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St George’s flag’s flying! 

23 Apr 17

England’s national flag is flying atop Dudley Castle as DZG celebrates St George’s Day.

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Celebrating Earth 

22 Apr 17

DZG’s Colombian black spider monkeys are helping us raise awareness of Earth Day with some themed enrichment.

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Happy birthday, Kyra! 

21 Apr 17

It’s Kyra’s birthday and our beautiful Asiatic lioness is 11 today! If you’re visiting the zoo, make sure you stop by Lion Ridge and wish her many happy returns! And why not treat the birthday girl to some goodies from our Amazon Wishlist? The …

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Throwback Thursday 

20 Apr 17

We’re looking back at DZG life as our 80th anniversary celebrations continue.

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Raising funds for penguins 

19 Apr 17

Ahead of next week’s World Penguin Day, we’ll be raising awareness and funds on Sunday for our most popular birds on site! Bird keepers will be raising money for Sphenisco, which works in Chile and Peru to save the Humboldt penguin from …

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Castle tours begin 

18 Apr 17

Fancy learning more about the 11 th century Dudley Castle in the heart of the zoological gardens? Our after hours talks and tours, led by former Castle Keeper, Adrian Durkin, begin on Friday evening and there’s still time to sign up.

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Hunting for eggs! 

17 Apr 17

Primate keepers made sure Bornean orangutans, Jazz and Sprout, weren’t left out of DZG’s Easter celebrations.

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Egg-stra special Easter treats 

16 Apr 17

The Easter bunny delivered an egg-stra special breakfast to our Asiatic short-clawed otters this morning.

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Chuck’s wallowing! 

15 Apr 17

Four year-old Micro pig, Chuck, had fun in the sun as he wallowed in the mud.

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Traditional Good Friday treats 

14 Apr 17

It’s Good Friday and some of DZG’s animals have traditional fare on the menu today.

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Join us for our 80th! 

13 Apr 17

There’s less than one month to go until we turn 80 and Take a Walk on the Wild Side for our critically endangered Bornean orangutans.

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Romy’s new home 

12 Apr 17

Romy, our female Giant Anteater, has moved house.

Blog feature

11 Apr 17

Peepo! A young Bennett’s wallaby has made its debut appearance in the spring sunshine.

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Venomous reptile returns 

10 Apr 17

We’ve welcomed back a venomous species to the Reptile House for the first time in 26 years.

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Effective enrichment 

9 Apr 17

We’re all for recycling and reusing here at DZG as empty cardboard boxes and tubes provided fun enrichment for our rainbow lorikeets and roul roul partridges.

Blog feature
Up, up and away! 

8 Apr 17

It’s up, up and away again for our vintage chairlift, which is flying back into action this weekend after having a new rope fitted.

Blog feature
Penguins move in! 

7 Apr 17

We’ve installed our newly built nesting boxes into Penguin Bay and they’ve already got occupants! The boxes were built by members of the Senior Citizens Enterprise Woodwork Group, based at Meadow Road Youth Centre in Dudley, alongside bird tables…

Blog feature
Spring brings babies! 

6 Apr 17

Spring’s in the air and we’ve welcomed new babies to DZG, just in time for the Easter holidays! Yesterday we revealed our newborn capuchin, but today we can introduce you to a pair of pygmy marmosets, a barbary sheep and the first reindeer calf …

Blog feature
New home, new baby! 

5 Apr 17

Our rare yellow-breasted capuchins are enjoying their newly built enclosure, which was completed just in time to welcome another addition to the family! The tiny primate was born to 13 year-old mum, Dinya and nine year-old dad, Willow, on Friday, …

Blog feature
Meet the Easter bunny! 

4 Apr 17

DZG’s young visitors have the chance to win an adoption of giant rabbit, Maisie, this Easter – how egg-citing! Visit the farm barn and get crafty with our holiday colouring competition, as a year-long adoption for the beautiful bunny – who …

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Kestrel care 

3 Apr 17

We’re providing a helping hand for the site’s wild kestrels by installing nesting boxes around site, just in time for breeding season.

Blog feature
Thanks for the bamboo! 

2 Apr 17

We’re continuing to extend our bamboo plantation thanks to the generosity of visitors.

Blog feature
Calling DZG… 

1 Apr 17

Can I speak to Mr G.

Blog feature
Shared home for snakes 

31 Mar 17

Keepers have introduced a new mixed exhibit in the Reptile House as our three red-tailed green rat snakes are now living alongside two Borneo blood pythons in a newly renovated enclosure.

Blog feature
Gifts galore for Sprout! 

30 Mar 17

Our loveable Bornean orangutan, Sprout, woke up to a pile of presents this morning to celebrate her sixth birthday! Upper Primates keepers left the wrapped gifts outside for the birthday girl to discover and she was straight over unwrapping the paper…

Blog feature
Birthday girl, Inca! 

