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Too Much Time On His Hands To Think!???? 

24 May 18

Running here, there and everywhere during the week for the nursery run, does occasionally get a bit boring, so Darrell tries to make an extra effort in taking notice of every little thing along the way, which also sometimes gets him pondering…

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Now …… That’s What We Call Garden Ornaments! 

23 May 18

Darrell spotted something yesterday that he can’t believe he has never spotted before ……..

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A Weird Phenomenon 

22 May 18

Nigel spotted something very, very weird when he got to Tom and The Lovely Laura’s estate yesterday morning.

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How Brilliant Is That ……… 

21 May 18

Just look what Nigel spotted …….

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It Was …….. Emotional. 

20 May 18

What can we say ……….

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Ding Dong The Bells Are Going To Chime ….. 

19 May 18

We were all up, showered, wedding breakfasted and sat ready on the sofa by 8.30 this morning, there is no way we want to be found wanting in any department of a Royal Wedding audience type nature.

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Well, ……………. We’re Ready 

18 May 18

We’ve got the flags, we’ve got the badges, we’ve got the mug and enough Monster Munch to host our own upmarket wedding reception.

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A Suitable Ensemble For A Royal Wedding? 

17 May 18

Darrell has bought himself a new pair of zebra print “jeggings”, in honour, he says of the Royal Wedding.

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All Bodes Well For The Royal Wedding ……. 

16 May 18

After the excitement of Eurovision last night we really needed something to buoy up our spirits, knowing that it will be another year before our annual televisual highlight comes round again …..

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Sage Advice Sought 

15 May 18

As I write this we are all back at The Towers and Hugh has returned to London, divulging only that he’d got a “final fitting” with his Saville Row tailor.

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Here’e To Discrete Friends 

14 May 18

It’s so lovely to be with Hugh again ……..

Blog feature
Eurovision 2018–All Aboard 

13 May 18

Let’s just say, last night was, as expected, emotional! Being all together with Hugh was wonderful enough, but to be together for Eurovision as well was …… almost too much, with Hugh as per usual the consummate host.

Blog feature
An Offer Just Too Good To Refuse. 

12 May 18

Where’ve we gone? …….

Blog feature
Deja Vu? 

11 May 18

The lilac on our way to and from town is now in full bloom ……… ……..

Blog feature

10 May 18

It’s usually Nigel who “finds” things on his various tooings and froings to nursery with Little Miss Iris and Young Master Bertie ……..

Blog feature
Darrell Speculates Upon Meghan’s Wedding Dress 

9 May 18

Sadly evidence of the impending Royal Wedding is a little low on the ground in Evesham, perhaps enthusiasm will pick up a bit nearer the day ……..

Blog feature
The Circle Of Life ……. 

8 May 18

Nigel has been down to the weir to see his beloved expectant swans and their new nest … Let’s just say it was emotional, very emotional, and not a few tears were shed.

Blog feature
The Best Welcome Home! 

7 May 18

What better welcome back home for Nigel……… ……….

Blog feature
Home Sweet Home ……… At Last 

6 May 18

Our beloved Nigel is home, what more can I say? It’s a funny thing to say, but The Towers seemed to become lighter and brighter as soon as the little fella came through the front door ……..

Blog feature
Nigel Is A-Flying Home 

5 May 18

Nigel’s flight back to the UK was at midnight, so to be honest the pleasures of JFK airport, (as watched avidly in Border Security by Darrell) were a bit beyond him ……….

Blog feature
Nigel’s Last Proper Day in New York 

4 May 18

Nigel’s last proper day in New York was tinged with not a little sadness, but also with a glad heart that he would soon be back within the bosom of his family.

Blog feature
Not The US Hamptons 

3 May 18

Darrell has become quite an avid watcher of The Housewives of New York in Nigel’s absence, not so much for the daily trials and constant fallings out of The Housewives, but more for the en-trend bars, restaurants and shops etc.

Blog feature
Nigel Does HIs Final Shopping 

2 May 18

After finally deciding it was time to return to the familiar climes of Evesham, Nigel still had a few bits and pieces of present shopping to do …….

Blog feature
Darrell Has Wonderful News For Nigel 

1 May 18

With word that Nigel could be home very soon now Darrell’s mood has lifted considerably, becoming much more his usual buoyant self …….

Blog feature
Signs And Symptoms Of Homesickness’ness 

30 Apr 18

It feels like Nigel has been away from home for an absolute age, so goodness knows how it must feel to him, but yesterday he admitted that he was finally feeling the beckoning of a distant homeland and a gentle tug on his heartstrings……..

Blog feature
A Billboard You Just Can’t Miss 

29 Apr 18

Darrell is really more into The Kardashians than Nigel, but of all the mahoooosive billboards in Times Square, this is one that is hard to miss …… …….

