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A Bude Dream Come True …….. 

25 Sep 17

Darrell and Nigel are absolutely beside themselves in Bude ……….

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Proffering Gifts 

23 Sep 17

Darrell and Nigel have arrived safe and sound in Bude and are already embracing the salty Cornish sea air, with resultant hearty appetites which Auntie Beth, their host, is trying her very best to accommodate …….

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A Piece Of Autumnal Peace ……. 

23 Sep 17

Peace has descended upon The Towers, a brief respite for me as Darrell and Nigel accepted a very kind invitation to stay in Bude for a few days.

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Craft Beer Curious. 

22 Sep 17

Not that we “poke around” when we are on child-minding duty at Tom The Scientist and The Lovely Laura’s, but sometimes we can’t help noticing ……..

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The End Of An All Be It Short Era ….. 

21 Sep 17

As you know Darrell always makes it de rigueur when returning from our Greek Odysseys to bring back a couple of pertinent local beauty products in his suitcase, in an effort, he says, to make the holiday feeling last just that little bit longer.

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A Rose Spelt By Any Other Way …… 

20 Sep 17

I am pretty laid back about most things, life is just too short but I have to admit that there is a tiny little something that does occasionally get to me, and that’s the “fashion” for making new names from old, or being named after a seemingly…

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Nigel’s Fruit Of Mystery Update 

19 Sep 17

Nigel’s fruit of mystery from the other week certainly got a few heads scratching, but no definitive answers, so the first thing Nigel did when we got back from Swindon was to go and get a few to dissect in a Tom the Scientist type manner, to see …

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Time To Bid A Fond Farewell To Swindon. 

18 Sep 17

Sadly it’s time to bid a fond farewell to the pleasures of Swindon and head back to The Towers, but not before availing ourselves of one last sample of Swindon’s finest Holiday Inn cuisine …….

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Our Holiday Inn Express Room 

17 Sep 17

I don’t think we have stayed in many Holiday Inns, if any, and although the name conjures up visions of Danny Kaye and Fred Astaire kicking up their heels, whimsical flurries of snow and romantic festive crooning, our room, sadly, did not reflect …

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Spooky Goings On ……… With A Logical Answer 

16 Sep 17

Last night, as Darrell entered our room he said he had suddenly come over all funny, saying that he had felt a very distinct weird sort of sensation as soon as he came in, despite only being on the Diet Coke all evening.

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Nigel’s Secret Fascination 

15 Sep 17

Darrell and I like to keep Nigel as far away of a hotel’s corridors while any vacated rooms are being serviced …… …….

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Dianne our Beloved Friend from Florida ………. 

14 Sep 17

Our beloved friend and daily commenter Dianne has been very much in our thoughts this past week or so as we knew that she was in direct line for Hurricane Irma, and since it hit as we haven’t heard from her.

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A Room ……. With A View!!! 

14 Sep 17

Hank, Marvin, Sammy and Norm have now all left to return home, leaving just us.

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A Shark In Our Midst? 

13 Sep 17

It seems that The Ever Fragrant and very LOVELY Sammy is something of a Card Queen on the quiet …… …… and though very much strangers to a deck of cards ourselves, it would have looked most rude not to join in with a hand or two when invited…

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Photocall For All Convention Delegates In Five Minutes Please! 

12 Sep 17

After the night before …… it took quite a while for all of us to get back to our own rooms to freshen up, put on our convention t-shirts and generally make ourselves look vaguely human and presentable …….

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A Heavy Night? 

11 Sep 17

What can I say? None of us are proud ……..

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Party Party Party!!!! 

10 Sep 17

After a really lovely evening meal, where we all clubbed together and ordered three of every starter to make a “picky” smorgasbord type communal tea.

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Reunited …… And It Feels Soooooo Good (Peaches & Herb) 

9 Sep 17

What can I tell you? To be honest, I’m not really sure whether our almost full English yesterday morning was that good an idea, because once we’d finished it all that was left to do was wait for Hank, Marvin, Sammy and Norm to arrive…

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Nigel Calms His Convention Nerves By Checking Out Breakfast. 

