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Fradley Nature Reserve, early February 

2 Feb 18

Hammerwich Wildlife 25 Dec 17

Shining a bright light on the Dark Age…

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Ophion obscuratus ichneumon wasp 

12 Oct 17

First record in Staffs since 1973.

Found in a lawn 

28 Sep 17

Common Ink Cap, Dwarf Bell, Weeping Widow, Verdigris Roundhead and two photos of a slime mould in different phases (yellow to white and then blackening).

Publishing late Summer 

15 Jul 17

Published by Brewin Books.

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Ichneumon wasp, Diphyus quadripunctorius. 

14 Jul 17

Only 8 records reliably known for UK and most are from Nottinghamshire.

Regal piercer and small mottled willow 

6 Jul 17

The left regal piercer is a first for Hammerwich and there have only been 5 area records in Staffs since 1995.

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Would you like to know more? 

17 Feb 16

Chapter 7 Who buried the gold? The reasons for a mixture of items being buried in a heath scrub over 1300 years ago, a passing of 35 generations, will never be known for sure.

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Ring in a new way of looking at the Hoard 

15 Feb 16

The mysterious 3 pieces could be part of a hand bell.

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Available 26th February 2016 

5 Feb 16

See http://www.

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Kingsbury RSPB at the end of January 

28 Jan 16

Female pheasant, scrape with lapwings, Little egret, Shoveler, mix of Wigeon, Shoveler and Coot, and a white dead nettle which is supposed to flower in March.

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Chasewater in January 

18 Jan 16

Goldeneye, juvenile Blackbacked Gull and two Little Grebe…

Frogs, early in the morning of 18th March 

18 Mar 15

Two frogs apart, two frogs very close together, two frogs with a pile of spawn.

Great crested newt 

16 Oct 14

Posted from a garden in Switzerland.

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Hoverflies on cornflowers 

6 Sep 14

Probably Chrysotoxum festivum, Sphaerophoria scripta and Syrphus ribesii .

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Butterflies of the Gower 

8 Aug 14

Clouded yellow, Comma, Grayling and Wall (2).

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Gem moth 

8 Jul 14

Gem moth arrived here on 7th July having flown from southern Europe.

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Pammene giganteana–now known as the early oak piercer 

15 Apr 14

This micro-moth is on the National Scarce List B and is new to south-east Staffordshire.

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Hammerwich Hoard latest 

11 Apr 14

An article entitled “Staffordshire Hoard was accumulated over decades” appeared in the May/June issue of “British Archaeology”.

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Two fungi seen only occasionally 

25 Jan 14

On the left is Exidia thuretiana and can only be seen in this form after much rain.

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Garden spider 

24 Jan 14

Also called the cross or cross orb-weaver spider.

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Out of season 

17 Jan 14

On the left is a garden carpet and on the right is a Blair’s shoulder knot.

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First of the year 

8 Jan 14

Dark chestnut trapped on 7th January despite gales and rain.

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Offsetting–typical of today’s world 

4 Jan 14

Details are slowly emerging over the thinking on offsetting the loss of established wildlife sites because of new housing and the HS2 construction.

A rare moth 

3 Jan 14

In 2012 this micro-moth was trapped and wrongly identified.

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Photos from Switzerland 

1 Jan 14

Buzzard, Stork and stork’s nests in a small town outside Zurich.

My pond life 

13 Nov 13

Female Cyclops, head and body of a flatworm, probably Dugesia lugubris , head and body of a water beetle, probably Ilybius fenestratus , tubifex worm and close up of its body.

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Two rare migrant moths 

2 Nov 13

These two rare migrants were photographed by Wayne and Val Colson during their visit to the Scilly Isles in September.

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10 Oct 13

These two moths were seen for the first time in Hammerwich on October 5 th .

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Strange acorns 

10 Oct 13

Several members mentioned the appearance of distorted acorns at the wildlife meeting in early October.

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Common darter 

5 Oct 13

The common darter is a large “darter” dragonfly, but is smaller than many other types of dragonflies.

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Some comments after the Mercian Trail exhibition 

20 Sep 13

Over 600 visitors saw the Hammerwich Hoard exhibition at the Community Centre during the first two weeks of September.

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A new moth seen in the Midlands 

19 Aug 13

Cnephasia genitalana was seen on 13th August and again on 14th.

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Treasure at Hammerwich 

11 Aug 13

From Saturday 30th August to Sunday 15th September a stunning exhibition of replicas of the treasures in the “Hammerwich Hoard” will be on display at the Community Centre.

A new moth seen in the Parish 

6 Aug 13

This micro moth, named Ptycholomoides aeriferanus was trapped on 1st August.

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Hammerwich Hoard exhibition 

5 Jun 13

Stunning replicas of iconic items from the Saxon hoard found in 2009 and 2012 will be displayed at the Community Centre from Saturday 31st August to Sunday 15th September.

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The crux gemmata of Lichfield–a must see icon 

18 May 13

The Chapter house of Lichfield Cathedral has a replica on display of the folded cross found in the “Hammerwich Hoard”.

HS2–an old technology 

28 Jan 13

The industrial revolution of the 19th Century was concerned with “connectivity” (where has this word come from) and it spoilt much countryside with a canal and then a rail system.

Winter visitors 

24 Jan 13

Thanks to Ed Breakwell and David Walker.

Hammerwich Hoard–what next? 

18 Jan 13

In November a Warwickshire team undertook metal detection on the hoard field and this was followed by field-walking in which several groups of people helped.

Conservation Agriculture 

9 Jan 13

There is a growing realisation in farming that ploughing, especially deep ploughing, is not good for soil fertility.

Recent photographs 

20 Dec 12

The waxwings were taken at Belvide, the Great Northern diver at Chasewater, the Roller at Aldborough and the Water Rail at Kingsbury by Arthur Bladon.

Was Hammerwich a Saxon hamlet? 

31 Oct 12

The dig at Hammerwich Hall Farm, described fully in the Archaeology page, uncovered a single potsherd that has been dated to early/middle Saxon times (6th to 8th century). This sherd is rare for Staffordshire. In 1959 a symposium on Anglo-Saxon pottery contained the statement, “No middle-Saxon handmade…

Culling badgers 

16 Oct 12

For TB in English cattle is an increasing problem with 26,000 infected animals in 2011 costing £90 million in compensation, which is around £3,400 for every cow. The Environment Secretary has said research shows culling will reduce bovine TB by 12-16% if undertaken for many years over a large area…

First for Staffordshire 

8 Oct 12

This is a male Caloptilia azaleella or the Azalea leaf-miner moth. It was caught in a UV trap on August 19th. and identified by Mike Dale. It is the first record for Staffordshire. The yellowish caterpillar can damage azaleas, but will not kill them, so it is not good news for indoor decorative plants…

Latest on the second dig to find Hammerwich Hall 

16 Sep 12

Just like the first dig, last March, potsherds of roman mortaria and either late Saxon or early medieval bowls have been found. It reflects the written record of occupation from early medieval times and confirms the presence of Romans in the area. See the Archaeology page for full details, which will…


6 Sep 12

Every now and then a moth with perfect markings is trapped and its appearance beats anything you can see in the books. This is the flounced rustic, a common moth at this time of the year, but this one is above others in looks.

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