Blog feature
Nigel Visits “American Girl” 

28 Apr 18

It wasn’t really on his New York itinerary, but when he looked through the window in Rockefeller Plaza it, it would have looked rude not to pop in and explore the American Girl store.

Blog feature
Food Glorious Food 

27 Apr 18

Nigel reckons he’s put on at least a stone during his New York odyssey …….

Blog feature
Nigel Gets The New York Cinema Experience 

26 Apr 18

Nigel has always dreamed of “doing” the real American cinema experience, and what better place to finally achieve such a goal than in New York, just off Times Square.

Blog feature
A New York Phenomenon 

25 Apr 18

It’s been very wet and very windy in New York and as such Nigel has happened upon a pretty unique phenomenon ……..

Blog feature
Royal Wedding De Rigueur? 

24 Apr 18

It has to be said that there is very little, if anything, available in Evesham of a Royal Wedding type nature and consequently with only four weeks to go Darrell is in a bit of a panic about it all.

Blog feature
New York Real Estate 

23 Apr 18

Nigel said that he couldn’t help having a little peruse in a New York Real Estate window, well, it would have been rude not to …… ……….

Blog feature
Nigel Does China Town & Little Italy 

22 Apr 18

Nigel tells us that he has now “done” China Town.

Blog feature
The Carousel in Prospect Park 

21 Apr 18

It has to be said that although Nigel has only seen a pin prick of Brooklyn, he absolutely loved it, and said that if he ever returned to New York, especially now he knows how easy it is to get around on the subway, he would find a quiet hotel there …

Blog feature
How Would You Define Stalker? 

20 Apr 18

Following on from yesterday, there has been even more activity on the opposite side of the river …..

Blog feature
Nosey Parkers, Squashed Tomatas!! 

19 Apr 18

Now … I don’t really spend all my time twitching at the window ……..

Blog feature
Tres Tres Magnolia! 

18 Apr 18

As soon as Darrell got through the front door when he arrived back home from his short stay with Hugh, his best friend and mentor at his country bolt hole in Worcester, he senses were assaulted by the robust aroma of fresh paint ……….

Blog feature
What’s A Boy To Do? 

17 Apr 18

Breakfast back at Nigel’s hotel is more or less the same each morning, a bagel or pastry, a piece of fruit (banana or apple) and a coffee, nothing special, although on Tuesday morning he was offered a hard boiled egg which took him aback a little! …

Blog feature
Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory 

16 Apr 18

What better way for Nigel to celebrate seeing two of New York’s most iconic bridges than with an ice cream …… but not any old ice cream, this was an ice cream from …….

Blog feature
A Tale Of Two New York Bridges. 

15 Apr 18

Nigel said that Brooklyn Bridge was all it promised …..

Blog feature
Nigel Does Brooklyn 

14 Apr 18

Well, I say Brooklyn, but it’s a big place, so what he actually did was just a tiny weeny bit of Brooklyn Heights ……….

Blog feature
A Tasselled Gift For Darrell 

13 Apr 18

Darrell’s stay at Chez Hugh’s Country Pile in Worcester has been short and sweet, but at least he will return with a big smile on his face and in more buoyant mood.

Blog feature
Following On From Yesterday …… Busy Doing Nothing. 

12 Apr 18

With Nigel and Darrell both away I have a whole chasm of time all to myself, and thought I would have a mooch round B M Bargains, looking for nothing in particular ……..

Blog feature
Not So On Trend 

11 Apr 18

Darrell says Hugh is currently experimenting with the latest garden trend, a bijoux army of terracotta statues ……..

Blog feature
Darrell Meets Up With Hugh 

10 Apr 18

Darrell has been at a bit of a loss without Nigel, so when Hugh, his best friend and mentor suggested he pop over for a quick visit while he (Hugh) was taking a well earned break from all Royal Wedding brouhaha he is involved in.

Blog feature
Only In America ……. 

9 Apr 18

Nigel’s snack of choice after a hard days sightseeing is a big bag Cheetos Crunchy, he says he is making the most of them, as they aren’t easily available back home, something to do with all the additives and colourings …..

Blog feature
Yet Another Tick On Nigel’s Comestible Bucket List ….. 

8 Apr 18

Nigel has always dreamed of partaking in a real life New York Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich, just like he’d seen a 1,000 times in films and on TV ……….

Blog feature
A Poignant Moment In Macys For Nigel? 

7 Apr 18

No visit to New York would be a visit to New York without a trip to Macy’s, the biggest department store in the world…….

Blog feature
Nigel Takes A Mahoooooosive Plunge 

6 Apr 18

Nigel has finally taken a mahoooooosive plunge in New York, something he has been very apprehensive about doing …….

Blog feature
Nigel Does A Tiny Weeny Corner Of Central Park 

4 Apr 18

Nigel says Central Park is absolutely mahooooooooosive and that he could never “do” it all, even if he stayed for an entire year, but he has gone all the way round it on the bus! But, he did do a tiny weeny bit of it last night, just as the sun …

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