8 Sep 17

We all slept well, despite a few pre-convention jitters, but with Hank, Marvin, Norm and Sammy not arriving until about 11.30am, Nigel decided to calm his nerves by lining his stomach with a hearty breakfast to make sure it would be acceptable for …

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We’re In Swindon! 

7 Sep 17

We’re in Swindon, wooooo hoooooo hoooooo …….

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Preparations For Our Adopted Monkey Convention. 

6 Sep 17

We thought it might be nice to take a few gifts for Hank, Marvin, Norm and Sammy to our “Monkey Convention” ……..

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Great Excitement Looms At The Towers 

5 Sep 17

We’ve kept this under our hats for a while now, but now we can tell you that are are off to Swindon for our first ever Mum’s Monkey Adoption Meet Up…….

Blog feature
We Know Exactly How She Feels ….. 

4 Sep 17

There is a charity shop on the corner of our road where there is a currently a picture in the window that has made all of us smile as we have passed it on the way back from Tom and The Lovely Laura’s ………… …… as it expresses and …

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Nigel’s Tree Of Mystery 

3 Sep 17

There’s a tree on our way up to Tom and The Lovely Laura’s that is puzzling Nigel greatly.

Blog feature
Perhaps Not Quite The Perfect Location Location …… 

2 Sep 17

It’s may only just be the start of September, with about twenty odd days before the official opening of the autumnal season, but I think that The Towers is already looking tempting to a couple of creatures of an eight legged disposition, in search …

Blog feature
Ow-wer ……..Painful 

1 Sep 17

It’s usually Nigel’s prerogative to spot the peculiar, thought provoking or as often as not, appetite inducing in the shop windows and noticeboards of Evesham, but yesterday, it was my turn ………….

Blog feature
Happy Christmas ……… 

31 Aug 17

Nigel was in one of the card shops in town trying to find an appropriate card for Tom and The Lovely Laura’s fourth Wedding Anniversary …… …….

Blog feature
A Beloved Favourite Returns 

30 Aug 17

Last night we all settled down, with a cup of tea and a Mr Kipling mini Battenberg for the much anticipated return of The Great British Bake Off since its controversial departure from the BBC to Channel 4.

Blog feature
Nigel Makes A Certain Little Lady Very Happy 

29 Aug 17

Nigel took Iris down to the fair on the river bank yesterday afternoon to embrace a glorious and record breakingly hot Bank Holiday Monday……..

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An Evesham Ambition Finally Ticked Off For Nigel 

28 Aug 17

August Bank Holiday, the sun was blazing down and the crowds were out, including Nigel, who had gone for a little saunter around the Evesham Fishing Festival, when all of a sudden he decided it was time he finally took to the Evesham waters ……..

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Another Day … Another Chalkboard. 

27 Aug 17

Following on from yesterday and Nigel spotting the “menu” board outside The Swan for their Sunday Roast ……….

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So Many Vegetables ….. So Little Time…….. 

26 Aug 17

At The Towers we are all robustly partial to a full roast dinner, and if I say so myself, I reckon Darrell and I give a pretty good account of ourselves on a Sunday, doing our prep as we listen to the omnibus edition of The Archers.

Blog feature

24 Aug 17

Please accept our apologies as a couple of our posts have gone a bit a drift of late, some days there hasn’t been a post and on others there’s been two!!! It seems that our lady what schedules has been having the odd senior moment or two …

Blog feature
Darrell’s Last Day Avec Hugh 

24 Aug 17

Sadly, for Darrell and Hugh, Darrell should be returning home tomorrow, so, to soften the blow, Hugh asked if he fancied spending his last day with a pint, a hog roast (although Hugh is a strict vegetarian himself) and a mooch round the Farmers …

Blog feature
WARNING– Avert Your Eyes–This Post Contains Pictures Of A Delicate Nature!!! 

