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9/11 Ground Zero – One World Trade Centre 

21 Mar 18

Nigel hadn’t really planned to visit Ground Zero/The World Trade Centre, but, when he realised it was very near to where he was, he decided that he would go to pay his respects.

Blog feature
5th Avenue – And Not A Dollar Tree (Or Glue Gun) In Sight 

20 Mar 18

Nigel has been a little remiss in not WhatsApping that many pictures of the designer window displays on 5th Avenue.

Blog feature
Nigel – On Top Of The Rock 

19 Mar 18

While Darrell and I have been enjoying the wintery riverside climes of Evesham ……….

Blog feature
Nigel Discovers Super Supersize! 

18 Mar 18

It hasn’t gone unnoticed by Nigel that America likes to do things BIG, in particular, as far as Nigel’s interests are concerned, items of a confectionary type nature, to wit M M’s.

Blog feature
Film Shoots Akimbo Dans New York 

17 Mar 18

Nigel hasn’t helped but notice that there are an awful lot of posters stuck on lamp posts in New York.

Blog feature
Nigel Continues One Of Our Holiday Traditions 

16 Mar 18

As you know, it’s a bit of a tradition that we try to find a few moments to visit a quaint old church at some point during our holidays to remember those who can’t be with us any more and to that end Nigel thought he would like to continue said …

Blog feature
Meanwhile Back At The Towers …… 

15 Mar 18

While Nigel is embracing the pleasures of The Big Apple, Darrell and I are keeping a watchful eye on the river ……… There may be a whimsical sprinkling blossom on the greengage trees, but me thinks winter is not quite finished with us yet …….

Blog feature
Nigel Comes Up Trumps?!!! 

14 Mar 18

Nigel said that he was just mooching down 5th Avenue (sadly, not a thrift or Dollar Store to be found), when he noticed a building that looked a bit familiar, but he couldn’t quite place it …… …….

Blog feature
Nigel Bites The Big Apple 

13 Mar 18

Buoyed by pizza slices and a much better weather conditions Nigel decided to get full value from his tour pass and revisit the rainy trip he took to downtown Manhattan on his first day and if time permitted, proceed to the Uptown bus, followed by a …

Blog feature
A Gastronomic Dream Comes True For Nigel 

12 Mar 18

As you might remember before Nigel left for New York he expressed a dream of trying a slice of real life American pizza ……… and what can I say, his dream came true, within hours of his arriving ……….

Blog feature
Nigel’s First Day In The Big Apple– On The Buses 

11 Mar 18

Nigel says that his hotel is only about five minutes walk from Times Square, which was very handy after he decided that the best way to acquaint himself with New York for his first two days was to take one of the many bus tour buses that ran from …

Blog feature
First Contact With Nigel ……… 

10 Mar 18

What can I say, except that, much to our relief, we have finally heard from Nigel, who has, happily, made safe passage to New York …….

Blog feature
Nigel Just Keeps Us Hanging On 

9 Mar 18

Nigel’s taxi came to pick him up first thing this morning, the excitement that filled The Towers was powerfully tangible and palpable …….

Blog feature
Trying To Rein In The Emotion 

8 Mar 18

This afternoon I helped Nigel pack for his solo adventure to New York as I had promised …….

Blog feature
Darrell, Always On The Ball 

7 Mar 18

With thanks to Darrell, I think Nigel is all but sorted with all the important minutiae needed for his New York adventure, his passport is up to date, his travel insurance sorted ……….

Blog feature
The Perfect Present 

6 Mar 18

Now, there’s the perfect gift to buy and put away for Darrell’s birthday.

Blog feature
Nigel’s Hunger Pangs 

5 Mar 18

Last night it was a simple pizza for tea and it got Nigel talking about his looming trip to New York and all the things that he’d been “looking up” on YouTube with Darrell.

Blog feature
Spring Cleaning Time 

4 Mar 18

Heaven help me when Darrell is in the mood to start his annual robust spring clean………..

Blog feature
Old Habits 

3 Mar 18

These days there is one thing that we used to do at least four times a day in Wolverhampton that we don’t do in Evesham ……… …… and that’s catch a bus! To be honest, we are virtual strangers to the buses of Evesham, all except the 18X …

Blog feature
Nigel Tries To Immerse Himself 

2 Mar 18

With Nigel’s much anticipated solo trip to New York looming on the horizon, he announced that he thought he needed to re-acquaint himself with the American way of life, yes, we have done Last Vegas, but as Darrell and I have told him, he may find …

Blog feature
Ans So A New Month Begins …….. 

1 Mar 18


Blog feature
A Review Too Far? 

28 Feb 18

NB: Please do not attempt this review for yourselves, remember, we are professionals! When we started out these Alaska milk cream filled corn snacks promised much, when removed from the packet the rolls smelt wonderfully of a creamy vanilla and we …

Blog feature
Nigel’s New Game 

27 Feb 18

To be honest, our frequent journeys to and fro nursery is pretty boring, it’s not the most exciting of walks, lacking in any interesting landmarks …….

