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RBSA Prize Exhibition 2018 

21 Mar 18

Siri Sophia The deadline for the RBSA Prize Exhibition is next Wednesday the 28th March and I have decided to enter these 2 large figurative pieces.

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Painting to music 

15 Mar 18

My May workshop will be painting to music, during the day we will be looking at how we can use music to get energy and life into our drawings.

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Now at Temple Street Studios 

13 Mar 18

I have just moved into Temple Street Studio’s in Wolverhampton, not a very good photo but a good building on the inside and virtually in the middle of Wolverhampton Town centre, just a short walk from the bus and train station.

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Pinterest for My Courses 

4 Mar 18

Just a short post about my Pinterest and how I am using it for courses.

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Sky Arts Portrait artist of the year 2019. 

20 Feb 18

I entered the Sky Arts Portrait artist of the year today.

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RA Summer Show 

12 Feb 18

I have decided to enter the RA Summer Exhibition this year with a small portrait of Grayson Perry Dressed as his alter-ego Claire.

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Reject Letters and how to get them. 

6 Feb 18

I have decided to keep a record of my Reject letters here on my Blog as an experiment to see how applying for Open’s pans out over a year.

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Workshop Dates 

1 Feb 18

The first half of the year is looking busy with some great workshops coming up.

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RBSA Open All Media 

31 Jan 18

01 March — 31 March 2018 My painting Gainsborough’s Daughters will be in the Open Exhibition at RBSA during the month of March.

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Latest Commission is finished. 

23 Jan 18

My latest commission is finished, I did a few versions, which when you are working in print is easy to do, so that the client could have a choice.

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One Day Printmaking Course at Birmingham Printmakers 

5 Jan 18

For more information or to book a place phone Jain McKay on 07495365108 Or e-mail pumpkin_mckay@yahoo.

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Experimental Portrait Painting 

5 Jan 18

21 February — 22 February 2018 Workshop with Jain McKay RBSA Following the success of her workshop in 2017, this 2-day version provides more time to experiment with a variety of materials and approaches to create a selection of exciting portraits.

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RBSA StArt Exhibition 2017-2018 

28 Nov 17

30 December 2017 — 10 February 2018@ RBSA The Start exhibition is an opportunity for buyers to see work that is affordable as all works are below £300.

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My Etsy Shop 

28 Nov 17

If you like my work and are interested in buying a painting or original print please have a look at my Etsy shop.

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RBSA Members and Associates 2017 

14 Nov 17

I will have just one work in this show, but it should be a show worth seeing, the best of RBSA’s Members and Associates.

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The Three wise monkeys 

28 Sep 17

The Three wise monkeys and why I find them Fascinating.

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How to be feminine in an AI Universe 

23 Sep 17

Artificial intelligence will come to sentient thought just as gender role models disintegrate.

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Channeling The Old Masters 

14 Sep 17

Channeling The Old Masters My aim when looking at Old masters was to become a better painter by looking at the finest examples of painting ever to be seen.

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Worcester Open Studios 

24 Aug 17

Before I left Worcester I signed up for the Open Studios along with Emma Trimble, we decided to show our work at Worcester Arts Partnership.

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Metropolis @ RBSA 

24 Aug 17

Metropolis Mixed Drypoint Plates Oldbury Canal Drypoint and mono print.

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Channeling The Old Masters 

24 May 17

Jain McKay RBSA Channeling The Old Masters My aim when starting to work on this show was to be inspired by good painting but to make it contemporary and relevant in todays art world.

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RBSA Prize Exhibition 

9 May 17

This month I was nominated a full member of RBSA and I have two works in the Prize exhibition.

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RBSA Open 

4 Apr 17

The RBSA Open all Media 2017 On now — 08 April 2017 I have Fabrication Man in the show, and what a good show it is.

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Love Art, Buy Art, Make Art 

27 Feb 17

RBSA 02 March — 11 March 2017 I have two works in this show to advertise my Expressive Portrait Painting course That will be running at RBSA in August.

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How to get your work selected for an Open Exhibition 

20 Feb 17

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be selecting for Open All Media at RBSA, it was my fist time and I was on a panel with 4 very experienced artists.

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StArt 2017 at RBSA on until the 11th February 

29 Jan 17

I am also in this exhibition at RBSA which has a couple of weeks left to run.

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Made in Oldbury 

29 Jan 17

I’ll be live drawing at this event.

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Bad Princess 

16 Jan 17

It will be Saturday the 18th, new revised poster coming soon.

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Reflecting Bantock 

16 Dec 16

I apologise for the quality of the photos but I hope they will tweet your interest enough for you to pop into Bantock House and see the work for real.

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RBSA Print Prize Exhibition 

17 Oct 16

These are the two works I have in the RBSA Print Prize.

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SEX Subverting the Male Gaze 

13 Oct 16

The Male Gaze, a term coined to describe the domination of painting by men using the guise of the academy to fill rooms with naked women.

Blog feature

16 Jun 16

Secrets (Hanna Mary) 2016…

Blog feature
Stuart and the Snake 

30 May 16

I’ve been working on this large print in a few different versions.

Blog feature

15 Apr 16

Fabrication Along with artists Brendan Jackson and Alicja Rogalska I will be working on an Arts Council funded project to work with the archives of the major manufacturing companies of the Black Country.

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RBSA Candidates’ exhibition 2016 

15 Apr 16

I am currently in the Candidates’ exhibition 2016 at RBSA in Birmingham.

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Application for Associate at RBSA 

4 Apr 16

For my application to RBSA I have chosen two children, two from The Boy Who Cried Wolf and two from Lying Portraits.

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New Work finished March 2016 

23 Mar 16

My two new works mix printmaking with oil painting.

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Illusion Contemporary Art Fair 

10 Dec 15

My work will be on show, please come and have a look.

Blog feature

4 Dec 15

Yesterday, the 3rd December 2015 was a black day.

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BP Portrait Award 2016 

23 Nov 15

The National Portrait Gallery are currently accepting entries for the BP Portrait Award 2016 .

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New work November 2015 

21 Nov 15

This work was started the day before the Paris bombings, the ink drawings were taken from Goya’s Disasters of War, then the images of modern War and Horror started appearing for real, on the TV on my Facebook feed, Images of Paris, Syria, Palestine…

Blog feature
Diary of an average Artist 

13 Nov 15

My Art works are being featured in an Online fictional Book called Diary of an Average Artist.

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Charlie and the Bird 

12 Oct 15

My residency at Wolverhampton University is now over, but I just managed to finish this print on my last day.

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Artrix Exhibition 

17 Sep 15

On now until the 28th Sepember 2015 http://www.

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RBSA portrait prize 

24 Jul 15

I have a piece of work in the RBSA portrait prize exhibition which will be on until the 22nd August.

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Highly Commended at RBSA 

23 Jun 15

On the 18th June 2015 I was Highly Commended at RBSA, for my work Skater Boy, this is the first time I have received such an award so I was really pleased.

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Berlin Residency 

16 Jun 15

From May 10th until the 20th 2015 I was set up in a small studio in Prinzelauerburg a beautiful suburb of Berlin.

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Children of the revolution 

15 Feb 15

Currently Artist in Residence at Wolverhampton University, the work coming out is a symbolic look at the state of the human race, children represent our stage in development.

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Draw for your supper 

23 Dec 14

Draw for your supper is an idea that came to me when thinking about how to make a living as an artist.

Blog feature
Life is A Gallerie Du Grotesque 

13 Oct 14

The first 3 new pieces for the exhibition are ready.

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