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Tom Watson MP & Glastonbury 

25 Jul 17

Many readers will know that Tom Watson MP (the London-resident who purports to represent dirt-poor West Bromwich East) loves to parade his trendiness [sic] by frequently tweeting and blogging about bands and his trips to elitist Glastonbury (for the …

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Cllrs Costigan & Hughes Slam The Hobbit! 

18 Jul 17

There is nothing the greasers who constitute the Labour councillors in the socialist sh*thole that is Sandwell (aka “Sadwell”) like more than left-wing posturing.

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Wednesbury BID 

17 Jul 17

Nothing is apolitical in the Socialist Soviet of Sandwell.

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Elaine Costigan – The Rozzers’ Friend 

16 Jul 17

The local “Cowards in Blue” in Wednesbury presumably do not need senior officers to direct their doings since, if their Twitter account is anything to go by, they defer to Labour Councillor (though ex-Tory) Elaine Costigan for operational decisions.

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Cllr Marshall’s Debt Mountain! 

12 Jul 17

How many times have we seen the Wolverhampton c*ck-suckers (aka The Express and Star) spin stories on behalf of Labour Sandwell Council? They regularly act as an adjunct to the useless half a million pound a year “press office” at the Oldbury Kremlin…

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The Vicious Bullying of Mr Lee Garmston 

12 Jul 17

This blog has repeatedly highlighted the shocking bullying of the Darren Cooper / Jan Britton regime at Labour Sandwell Council but this story is eye-watering even by the gutter-level standards of “The Comrades”.

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Eling – The Cover-Up Kid! 

3 Jul 17

When our friend, the quondam Derbyshire resident and Rotherham Council “political officer”, Steve Eling became the new “Leader” of disastrous Labour Sandwell (aka “Sadwell”) Council he made great pronouncements about how he was going to “drain the …

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Out For The Count! 

10 Jun 17

Plus ca change? We are back to the days of the Leader of Sandwell (aka “Sadwell”) Council threatening The Skidder – though this time with violence which is not something even the late “leader” and cowardly Smethwick Scumbag did (although I did get an…

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A Letter to West Brom East. 

7 Jun 17

Dear Folk of West Brom East, I just wonder why you find the behaviour of Tom Watson acceptable? Are there no depths he will not plumb for what he thinks is his own advantage.

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Labour’s Edgbaston Candidate Loses The Plot! 

7 Jun 17

One person’s freedom fighter is another person’s terrorist.

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Edgbaston Candidate Gets Touchy! 

6 Jun 17

Labour have put up the deeply ambitious Sandwell (aka “Sadwell”) Councillor Preet Kaur Gill (PKG) as their candidate for MP in Birmingham Edgbaston.

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Sandwell MP’s say “Peace Off Jeremy”! 

26 May 17

The dreary bore and long-standing friend of terrorists “Jeremy” Corbyn is doing his “man of peace” shtick today.

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Au Revoir Big Dog…. 

24 May 17

A belated – and I hope temporary – farewell to local newshound Adam Smith – formerly of The Halesowen News.

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Don’t F*ck With Helen Williams! 

23 May 17

This is Part One of an extraordinary tale.

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Help Please – Urdu Translation Required! 

16 May 17

It is a whole year since I publicly demonstrated outside Sandwell Council House demanding an enquiry into the cheap deal whereby Cllr Mohammad Rouf and his family secured the building plot on Florence Road at Cape Hill and built their seven-bedroom …

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Comrades At War – Now The MP’s Join In! 

9 May 17

Whilst Corbyn destroys the Labour Party nationally, the comrades are still having a good go and bringing the local “group” into yet further disrepute – although it seems the rebel army is shrinking and making a last stand around the flag of useless …

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Sion Simon Expenses Scandal! 

