
A Beach Almost To Ourselves At What Seems To Be The Crack Of Dawn! 

14 May 17

Iris was up at 6 o’clock on the first day of our long weekend away ……… …… and we were on the beach for 9.30am! It’s not often we have a beach to ourselves …….

Blog feature
Nous sommes arrivés sur la Cliffs De Devon. 

13 May 17

Nigel and I, along with Iris and Lucy (Lu Lu) have arrived safely at Devon Cliffs for our first £9.50 Sun Holiday of the year, and look at the blue sky that was there to greet us ……… It may however be our last said £9.50 holiday, because Lu Lu…

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A Temporary Parting Of The Ways 

12 May 17

The Eurovision Song Contest, our Televisual Highlight of the Year is all but 5 days away, but we won’t all be together to share This Night of Nights this year as we had originally planned as we all received some tempting offers, and we all gave …

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A Very Very Kind Present From Jan The Fan 

11 May 17

Nigel is keeping an ever watchful eye on “his” swans, but, at a discrete distance as advised …….

Blog feature
The First Eurovision Semi Final of 2017 

10 May 17

We just can’t believe yet another year has flown by, and yet, unbelievably last night we settled down on our sofa at The Towers to once more embrace Eurovision.

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A Most Romantic Whiff 

9 May 17

Nigel has discovered and become entranced by the lilac that is currently blooming in the hedgerow along our walk up to Iris and Berties.

Blog feature
Nothing Does It For Nigel Quite Like ……. 

8 May 17

Nigel knows that I am very partial to a latte and piece of cake as a treat at the end of the week in one of Evesham’s many cafes……… ……..

Blog feature
Nigel’s Swan Nest 

7 May 17

I went and had a look at Nigel’s swans nest yesterday afternoon……….

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Poor Nigel …….. 

6 May 17

Poor Nigel …… after doing his civic duty on Tuesday in returning a rogue shopping trolley back to Aldi …….

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Our Votes Are Cast ……. 

5 May 17

Well, yesterday we all voted for the very first time as fully established and recognised official citizens of Evesham in the council elections, I think we all felt a little overwhelmed by the significance of it all, and our journey to get there…

Blog feature
Nigel’s Random Spotted Object …… 

4 May 17

Last night, on his way back from Tom and The Lovely Laura’s, Nigel spotted ……… …… a large, lone and forlorn looking potato on the lawn of the flats just down the road.

Blog feature
There’s Always A Poster For Us To Peruse Dans Evesham. 

3 May 17

The posters we spot in the shop windows that we pass on our long walks back and forth to nursery etc.

Blog feature
Tsk ….. Tsk 

2 May 17

There’s a shopping trolley that’s been left just as you get to our estate … …….

Blog feature
Nigel Thinks Ours Is Bigger …… 

1 May 17

As I have said, Evesham is a town that likes to embrace a theme with it’s shop windows and Nigel, as you know historically, very much appreciates the embracement of a shop window display too …… …… and with Easter now done and dusted, some …

Blog feature
Darrell Makes A Few Of His Own Considered Purchases Whilst Back In The Homeland. 

30 Apr 17

Although Darrell announced that he was “totally shopped out” back in The Homeland after his recent frequent sojourns away, helping Lucy with her domestic renovations, Darrell thought that a few gifts “from aboard” would be appreciated by …

Blog feature
Darrell Helps Lucy To Make Several Considered Purchases. 

29 Apr 17

Darrell is once again back in the Homeland at Lucy’s behest, to give more of his de rigueur, haute de en-trend advice for the much anticipated renovation of Maison De La Lu.

Blog feature
Nigel ….. Hungers For The Past 

28 Apr 17

Nigel has asked (pleaded/beseeched/begged) that when I have finally finished reviewing the pleasures of most, if not all the many cafes and teashops of Evesham ……..

Blog feature
Nigel Makes A Wonderful Discovery 

27 Apr 17

Poor Nigel came home yesterday in an absolute state of flux ……….

