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Lucy Calls Upon Darrell’s Haute De Rigueur Yet Again 

23 Apr 17

Darrell got a call yesterday morning from Lucy asking if he would be up for a bit of a boudoir mooch around John Lewis.

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Close Season On The River ….. For Some 

22 Apr 17

It’s been very quiet on the platform at the bottom of our bank, as it’s the close season for fishing, there won’t be any fishing on the river now until June 16th.

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CV’s At The Ready 

21 Apr 17

I think there could be an atmosphere of rife competitive job application and CV putting together when Darrell and Nigel get a whiff of this brilliant career opportunity…… ……..

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Lidl Greek Week 

20 Apr 17

Our next Greek Odyssey to the Island of Corfu is fast approaching, and Darrell, I am happy to say is within a half centimetre of getting into his budgie smugglers! And, as if to further remind us, today sees the start of Lidl’s Greek Week, a …

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Not To Everyone’s Taste 

19 Apr 17

I guess every town has a couple of art critics, and Evesham is obviously no exception, after I found an offending piece of art that had caused so much displeasure that the “offended one” had decided to wrap it round a bollard! I have to admit …

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Evesham’s Easter Windows 

18 Apr 17

The Festive activities at The Towers over Easter were a most excellent distraction from preventing Nigel musing too much of Village Easter Fayres past, back in The Homeland.

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Our First Evesham Easter 

17 Apr 17

Well, what can we say, except, that yesterday was a really lovely day, a day that we hope Bertie and Iris will always remember, even if we were, yet again, a little remiss on the taking photos front when things got exciting …….

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He’s Been ………. 

16 Apr 17

Oh my goodness me, Nigel “dun gud” with his festive hedge betting …… We woke up this morning to find that some very wonderful Easter treats had been left at the bottom of the bed in the basket that Nigel left …… just in case.

Blog feature
Nigel Hedges His Easter Bets 

15 Apr 17

Well, it’s beginning to look a lot like Easter chez The Towers …… Nigel is full of springtide awe and wonder …… …..

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Getting Ready For Our Easter Guest 

14 Apr 17

The Towers has been a hive of activity as we are expecting a full house for Easter, while I have been attending to my online Tesco grocery order, Nigel and Darrell have been preparing our guest room for Lucy’s state stay! Her room is fragrant with …

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It’s …… 

13 Apr 17


Blog feature
A Heartfelt Nom Nom Nom ….. Tinged With A Little Disappointment. 

12 Apr 17

Following on from todays earlier and as I was at a loose end, I decided to take myself off to Flavours and avail myself of a scoop or two of their Easter Egg Gelato, purely for the purposes of research to check it was up to Darrell and Nigel’s …

Blog feature
We Really Need To ……. 

12 Apr 17

We really, really, really need to wander up to Flavours at the top of town in the next day or two …….

Blog feature
Another One of Nigel’s Finds ………. 

11 Apr 17

Out for a mooch yesterday afternoon, Nigel happened upon, of all things, a hamster (or similar small creatures) cage! For Nigel the streets of Evesham have truly been paved with gold, back in the homeland, Nigel may have found the odd glove or coin …

Blog feature
Our Happy Saturday With The PE Lady And Chris From Finance. 

10 Apr 17

On Saturday we had the most wonderful reunion with the PE Lady and Chris from Finance from our infamous days working at the “Girls School”.

Blog feature
Rivals In Love 

9 Apr 17

Nigel has a rival for Iris’s affections …….

Blog feature
A Change Of Tradition ….. 

8 Apr 17

Today is Grand National Day.

Blog feature
An Influx Of Ducks 

7 Apr 17

The weather has been a tad unpredictable of late, it hasn’t really been safe to venture out without taking an umbrella or cagoule……..

Blog feature
A Film For Lucy? 

6 Apr 17

The Regal Cinema is offering Hidden Figures for this weeks cinema goers delectation ……….

Blog feature
Furry Waters? 

5 Apr 17

Nigel is very curious about a sign he passes every time he goes to collect Iris from Nursery…… …….

Blog feature
Nigel Does The Cotswold Wildlife Park 

4 Apr 17

While Darrell has been going up,down and everywhere with Lucy looking for high end materials for the upcoming renovations of Maison De La Lu, Nigel decided to take himself off to The Cotswold Wildlife Park, wallpaper and paint not particularly being …

Blog feature
A Perfect Job For Nigel? 

2 Apr 17

Nigel was in town mooching and is often his want, he likes to spend time reading the cards that are often put up in shop windows.

Blog feature
April Fools Day 2017 

1 Apr 17

Look what Darrell found on the internet ……..

Blog feature
Darrell Embraces His Inner Kelly Hoppen. 

31 Mar 17

The project management for the renovations of Maison De La Lu is progressing well, however Lucy text Darrell to say, if he was up to it, she would pop up to Evesham so that she could take him to look at wallpaper.

Blog feature
The Most Boring Film Ever Made? 

30 Mar 17

Nigel hasn’t been very impressed by the film that has been showing at The Regal over the past few weeks, even if it is an Oscar winner …….

Blog feature
A Post Especially For Dianne, Our Wonderful Friend In Orange Abundant and VERY Hot Florida 

28 Mar 17

We know our friend Dianne loves everything British …… …… so Nigel decided to give her a little treat today by showing her his favourite row of houses in Evesham.