Blog feature
News Of Nigel’s Swanlings 

26 Feb 18

Nigel’s beloved swanlings have all but grown up, although you can still see a few of their baby grey feathers.

Blog feature
Always Remembered 

25 Feb 18

Perhaps it’s a funny thing to muse upon …….

Blog feature
World Book Day 

24 Feb 18

World Book Day is coming up on 1st March ………… ……….

Blog feature
Taken ……. 

23 Feb 18

How very spooky …….

Blog feature
It’s Not Really On …… But ……. 

22 Feb 18

This Moses basket and stand, plus bedding have been left outside one of the houses up the road, beside the bin, for at least two months now and to be honest it’s beginning to really get on Darrell’s nerves.

Blog feature
It’s Been A Long Time Coming …….. 

21 Feb 18

But, how brilliant is it to leave The Towers for work in the morning ……….

Blog feature
Darrell Succumbs To The Unknown 

20 Feb 18

There was much excitement Chez Towers this morning with the arrival of Darrell’s subscription craft beer.

Blog feature
A Festive Easter Quandary ………. 

19 Feb 18

With the Lenten Season upon us, Nigel, being Nigel, has naturally been taking a very keen interest in all the Easter Eggs that are now starting to fill the shop shelves, deciding which one he might liketo find at the bottom of his Easter bed…

Blog feature
Evesham Hit By An Earthquake! 

18 Feb 18

OMG ……..

Blog feature
We Review Labertz Krauten Printen 

17 Feb 18

OMG …….

Blog feature
Nigel Explores Uncharted Territories 

16 Feb 18

Nigel finally got round to toddling down to the pond that none of us had ever noticed before until recently.

Blog feature
Oh Dear …….. Oh No ….. 

15 Feb 18

Darrell has become very taken by the range of, how shall I say, very vibrant and unusual hair colours available at one of the hairdressers in town ……….

Blog feature
Happy Valentines Day 

14 Feb 18

A very Happy Valentines Day 2018 from The Towers ………… It’s a day that finds us, sadly, still relative strangers to matters of the heart.

Blog feature
It’s Pancake Day 

13 Feb 18

Well, Darrell, as per every year, has been slaving over a hot stove to provide us with our annual Pancake Day pancakes.

Blog feature

12 Feb 18

It’s never a good sign to hear rampant screaming at The Towers, especially when it’s coming from the bedroom and when it’s Darrell who’s doing the said screaming! So, imagine my alarm yesterday when such a scenario occurred! I found Darrell, …

Blog feature
Love Is In The Evesham Air 

11 Feb 18

February is famously the month in which lurve is generally celebrated ……….

Blog feature
Darrel Dun Gud! 

10 Feb 18

Darrell has finally “ allowed ” me to return to my bedroom ………..

Blog feature
A New Discovery ……. 

9 Feb 18

Heaven help us ……….

Blog feature
A New Place To Nom? 

8 Feb 18

Darrell has noticed that there is a new Polish cafe opening soon in Evesham…….

Blog feature
Eurovision–We’ve Decided 2018!!!!! 

7 Feb 18

Tonight we shall be glued to BBC 1 for an evening of pure Eurovision pleasure as the country, including our good selves, get to decide who will represent us at this years Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon in May ……..

Blog feature
Kokos – Makronem 

6 Feb 18

We have been terribly remiss of late with our reviews, in particular with the selection of delicacies sent to us by our very dear friends Ze Monkeys in Teutonic Germany just after Christmas.

Blog feature
Darrell Wields A Mighty Paint Roller 

5 Feb 18

It has to be said that due to our recent unfortunate bout of flu, Darrell’s dream of a fabbbbbbbuuuuulous bedroom makeover has got just a tad behind.

Blog feature
I Spy …… 

4 Feb 18

Nigel spotted something that neither he, nor we, had never noticed before on any of our many walks up and down our road ………..

Blog feature
Nigel Takes The Plunge 

3 Feb 18

After too many days feeling dire in bed Nigel emerged mid morning saying that he was struggling, and through weakened from our ordeal, his lungs were beginning to feel the call for some sweet fresh air, no matter how cold …… he was feeling, he …

Blog feature
The Restorative Power Of A Mug Of Sweet Tea 

2 Feb 18

This morning Darrell felt suitably up to venturing into the kitchen to make us all a mug of hot sweet tea ……..

Blog feature
Heads Above The Parapet 

1 Feb 18

This afternoon, at around about 3.30pm, we felt sufficiently able to raise our heads from our pillow ……… We really couldn’t do much more than that and then we quickly had to put them back down again……… but I think we may be turning the …

Blog feature
Still Suffering 

31 Jan 18

We are all very much strangers to a syringe, but after finding ourselves bedridden for these past few days and still suffering, we shall definitely be making sure we are all fully inoculated against the flu next winter, even if we have to queue.

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