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Has Nigel Potentially Found The Biggest Book In The World In An Evesham Charity Shop? 

24 Jul 17

This has got to be the biggest book Nigel has ever seen, not in pages but in sheer size, found in one of the charity shops of Evesham…..

Blog feature
Evesham River Festival 

23 Jul 17

I know Nigel has, at times, hankered for the days of the village carnival and the floats that used to pass by Castle Greysquirrel each year …… but yesterday Evesham came up trumps and I have the feeling that we may never hear the melancholy sighs…

Blog feature
A Promise Of Fruitfulness 

22 Jul 17

Before we went away, I had checked on the blackberry situation and it looked very promising, but on our return Nigel decided to check too ……..

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Peace Of Mind 

21 Jul 17

Darrell and I still seem to be suffering from an unduly vigorous and debilitating bout of jet lag, we have always succumbed to a certain degree after all our Greek Odysseys, but never this bad.

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Back On Hallowed Ground 

20 Jul 17

We arrived back at The Towers in the very early hours of the morning, to be honest all Darrell and I wanted was our beds, Nigel was a little more chipper.

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Our Last Night Toast To Corfu. 

19 Jul 17

As is our usual last night holiday tradition we took a bottle of Prosecco and some glasses down to the deserted beach ……….

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Darrell’s Holey Stone 

18 Jul 17

For as long as I can remember Darrell has always tried find and bring home a holey stone (a natural hole, not made by the hand of man) from our many holidays as a sort of lucky talisman ….

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Considered Purchases Of A Souvenir Type Nature 

17 Jul 17

We’ve been mooching around the shops of Arillas throughout our holiday, but last night, after a delicious evening meal and a very acceptable cocktail or two, it was time to finally get our wallets out and partake in the purchase of a few souvenirs …

Blog feature
A Reflective Moment 

16 Jul 17

Each time we come on a Greek Odyssey we can’t help notice all the many different beautiful small chapels/shrines know as kandylakia that are scattered along the road sides.

Blog feature
Arillas Sunsets 

15 Jul 17

It has to be said that Arillas sunsets are truly, truly romantic in a Greek sunset type way ……… It’s become part of our Corfuvian evening routine, a cheeky cocktail …… …… a stroll along the sea front ……..

Blog feature
Corfu Town 

14 Jul 17

Corfu town promised much and in turn delivered much in buckets and spades……..

Blog feature

12 Jul 17

Well, this morning we all boarded our mini bus, with thankfully, full air con, bound for Kassiopi, about an hour and a half away.

Blog feature
It’s Good To Have A Plan 

11 Jul 17

This morning I was a monkey on a mission, leaving Darrell and Nigel mooching round the shops before they hit the beach.

Blog feature
What Are We Like? 

10 Jul 17

Nude sunbathing is not allowed on our beach …..

Blog feature
Nigel Makes An Terrible Greek Faux Pas 

9 Jul 17

Poor Nigel, he has been so taken by the lemon trees and resulting lemons that grow in great abundance at The Malibu Bar, our Corfuvian Cocktail Bar of choice that he forgot himself and had a terrible lack of propriety ……..

Blog feature
Corfuvian Flora And Fauna 

8 Jul 17

Our hotel doesn’t really have any grounds, but what little space it has is robustly abundant with the flora and fauna of Greece.

Blog feature
Holiday Noms 

7 Jul 17

This is the life! While I get on with my book …… …….

Blog feature
Holiday Reading Of A Rather Mind Fuddling Type Nature 

6 Jul 17

Darrell and Nigel raided the hotel magazine collection yesterday which in turn lead to some very “bizarre” beach discussions and not a little debate…….

Blog feature
We Love A Foreign Crisp 

5 Jul 17

This should have been Mondays post but it got lost in the Greek ether, probably something to do with the heat! There is nothing we like more than a mooch round a Greek Mini Mart ……… We always play “first one to spot the Marmite” and this …

Blog feature
Our Hotel 

4 Jul 17

We are quite happy with our hotel.

Blog feature
A Room With A View 

2 Jul 17

Arillas, as Darrell so succinctly summed it up, can be described as bijoux.

Blog feature
Poor Darrell ……. 

1 Jul 17

While Nigel and I appear to be immune from the attentions of the native mosquitos, poor Darrell has become something of a martyr to them, a prime target for feasting upon to put it bluntly, much to his dismay.

Blog feature
Time For Darrell’s Budgie Smugglers To Hit The Beach…… 

30 Jun 17

I had delayed the moment a million and one times in my head, but I knew that Darrell and his budgie smugglers would eventually have to expose introduce themselves to the beach ………..

Blog feature
The Breakfast After The Cocktails From The Night Before…….. 

29 Jun 17

Nigel was up first for “ our ” first Greek breakfast, he told me that he has been dreaming of his first bowl of proper thick Greek yoghurt, that leaves the serving bowl with a satisfying slurp for months, served with a handsome dollop of runny …

Blog feature
Jet Lag …….. The Stuff Of Wimps! 

28 Jun 17

Because Greece is two hours in front of British time, we arrived at our hotel, at about 1.30 in the morning.

Blog feature
Limited Edition Toblerones 

27 Jun 17

So …….

Blog feature
That’s It!!!!!!! 

26 Jun 17

That’s it …….

