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Exploring The Music City Bikeway! 

24 Apr 15

I recently took the opportunity to ride my bike down to the Music City Bikeway! I got some awesome GPS data on the way to hack around with too…

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Cherry Blossom Festival 

13 Apr 15

Having seen the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington on the TV and seeing we have own own festival and a big Japanese community, I decided to go along.

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Nashville Zoo 

22 Mar 15

Having moved to Nashville we are now a lot closer to fun stuff, like the awesome zoo in the south of the city.

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Arrington Vineyards 

12 Nov 14

When you think of wine producing regions around the world you wouldn’t think of Tennessee, but we have some great vineyards around here and we chose to visit one for our anniversary…

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Our Florida Honeymoon 

5 Nov 14

After weeks of debate about how much like home Gatlinburg would be, how ironic it was for a Tennessean to honeymoon in the mountains, we chose a beach vacation…

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Google Investing In Tennessee 

16 Oct 14

Here’s some exciting news, it’s not just Nashville that Google are investing their infrastructure in.

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Android on Laptops and PCs 

27 Aug 14

Android on your laptop or PC.

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An American Song Contest? 

14 Aug 14

You know I was watching that awful yet compulsive Eurovision on my DVR today and I wondered what an American Song Contest would look like…

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I Have The Green Card! 

23 Jul 14

So relieved to update with the news that I am a US resident since of about last week, even though I arrived here almost a year ago…

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Letting The Days Go By 

25 Feb 14

Sorry about the blog gathering digital dust.

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Midlanders, Tennesseans and Serendipity 

12 Aug 13

I’ve enjoyed watching the TV series “Nashville” which played on British TV recently on More4.

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Birmingham Cabbies Chatter 

22 Jul 13

I was scanning the airwaves during the EDL protests this week and heard quite a lot of chatter from cabbies on the subject, this 30 second video is great…

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Boston’s Radio Scanners 

20 Apr 13

The events in Boston this week have been truly awful and raise interesting questions about the use of globally accessible online radio scanners.

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How Creativity Works 

23 Mar 13

Anyone who is creative may like to watch the latest BBC Horizon programme looking at how insight works, aired just this week on BBC Two.

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Hyperlocal Site Gets Upgrade 

25 Feb 13

A very important local resource for bloggers got a major update this weekend.

WCA and ATOS #fail 

8 Feb 13

Today there has been even more critisim of the Work Capability Assessment, a mechanisim for denying disability and chronic illnesses.

When Walsall Became Narnia 

1 Feb 13

The snow may be a distant memory now, it left us photographers with many a picture and a lot of editing to do! This is why camera phones haven’t killed Jessops…

Breaking My Own Soundbarrier! 

31 Jan 13

I’m still having trouble with normal everyday sounds that feel very loud to me.

PCT Battle Begins For NHS Treatment 

12 Nov 12

The battle to get properly treated for Narcolepsy has just got harder.

Music Monday – Slow Club 

14 Feb 11

Valentine’s day, perfectly aligned with Music Monday

Normally I’d post something about International Quirkyalone Day, because that’s what today is (it just happens to fall on Feb 14th). However, I appear to be Quirkytogether…

Music Monday: Ben Folds 

7 Feb 11

After the fire, comes the smoke …. So the world is still on fire, with a gas pipeline to Jordan actually on fire. Exhusted from battle and conncessions made there seems to be a lull in the energy of the universe at the moment. I feel the dip in intensity too and I feel a little reflective…

Music Monday – World on Fire 

31 Jan 11

January’s madness seemed to come to a head this weekend with Middle Eastern and North African protests. It feels to me like the world is on fire and although I moan, we all moan, for all we complain about government spending cuts and loosing our jobs and bassically hurting, there are people worse off…

Energy efficiency LED 

29 Jan 11

With rising energy prices back in the picture recently, I’ve been keen to reduce the amounts of watts that I use in my home, my target? Lighting…

Making the unemployed homeless? 