3 May 17

If you are considering voting for Tom Watson’s puppet, Sion Simon, tomorrow (for the mayor we voted to say we didn’t want) then may I just remind you of the incident when he got caught out over-claiming expenses and was forced to pay a substantial …

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Tom Watson Scores Again! 

28 Apr 17

I hope the title of this post hasn’t excited you to believe that I am about to report that Lazy Tom is shagging again after the demise of his relationship with the fragrant Ms Peacock.

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Steve Eling – Ay Up Me Duck? 

28 Apr 17

In 2012 “socialist” Steve Eling dreamt up a scheme to shaft the very poorest and most deprived folk of Sandwell.

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Hackett IS guilty says Information Commissioner! 

27 Apr 17

You probably haven’t got time now to put the kettle on and break out the custard creams but when you get a chance please take a look at my post of 17th March, 2017 and the failure of the deeply corrupt Sandwell Labour Council to answer my Freedom of …

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Andy Street’s Big Flore? 

7 Apr 17

At an “Ask Andy” event recently would-be West Midlands Mayor (that’s the one we voted to say we didn’t actually want) wealthy Andy Street boasted about his Birmingham connections and his residency in his flat in the posh “Cube” building at the back …

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Jan Britton P*sses On Us All! 

4 Apr 17

For some 7 years Jan Britton has “run” Sandwell’s bent paid service.

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#Boggate – Those Sandwell Coincidences Again! 

1 Apr 17

Last Wednesday I was at the Oldbury Council House (“The Heart of Darkness”) for the very well attended Chance Glassworks Heritage Trust beano.

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Councillors Try To Stop “Corruptour”! 

31 Mar 17

Sunday sees the first ever UK “Corruptour” where for just £3 per head you can take a minibus tour of some of the Sandwell Council hotspots of corruption, cronyism and incompetence (just a couple of places left – details below).

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The Amazing Disappearing Khatun! 

21 Mar 17

This is a strange tale even by “Sadwell” standards.

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SMBC Block Report on “Innocent” Hackett! 

17 Mar 17

The Leader of Sandwell (aka “Sadwell”) Council, Steve Eling, promised some time ago that he would be attempting to ensure that the out of control bent paid service under joke “Chief Executive” Jan Britton would stop paying fast and loose with the law…

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Sandwell Parks Scandal Latest! 

17 Mar 17

The Skidder raised serious issues concerning the goings-on at Sandwell Parks Department with both the Council and bent West Midlands Police.

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A UK First – “The Corruptour” – Book Now! 

16 Mar 17

Book now for the UK’s first ever “Corruptour”! The minibus is booked and the Skidder will take you on a magical tour of southern “Sadwell” with a fun commentary on the locations of corruption, cronyism and incompetence that have been such a part of …

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Thanks Audit Committee – But No Thanks! 

13 Mar 17

The Audit Committee of scandal-ridden Sandwell Council recently resolved to invite the writer to appear before it.

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Breaking News – Civil War in Sandwell Labour! 

1 Mar 17

The simmering feud between the Eling and Jones factions in the “Sadwell” Labour Group burst into the open last night.

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Hussain Family Loot Rolls In! 

1 Mar 17

The Hussain Family occasionally like to display their wealth and power with do’s at Akbar’s Restaurant in Birmingham.

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Hussain – More WM Police Corruption? 

25 Feb 17

This blog has pointed out time and time again that West Midlands Police have been corruptly protecting Labour Sandwell Council in general and Cllr Mahboob Hussain in particular (who enjoys “special protection” for allegedly rendering certain “…

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“Lol” – Cooper Lied to the C*ck-Suckers! 

1 Feb 17

Over at the Joseph Goebbels Institute in Wolverhampton (aka The Express and Star) the editor, Harrison, and some of his staff spent years with their tongues metaphorically rimming the anus of the late Smethwick Scumbag, Cllr “lol” Darren Cooper.

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Give The Keys Back, Lardarse Rowley! 