Blog feature
Darrell Makes His Much Promised Cocktail 

25 Jun 17

As you might remember Darrell promised that he would make us his special “Keel Over Cocktail” when the fence down the road, that we have all been keeping an eye, on finally fell down ……..

Blog feature
The Last Final Fitness Pull ……. (If There Was Ever A First?????) 

24 Jun 17

With our Greek Odyssey to the romantic Isle of Corfu all but a few short days away, Darrell asked Nigel if he’d like to accompany him for a bit of pre-holiday limber up, sur la parc ……what is he like? Now, to be honest, Nigel’s fitness regime…

Blog feature
An Unusual Vegetable Patch 

23 Jun 17

Nigel has noticed, what he thinks may be a patch of a vegetable type nature, outside one of the supermarkets on our way to Tom The Scientists and The Lovely Laura’s.

Blog feature
Piercing Curious ………. 

22 Jun 17

Sometimes, I think Nigel, though curious and interested in all that’s going on around him, has a little too much time on his hands for looking in the local shop windows and pondering.

Blog feature
Nigel Explores The Delights of Evesham’s M & S Food Hall Café 

21 Jun 17

While I am still exploring and embracing the delights of Evesham’s many coffee shops in the town centre, Nigel has offered to help my reviewing by volunteering to avail himself of the pleasures of some of the establishments that are a little way …

Blog feature
A Window Nigel Missed …….. 

20 Jun 17

Nigel is the undisputed champion Evesham window spotter of The Towers, but I think he must have missed this one in the Fruit Shop window, as I am sure I would have heard about nothing else ……..

Blog feature
A German Marzipan Praline Review 

19 Jun 17

A little while ago our Germanic friends Ze Monkeys sent a most wondrous parcel filled with Teutonic confectionary for us to review.

Blog feature
Marmite May Be Brain Food …… Study Says! 

18 Jun 17

I always knew there was something special in it ………..

Blog feature
The Towers Sees It’s First Ever Volcanic Eruption, If Only A Very Mediocre One! 

17 Jun 17

Nigel always has a bit of a hope, that after a wearying day of taking care of Iris and Bertie the charity shop on the corner of the last leg home has perhaps left something of an interesting type nature in a box by its bins, which, despite them not …

Blog feature
Something To Ponder 

16 Jun 17

Darrell found two old Fortune Cookies at the back of one of our kitchen cupboards when he was having a tidy up.

Blog feature
Nom Nom Nom 

15 Jun 17

This summer we shall mostly be eating Dirty Wedges ………..

Blog feature
Pipped To Cake And Coffee By Nigel 

14 Jun 17

As you know, I very much enjoy visiting any new establishment that pops up in Evesham to sample their latte or cappuccino and slice of whatever of their cake takes my fancy, but yesterday, Nigel beat me to it ……..

Blog feature
An Untimely, And For Nigel, An Unfortunate Force Of Nature 

13 Jun 17

Nigel has noticed a bit of a natural phenomena following all the unseasonal wind we have experienced in the last week or so ……… …… under all the horse chestnut trees, on our way up to Tom the Scientist and The Lovely Laura’s, are hundreds…

Blog feature
A Promise Of Things To Come 

12 Jun 17

While Darrell is full of all the flowers that are growing in the hedgerows and riverbank around us, my attention is firmly on the promise of all the foraging opportunities they will provide towards the end of the summer.

Blog feature
He Shall Have Fresh Flowers Wherever He Goes ……. 

11 Jun 17

Though we live in a robustly male household, it has to be said that we still very much appreciate a fresh flower or two around The Towers, this usually means a bunch of £3 roses from Aldi bought on a Friday, but with the hedgerows and riverbank now …

Blog feature
Some Very Sad News To Impart 

10 Jun 17

I warned Nigel that nature could be a cruel mistress …….

Blog feature
It’s A New Day ….. It’s A New Dawn, But Perhaps Not A New Life ….. 

9 Jun 17

This morning we wake, to quote Michael Buble, to a new day, a new dawn and a proper elected Prime Minister, rather one that just snook in and took over …… …….

Blog feature
Happy First Anniversary To Us …… With A Card From Castle Greysquirrel 

8 Jun 17

It’s very poignant, in a Hello Magazine type way that today, on the first anniversary of our moving to The Towers, we have received a card from Cheryl and Andrew the people who moved into The Castle after us.

Blog feature
Nom Nom Nom ………. 

7 Jun 17

I have a rather large and shameful confession to make ……..

Blog feature
This Week ……….. 

6 Jun 17

This week, on his travels …….

Blog feature
Angela Rippon and A Serious Cause For Concern? 

5 Jun 17

As you know we all enjoy availing ourselves of a much seeded loaf for our daily breakfast toast and lunch time sandwiches, but Darrell is seriously wondering, because of Angela Rippon, we should now consider going back to a plain Hovis.

Blog feature
In Need Of A Little Solitude 

4 Jun 17

Darrell found a forlorn looking duck sat sitting in the middle of our road this morning ………… He reckons that it must be such chaos down on the riverbank at the moment, what with the rampant building of nests, followed by duck and swanlings …

Blog feature
Nigel Reunited With His Beloved Swanlings. 

3 Jun 17

Obviously after spending a few days with Hugh poor Nigel was absolutely desperate to see how his baby swanlings were and if they were still OK.

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