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Anchoring community wealth 

16 Nov 17

Preston’s skyline: Carl Ji , a Chinese student, at the  University of Central Lancashire Austerity has been devolved to local councils and, perversely, areas with higher levels of poverty have been hit hardest, councils have on average faced 40% …

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Can you help us to inspire and catalyse a better economy? 

17 Jul 17

Join LWM’s board We know our work towards localising and redistributing prosperity resonates with a lot of people.

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News from the Combined Authority AGM 

20 Jun 16

The West Midlands Combined Authority intended to hold its inaugural AGM last Friday, 10 June, but a little local difficulty in the House of Commons meant that the legislation hadn’t been completed in time.

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The latest neighbourhood initiative: ShirleyTOPS 

6 Oct 15

ShirleyTOPS is a community focused web site designed to encourage Shirley residents to support local businesses.

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Human-scale, decentralised technologies 

8 Dec 14

In 1995, the Times Literary Supplement placed a book by E.

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George Morran: Why Regional Government? 

28 Jun 13

George Morran, LWM’s vice-chairman, writes: Devolution for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has brought greater proximity and therefore ownership of decision-making to those communities.

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Work Locally to Save Money and Your Community 

1 May 13

Natasha Sabin from Tirebuck Recruitment, based in Solihull , talks about the benefits working locally can have on the individual.

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GBS LEP’s spatial framework: democracy, nongrowth sectors and getting localisation out of its little box 

25 Apr 13

I was at the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership consultation event on their spatial framework this morning.

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Needed: the revival of a genuinely local entrepreneurial culture 

18 Apr 13

David Boyle of the New Economics Foundation writes : “What kind of entrepreneurial activity is most likely to bring local recovery and local resilience? “The answer is probably not a chain store that competes in every market – the very …

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Enterprise in Balsall Heath: creating opportunities at local level 

11 Mar 13

Anna Watson’s Localise West Midlands blog about The Green Economy and Local Job Creation , reported that – as the oil supply peaks – the innovation, manufacture, marketing and repairing of products will become more economic at a local level.

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Lincolnshire Co-operative’s local multiplier is evaluated 

26 Feb 13

Localise West Midlands argues that small and medium locally based businesses, including those who may be part of a larger national franchise, have a greater ‘local multiplier effect’ on local communities, increasing the community’s prosperity directly, as well as creating comparatively high …

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Localised economies “more successful and inclusive” 

21 Feb 13

PRESS RELEASE           21 Feb 2013                                            NO EMBARGO Localised economies “more successful and inclusive” Research shows that areas with higher levels of locally owned business enjoy better economies and …

West Midlands MEP advocates the ‘Green Deal’ for social housing 

2 Feb 13

In a newsletter this week (not yet available on his website ) Local Euro MP Phil Bennion expresses the hope that the government’s ‘Green Deal’ will be more widely extended to help people in rented social housing: “Millions of homes in the UK do not have full double-glazing.

LWM and others in the region want to know more about locally based SMEs 

26 Jan 13

Localise West Midlands argues that small and medium locally based businesses, including those who may be part of a larger national franchise, have a greater ‘local multiplier effect’ on local communities, increasing the community’s prosperity directly, as well as creating comparatively high …

Solving fuel poverty – an update 

1 Jan 13

Chart 4.3 in a 2011 DECC report showed that the West Midlands had highest rate of fuel poverty with around 26% of households requiring to spend more than 10% of their income on fuel to maintain an adequate level of warmth.

Green Deal: political opposition gathers, energy giants waver – but a Midlands business forms coalitions and goes ahead 

20 Dec 12

In April the Telegraph reported that a group of ministers led by George Osborne, the Chancellor, includes Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, Grant Shapps, the housing minister and Chris Grayling, the employment minister, want the Government to abandon the Green Deal.

Achieving food security by relocalisation and building up the resilience of our agricultural resources – three voices 

15 Dec 12

At a meeting of Hadlow College’s Rural Focus Group, their Sustainability Champion, Dr Howard Lee , noted that DEFRA is committed to food security in principle but not to food self-sufficiency.

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement disappoints the region’s high street retailers 

10 Dec 12

Towns across the region have been feeling the effects of rising business rates with empty high street shops becoming a feature of Walsall, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Dudley and West Bromwich.

Will positive action by Walsall`s Regeneration, Development and Delivery department act as a `local multiplier`? 

20 Oct 12

Walsall Council has set up a £100,000 High Street Innovation Fund to launch a new era of commercial enterprise in the town. A number of financial incentives are being put together to support start-ups and develop existing businesses. Existing small businesses looking to relocate into Walsall town centre…

Building societies demonstrate their value: will they fulfil a new role as regional banks? 

5 Oct 12

Paul Gosling , broadcaster, feature writer, specialist in public sector management,  accountancy and social enterprise writes: “In a country where banks and bankers have lost the trust of much of the nation, building societies stand out as a set of financial institutions whose mutual culture instinctively…

A response to planning aspects of Localism bill 

Karen Leach 16 Dec 10

The name Localise West Midlands suggests we might find plenty to like in the decentralisation and localism bill. Its principles of handing more powers to councils and communities are largely in tune with our thinking on governance. But the planning elements are best understood by reading the local growth white paper (LGWP). Produced by BIS for a different audience, the emphasis is on a more permissive system, raising potential contradictions with localism rhetoric…

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