31 Jan 17

Even by Sandwell standards this is f*cking unbelievable! Once again The Skidder has led the way in exposing the murky doings of Jan Britton’s bent paid service at Sandwell Labour Council – in this case the Parks Department.

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Cllr Rouf STILL Protected! 

30 Jan 17

A major new revelation about the Rouf mansion scandal came out from Sandwell Council last week but Cllr Rouf continues to avoid scrutiny! I have written no less that six posts on the scandal of the Rouf mansion plus others referring to it but matters…

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Cllr Frear’s Council House 

29 Jan 17

I will be posting in detail about the matters arising out of all the new fraud and corruption allegations coming to the surface from the disastrous Cooper/Britton years but at least it looks like Mahboob Hussain’s bag man Cllr Andrews/Bloxham/Kerton/…

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Butt Out Tom Watson MP! 

27 Jan 17

As ever, it has been Adam Smith and The Halesowen News who have blazed the trail in the local media with the latest fraud and corruption allegations engulfing the Labour rotten borough of Sandwell.

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Cllr Bawa Allegations NOT New to BENT West Midlands Police! 

20 Jan 17

It’s been another explosive week in Sandwell as further fraud allegations rock the corrupt Labour Council.

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Is Ian Jones “The Third Man”? 

18 Jan 17

I will, of course, be blogging soon about today’s major developments in the stinking cesspit that is Sandwell Council.

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Potty-Mouthed Piper On Fine Form! 

13 Jan 17

I quite like my Facebook chum Cllr Bob Piper even if he is a foaming-at-the-mouth acolyte of the absurd Corbyn.

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Darren Cooper – Greedy Scrote: Part Two 

5 Jan 17

There is plenty of new material in this post but I’m afraid I do have to rehearse some issues from this blog for it all to make sense.

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Kerry Bolister “A Liar” Claims Cllr Hackett! 

3 Jan 17

We saw in the last post that Darren Cooper and Jan Britton routinely used huge, secret, payments to buy the silence of departing employees from Labour fiefdom, Sandwell Council, and that this policy is continuing to the detriment of long-suffering …

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Adrian Scarrott £350K Secret Pay-Off Claim! 

3 Jan 17

Before I start on the meat of this post may I apologise for my lack of activity recently but I have been a little unwell.

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Mrs Hackett’s Parking Ticket 

8 Dec 16

Unlike the late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper, it is not usually my style to refer to the family of councillors and bent staff in the Sandwell Council cesspit but it is necessary here as Tom Watson’s poodle, Cllr Simon Hackett, does feature in …

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Darren Cooper – Greedy Scrote: Part One 

7 Dec 16

I have to start this post with a caveat that some of the content may not be true! Regulars will know that there have been attempts by the comrades to pass me false information in the hope that I will then blog it and they can discredit me – a tactic …

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Hackett Investigated for Alleged Bullying! 

18 Nov 16

Tom Watson’s boy and Sandwell Cabinet flop Simon “Two Homes” Hackett has been subject to an investigation in respect of alleged bullying of Council employees.

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Wednesbury Police/Sandwell Labour In Pictures! 

16 Nov 16

We know that there is a bent copper (or coppers) within the higher echelons of West Midlands Police protecting Sandwell Labour.

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Scumbag Dishonours Sandwell War Dead 

13 Nov 16

Shock and horror as alleged provider of “special services” to West Midlands Police and disgraced Councillor Mahboob Hussain played a leading role in Oldbury’s Remembrance Sunday commemorations today.

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Exclusive Breaking Sandwell News! 

9 Nov 16

The Yanks may have elected a clown but in Sandwell, Labour still have the whole bloody circus in control.

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Skidder Shorts #30 – The Joneses 

8 Nov 16

BREAKING NEWS – this blog has previously established that Richard Jones – son of Labour Councillors (the proven liar) Ian Jones and Olwen Jones and the brother of Cllr Stephen Jones – was directly involved in the bent bid to Sport England (supported …

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