29 Mar 17

We’re wishing our beautiful Inca bear a very happy 37 th birthday today! The Asiatic black bear, who’s surpassed the species’ typical life expectancy by more than a decade, will be receiving some extra treats from keepers today, including her …

Blog feature
Birthday takeaway 

28 Mar 17

Our gorgeous Sumatran tiger, Joao, is celebrating his 5th birthday today and keepers treated the big cat to a Chinese and Indian takeaway! Senior Keeper, Sarah Evans, pictured above, stuffed two hessian sacks with used giraffe bedding and covered one…

Blog feature
Happy Mother’s Day! 

26 Mar 17

It’s Mothering Sunday and we’re celebrating mums of all shapes, sizes and species today! We’ve got lots of amazing mums here at DZG from experienced mums like Phoebe the ring-tailed lemur, who gave birth to her 12 th baby last week, to new …

Blog feature
Mug design deadline extended 

25 Mar 17

We’ve had some fab entries for our 80 th anniversary mug competition and have extended the deadline, so there’s still time to get your submission in! We’re encouraging our young supporters to design a unique picture for a celebratory mug that …

Blog feature
An extra hour to enjoy DZG! 

24 Mar 17

Visitors have extra time to see their favourite DZG animals as we’ve reverted to summer hours.

Blog feature
Throwback Thursday 

23 Mar 17

We’re dipping back into the zoo archives today as part of our Throwback Thursday 80 th anniversary celebrations and this month we’re featuring our polar bears.

Blog feature
Commemorative coin on sale 

22 Mar 17

An exclusive commemorative coin to celebrate DZG’s 80 th anniversary has gone on sale in the Safari Shop.

Blog feature
Celebrate St George with DZG 

21 Mar 17

There’s still time to book your bargain tickets for the Dudley borough’s St George’s Day celebrations at DZG.

Blog feature
Celebrating mums 

20 Mar 17

We’ve had a timely birth just ahead of Mother’s Day as ring-tailed lemur, Phoebe, delivered her 12th baby! The busy mum gave birth to her latest offspring in Lemur Wood on Wednesday night and was out and about in the one-acre walkthrough exhibit …

Blog feature
Full of beans for panto! 

19 Mar 17

As sponsors of Wolverhampton Grand Theatre’s Christmas pantomime, we’re full of beans as the first casting is revealed.

Blog feature
Foam party fun! 

18 Mar 17

DZG’s seven chimpanzees enjoyed their first ever foam party in celebration of Barbie’s 39 th birthday! Lower Primate keepers emptied the indoor den’s flooring of woodchip before leaving a paddling pool filled with water and baby bubble bath in …

Blog feature
Paw of approval! 

17 Mar 17

The site’s native wildlife left their paw of approval on construction work for the new anteater enclosure.

Blog feature
Agoutis arrive! 

16 Mar 17

We’ve welcomed a new species to DZG as five Azara’s agoutis settle into their new home.

Blog feature
Successful return offer 

15 Mar 17

We’re looking forward to welcoming back the 4,626 visitors who benefitted from DZG’s free return promotion.

Blog feature
Look who’s awake… 

14 Mar 17

Look who’s awake! Our gorgeous grand old lady, Inca, has awoken from her semi-hibernation and has been spotted enjoying the sunny weather outdoors.

Blog feature
Castle tours and talks 

13 Mar 17

Discover all about the colourful history of Dudley Castle as we launch exclusive after hour talks and tours.

Blog feature
Jill’s put to the test! 

12 Mar 17

DZG’s raven, Jill, was put to the test when she received her daily treats in a kong.

Blog feature
Supervising Sumatrans 

11 Mar 17

Sumatran tigers, Daseep and Joao, kept a very close eye on site contractors by watching their every move! Workers have replaced the wooden walkway leading to their viewing window with a smarter tarmacked path, which is also less maintenance for staff.

Blog feature
Bush dogs are back! 

10 Mar 17

We’ve welcomed back bush dogs to the DZG collection following a five-year absence.

Blog feature
Hosepipe games! 

9 Mar 17

When it came to pool cleaning duties, DZG’s Carpathian lynx preferred to turn it into a tug-of-war game, much to the amusement of big cat keepers.

Blog feature
Opening waterfowl views 

8 Mar 17

DZG’s gardening team have been busy opening up views to the site’s waterfowl pool.

Blog feature
New home for Nile monitors 

7 Mar 17

Two female Nile monitors are settling into a new home in the Reptile House.

Blog feature
Past and future celebrations 

6 Mar 17

We’re gearing up for our 80 th anniversary and inviting you to help DZG celebrate the past and fundraise for the future.

Blog feature
Digital dating 

5 Mar 17

A new online dating system is helping with the matchmaking of black lemurs.

Blog feature
A new mixed exhibit 

4 Mar 17

Our four Patagonian mara have relocated to the Howler monkey enclosure to form a new mixed South American exhibit.

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