Blog feature
Crunchy Cheese? 

28 Mar 17

I am always on the look out for something a bit different to tickle our taste buds at The Towers to broaden our comestible horizons, so when I saw “Crunchy Cheese” on the supermarket shelves, it would have been rude not to purchase a pack for our…

Blog feature
Much Excitement–The Caravaners Are A Coming ….. 

27 Mar 17

Nigel came home from his afternoon meander in a very excited state yesterday, there were a few caravans and camper vans pitched up on field of the camp site across the river, “The open season for camping and caravanning must be here ” he mused…

Blog feature
Easy Like Sunday Morning ….. 

26 Mar 17

How our lives have changed so much in the past nine months……… …… there is no way Nigel could ever have imagined that Sunday mornings would start with a bacon sandwich on much seeded bread and a latte in Moo Moos on his way to collect the …

Blog feature
A Task Of Great Responsibility. 

25 Mar 17

Last night Nigel and I stayed over at “The Family Tree”, so named by Iris after Stickman, her favourite story ……….

Blog feature
Open Wide Please Sir! 

24 Mar 17

Yesterday afternoon Nigel paid his first visit to our new Evesham dentist …… …..

Blog feature
The Final Frontier ……. Ikea! 

23 Mar 17

Again, it was an early breakfast and roll call by the car for Darrell and Nigel this morning.

Blog feature
No Carpet Burns On Darrell! 

22 Mar 17

Yesterday Lucy, Darrell and Nigel were on a mission to find a de rigueur stair carpet for Maison De La Lu! Breakfast was at 9 o’clock sharp with a roll call, with tape measures, beside the car at 9.30! According to Darrell things did not start too …

Blog feature
Planks Akimbo 

21 Mar 17

From what I can gather Lucy is taking no prisoners back in the homeland, in getting as much import as she possibly can as to what is de rigeuer and en-trend or just plain common or naff as far as wooden flooring her mansion is concerned from Darrell…

Blog feature
Getting The Confirmation That We Long Suspected 

20 Mar 17

We have long suspected that the fishing pegs below The Towers were the prime spots for fishing along our stretch of the river, as they always seem to have someone fishing there, come rain or shine.

Blog feature
Darrell And Nigel Get A Better Offer 

19 Mar 17

Sadly, we never made it to Spirit Fest yesterday, for all our hype and excitement Darrell got a better offer! Lu text him and said that if she picked him up, would he like to go looking at wooden flooring with her, he had done such a good job at The …

Blog feature
One Of Our Barges Is Missing …… 

18 Mar 17

Poor Nigel is in a bit of a state, the barge that is always parked directly opposite us wasn’t there when he opened the blinds this morning …….

Blog feature
Charity Shop Find Of The Week …… And A New Piece of Domestic Equipment Due At The Towers 

17 Mar 17

As you know Marmite is our very favourite savoury spread of choice, so you can imagine my delight when I found this cookbook for just 60p in one of the charity shops in town.

Blog feature
Betting Is A Mugs Game! 

16 Mar 17

What we love about Evesham is that it’s a lot like us, it likes to work with a theme! Admittedly, we are pretty much strangers to the turf, but this week you can’t miss that it’s The Cheltenham Festival where it’s all novice chases, handicap …

Blog feature
A Letter From Castle Greysquirrel 

15 Mar 17

We have stayed in touch with the Cheryl and Andrew, the couple who now live at Castle Greysquirrel and exchange little notes and cards now and again.

Blog feature
Another Scary Quandary For Nigel 

14 Mar 17

There is a skeleton in the window of a house we pass when we go into town on not the so scenic route ……..

Blog feature
A Reminder Of The Past 

13 Mar 17

Nigel and Darrell popped into Amber Café in town for a quick coffee after Music, Rhythm and Rhyme at the library as The Bear, where they usually go, was full ……… It turned out to be an emotional occasion for Nigel as the selection of sauces …

Blog feature
Tweet Of The Day 

12 Mar 17

Because The Towers is on a small estate, at the end of a road to nowhere, it is a very, very quiet place to live, the main sounds we hear come from the birds…… …….

Blog feature
A Date For Our Diary 

11 Mar 17

Nigel spotted a poster for an event of great interest to us all while he was out mooching in town ……..

Blog feature
German Confectionary Review No. 5 Assorted Mini Ritter Sports 

10 Mar 17

Because we are already familiar with Ritter Sports Chocolate we knew we were in for a treat, and thought we would be less formal in our considerations and adjourn to the sofa to conduct our review.

Blog feature
A Very Confused Nigel 

9 Mar 17

There are a couple of posters up the road that is causing poor Nigel much puzzlement and head hurting ponderment.

Blog feature
A Possible New Life Choice For Darrell? 

8 Mar 17

Darrell is always open to new “life choices”, as you know, he is no stranger to vegetarianism because of Hugh.

Blog feature
Poetry Sells …….. 

7 Mar 17

Darrell has noticed a new and growing phenomena on TV over the past few weeks …….

Blog feature
Random Objects ……. In Random Places …….. 

6 Mar 17

Sometimes, you can see random sort of things that make you think, how did that get there ………..

Blog feature
Tiffin Spot Of The Week – Herbies Coffee House 

5 Mar 17

Yesterday I thought I might treat myself and try out Herbies Coffee House in Evesham’s Market Place.

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