26 Jan 11

I feel, being in the thick of the war being raged on us by the coalition government, that I should break my public silence about the hideous and outright unfair changes being made to housing benefit or as I know it to be; the Local Housing Allowance…

Music feature
Music Monday – Alex Nackman 

24 Jan 11

Oh boy is this exciting! Alex Nackman returns this month, tomorrow in fact *excited face* with an awesome new album…

Music Monday 

17 Jan 11

I’m having one of *those* Mondays

Sometimes you do just want to sigh, blow out some air and bang your head against a brick wall. Today is one of those days for me, I’m getting it from every single angle possible and then some more…

Music Monday – Delays 

10 Jan 11

Delays are my fave, cheesy, feelgood, indie-pop, band …. EVER. They’re so twee and one of Englands finest bands…

Music Monday – Air France 

13 Dec 10

Sticking with the theme of dreams for Music Monday, I’m gonna play you one of my favourite “dream pop” tunes, by house outfit Air France…

Walsall gets Freeview HD early 

5 Dec 10

Walsall has Freeview HD! Coverage is not yet official as it’s being beamed into Birmingham only, recpetion is very hit and miss, but line up with Lichfield rather than Sutton and you could get 1080i pictures…

A week of enlightenment 

23 Nov 10

I’ve had some interesting experiences this week in Willenhall, which included meditation and came “out of the blue”, which actually that term of phrase seems to fit in nice with the blue colours I’m learning to see when deeply relaxed…

Photo feature
Flickr Friday #003 

27 Aug 10

With the amount of photos online these days it’s often hard to have a wow moment, because you’ve that many wow moments before, you can become desensitised to truely amazing photos…

Creative updates 

9 Aug 10

Hi peeps, I said I’d be back in August with some big news! Here’s some of it. Things seem to be racing along at 100mph at the moment and it’s hard to get time to water my own garden right here, but here goes…

Caldmore Village Festival 2010 

31 May 10

This bank holiday weekend has been quite a lively one in this part of the shire! Caldmore in Walsall just played host to its first village festival over three days and I have to say it seems to have been a huge hit, attracting over 5,000 people…

Hi speed rail v local rail 

25 May 10

The year is 2010, it’s the future, we are my friends, just 5 years away from flying cars and hoverboards, yet it still takes longer to get around the Midlands than it does to get from here to London. The future is just one let down after another…

Walsall Museum’s stores 

18 May 10

Walsall Council gave our little community a nice chance to take a look behind the scenes at the storage facility where treasures are kept that have no exhibition space for them to be shown. It certainly was a great adventure, I found myself transfixed on old radio and media technology and this rather curious Dictaphone cylinder for some reason…

Easter powercuts in Walsall 

5 Apr 10

Over Easter we’ve had a few powercuts in Walsall. I returned home Easter Sunday to a dream type scene, of no traffic and no traffic lights either! Upon getting home there was no power to the appartment complex either and alarms going off. Like something from 28 Yams Later…

Axing 6music unites digital fans 

1 Mar 10

So as it turns out we’re not yet finished with the complete destruction of digital radio in this country! It seems the corporation who’s history began with radio in the 1920’s, and who championed DAB in the 1990’s, are twisting the knife in DAB’s heartland; niche station choice and eroding any appeal or credibility digital […]

The future of UK digital radio 

24 Feb 10

Having always had a facination with radio, I’m a fan of Digital Radio, I think it has a great future if done right but I find the current situation on Digital Radio Switchover in the UK rather baffling…

The ABC of better sleep 

14 Jan 10

Recently I’ve been having a lot of trouble with chronic fatigue and have been in search of self help while awaiting investigations into why I’m so sleepy at the moment, I’ve found an excellent semi-hypnosis app for the iPhone. It’s called the ABC of Better Sleep…

Better sleep? There’s an app for that! 

15 Dec 09

Walsall Blogger Lee Jordan loves his iPod Touch and the range of apps around. Now he’s discovered an application that helps combat your sleep disorder by analysing the movements you make in your sleep and uses the data to wake you up at the best time…

Walsall Council and social media 

4 Dec 09

I love the bubbling social media scene in Walsall and wider Black Country region, there are a lot of highly talented visionaries in our bostin towns. None more so than Walsall Council who are using social media sites, the likes of Twitter and Flickr, to reach out to the electorate and engage at a time […]

4am Project 

4 Apr 09

4 Apr 09See what Walsall bus station is like in the early hours when Lee Jordan did his bit this morning for the 4am global snapshot…

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