Blog feature
We’re Officially Official Citizens Of Evesham 

26 Apr 17

Yesterday we received a card of very great import in our letter box……… ……..

Blog feature
A New Exotic Taste To Consider 

25 Apr 17

A new Portuguese café has just opened in town, and we have to admit to being strangers to said Portuguese cuisine …….

Blog feature
Nigel’s New Hopes And Dreams …… 

24 Apr 17

Whenever we go to the library for Music, Rhythm and Rhyme with Iris and Bertie we have to pass the Registry Office, as it happens to be in the same building.

Blog feature
Lucy Calls Upon Darrell’s Haute De Rigueur Yet Again 

23 Apr 17

Darrell got a call yesterday morning from Lucy asking if he would be up for a bit of a boudoir mooch around John Lewis.

Blog feature
Close Season On The River ….. For Some 

22 Apr 17

It’s been very quiet on the platform at the bottom of our bank, as it’s the close season for fishing, there won’t be any fishing on the river now until June 16th.

Blog feature
CV’s At The Ready 

21 Apr 17

I think there could be an atmosphere of rife competitive job application and CV putting together when Darrell and Nigel get a whiff of this brilliant career opportunity…… ……..

Blog feature
Lidl Greek Week 

20 Apr 17

Our next Greek Odyssey to the Island of Corfu is fast approaching, and Darrell, I am happy to say is within a half centimetre of getting into his budgie smugglers! And, as if to further remind us, today sees the start of Lidl’s Greek Week, a …

Blog feature
Not To Everyone’s Taste 

19 Apr 17

I guess every town has a couple of art critics, and Evesham is obviously no exception, after I found an offending piece of art that had caused so much displeasure that the “offended one” had decided to wrap it round a bollard! I have to admit …

Blog feature
Evesham’s Easter Windows 

18 Apr 17

The Festive activities at The Towers over Easter were a most excellent distraction from preventing Nigel musing too much of Village Easter Fayres past, back in The Homeland.

Blog feature
Our First Evesham Easter 

17 Apr 17

Well, what can we say, except, that yesterday was a really lovely day, a day that we hope Bertie and Iris will always remember, even if we were, yet again, a little remiss on the taking photos front when things got exciting …….

Blog feature
He’s Been ………. 

16 Apr 17

Oh my goodness me, Nigel “dun gud” with his festive hedge betting …… We woke up this morning to find that some very wonderful Easter treats had been left at the bottom of the bed in the basket that Nigel left …… just in case.

Blog feature
Nigel Hedges His Easter Bets 

15 Apr 17

Well, it’s beginning to look a lot like Easter chez The Towers …… Nigel is full of springtide awe and wonder …… …..

Blog feature
Getting Ready For Our Easter Guest 

14 Apr 17

The Towers has been a hive of activity as we are expecting a full house for Easter, while I have been attending to my online Tesco grocery order, Nigel and Darrell have been preparing our guest room for Lucy’s state stay! Her room is fragrant with …

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It’s …… 

13 Apr 17


Blog feature
A Heartfelt Nom Nom Nom ….. Tinged With A Little Disappointment. 

12 Apr 17

Following on from todays earlier and as I was at a loose end, I decided to take myself off to Flavours and avail myself of a scoop or two of their Easter Egg Gelato, purely for the purposes of research to check it was up to Darrell and Nigel’s …

Blog feature
We Really Need To ……. 

12 Apr 17

We really, really, really need to wander up to Flavours at the top of town in the next day or two …….

Blog feature
Another One of Nigel’s Finds ………. 

11 Apr 17

Out for a mooch yesterday afternoon, Nigel happened upon, of all things, a hamster (or similar small creatures) cage! For Nigel the streets of Evesham have truly been paved with gold, back in the homeland, Nigel may have found the odd glove or coin …

Blog feature
Our Happy Saturday With The PE Lady And Chris From Finance. 

10 Apr 17

On Saturday we had the most wonderful reunion with the PE Lady and Chris from Finance from our infamous days working at the “Girls School”.

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