24 Aug 17

You know when you know that you really should to avert your gaze, but no matter how hard you try, you just cant, like a rabbit caught in headlights? Well, last night Nigel and I faced such a dilemma as we watched Celebrity Big Brother, our programme …

Blog feature
Hugh’s Canine Objets D’Arts…. 

23 Aug 17

Back in Notting Hill Hugh has a collection of Baftas, signed photos in frames of his celebrity friends on his piano and some very exquisite objets d’arts, presents, he modesty revealed, from Royalty and Heads of State who he has entertained.

Blog feature
What Are They Like …….. 

22 Aug 17

Darrell says Hugh has been practising for a “possible” debut foray into the Worcestershire Village Show Circuit ……..

Blog feature
Hugh Car Boots?????? 

21 Aug 17

Hugh has discovered zee car boot, we’ve been telling him for years, but sometimes it’s best to let Hugh to find out some things for himself ……..

Blog feature
Cocktail Cabinet Envy …….. 

20 Aug 17

Darrell has always had a thing about Hugh’s “Cabinet de cocktail” It stands in the hall and although generally it’s left unlocked, it has a key with a very large and exotic beaded tassel that is always kept in the keyhole, which is so …

Blog feature
At One With The Soil 

19 Aug 17

Hugh was keen to show Darrell all the other fruits, apart from his grapes, that his garden had yielded, and although it was Hugh’s “man that does” who had actually done all the tilling, sowing and reaping, Hugh said that it still made him feel …

Blog feature
An Almost Too Romantic Fruit 

18 Aug 17

Hugh doesn’t quite have a vineyard, but his pride and joy at the moment is his abundant grape infused encrusted patio …….

Blog feature
Hugh Becomes A Dad Again ……. 

17 Aug 17

Darrell said that Hugh, his best friend and mentor who is currently on sabbatical from the glitz and glamour of his showbiz life, exchanging it for a summer of weekends on the Worcester Village Show circuit, was on the doorstep anxiously awaiting …

Blog feature
Cocktails at Moo Moos 

16 Aug 17

Darrell is just off to spend a few days with Hugh, his best friend and mentor at his Worcester countryside bolt hole, Chateau De Chic-Kin Coup and though we have a most comprehensive cocktail cabinet, it is Darrell who is the real cocktail wizard…

Blog feature

15 Aug 17

Ooooooops sorry no post today …

Blog feature
An Unusual Sort Of Biscuit …… 

14 Aug 17

Darrell found a most unusual packet of biscuits the other day that we certainly could not allow to go un-nibbled and unsampled by our discerning palettes.

Blog feature
Nigel’s Swanlings 

13 Aug 17

Nigel’s swanlings continue to do well, in fact, they appear to be really thriving …….

Blog feature
Darrell Reaps The Benefit …… 

12 Aug 17

Following on from yesterday and the sad demise of our beloved personalised bank card, Darrell, it has to be said, has been reaping the fringe benefits offered by our new bank of choice ….

Blog feature
Time To Switch …… But With A Small Regret 

11 Aug 17

We have resisted the pressure for a very long time, but after a bit of a debate at The Towers, we finally decided that it was time to switch banks, in some ways it was a very easy decision to make of a purely financial type nature …….

Blog feature
Sorry, It Just Looks Common! 

10 Aug 17

Last night, as he was preparing a small nocturnal night cap, Darrell casually remarked that the latest en-trend trend in the cocktail world is the Baked Bean Tin Cocktail Cup …….

Blog feature
Nigel Meets The Wiggles ……. All Be It Behind The Camera 

9 Aug 17

Iris and Bertie love The Wiggles, and for us, after a hard day of playing shops, cafes and endless puppet shows, as well as feeding, changing and making sure there is a potty always within easy reach, watching The Wiggles is a perfect way to wind …

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