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Blog feature
Four pigs turn six 

26 Sep 18

Brothers Hamm, Wilba, Chuck and Little Ernie pigged out on birthday boxes full of treats as they are about to turn six.

Blog feature
Humboldt headcount 

25 Sep 18

Bird keepers are p-p-pleased to reveal we’ve got 74 Humboldt penguins – including seven babies – after their September stock-take.

Blog feature
A hundred babies on board! 

24 Sep 18

Dudley Zoo’s very own Spider-Girl rode her motorbike to work with a pile of passengers on board – around 100 baby spiders to be precise.

Blog feature
Hoppy Rabbit Day! 

23 Sep 18

Hoppy International Rabbit Day from Otis, Bran, Snowball, Snowflake, Velvet, Jo, Celine, Amelie and Fleur – DZG’s nine beautiful bunnies.

Blog feature
Animal additions 

22 Sep 18

We’ve welcomed a chinchilla, two snakes and a bearded dragon to our Discovery Centre.

Blog feature
Great going Laura! 

21 Sep 18

DZG’s Laura Partridge has been handed the Employee of the Month title for her continued dedication despite having broken her arm.

Blog feature
There’s no place like gnome! 

20 Sep 18

It appears a collection of popular creatures have vanished from the zoo without a trace – a community of gnomes from the 70s and 80s.

Blog feature
A rip-roaring hour 

19 Sep 18

Our two Sumatran tigers had a rip-roaring time when they tore apart an enrichment device made by their keeper.

Blog feature
Mini maras 

18 Sep 18

There’s a double dose of joy in our Patagonian mara enclosure following the birth of twins! The two lovely little ones were born to mum Martha and dad Barry on September 2 and are both thriving.

Blog feature
A perfect pair 

17 Sep 18

We’re delighted a female grey-capped emerald dove is proving a perfect pairing for our male.

Blog feature
Panda proceeds 

16 Sep 18

DZG’s generous visitors helped us pull in almost £500 for red panda conservation during celebrations with our popular panda pair.

Blog feature
Remembering Battle heroes 

15 Sep 18

The RAF flag takes pride of place above Dudley Castle today as we remember the brave personnel who took part in the Battle of Britain.

Blog feature
Ghoulish goings-on! 

14 Sep 18

Things are set to get spooky at Dudley Zoo as staff prepare for ghoulish goings-on at our Halloween Hocus Pocus events.

Blog feature
Sticking to five a day! 

13 Sep 18

DZG’s lar gibbon family soon got stuck in to snacks on sticks which their keeper made as a fun way to give them their five a day! Senior Upper Primate Keeper Sian-Leigh Simner used pieces of bamboo to make natural skewers for chunks of apple, pear…

Blog feature
Emergency rations 

12 Sep 18

Male sealion Oba enjoyed some emergency rations when keepers tucked treats into old fire hose donated by West Midlands Fire Service.

Blog feature
Otter joy! 

11 Sep 18

We’re otterly thrilled to announce the arrival of four young otter pups at Dudley Zoo.

Blog feature
It’s grrr-eat to be eight! 

10 Sep 18

Our striking Sumatran tigress Daseep turns eight today and will have visitors queueing up to wish her a roarsome day.

Blog feature
Sunday selfie! 

9 Sep 18

Chimp Malaika was caught checking herself out when she saw her reflection on her keeper’s phone.

Blog feature
Ready for our close-ups! 

8 Sep 18

When Keeper Josh Luxton attached a camera to a target training stick he didn’t expect our giraffes to come right in for a close up.

Blog feature
Trimmer in training 

7 Sep 18

Apprentice gardener Jordan Share is powering through his on-site training after getting some top tips on using power tools.

Blog feature
Highly recommended! 

6 Sep 18

A Telford animal lover who became a DZG Keeper for the Day said the experience was so brilliant she’s recommended it to all her friends.

Blog feature
Bubbles nose what he likes! 

5 Sep 18

When our male giant anteater Bubbles uses his 2ft-long tongue to lap up his favourite natural yogurt, everyone nose what he’s been eating! That’s because the adorable one-year-old leaves much of his regular treat around his nose.

Blog feature
What a crate pic! 

4 Sep 18

DZG’s friendliest lemur Yoda was caught monkeying around after keepers had finished preparing breakfast for our primates.

Blog feature
Talking rubbish! 

3 Sep 18

New colour-coded recycling bins have gone out around the zoo to encourage visitors to help us separate out waste and become even greener.

Blog feature
Sammy sss-settles in! 

2 Sep 18

The beloved childhood pet of our Conservation Officer Chris Leeson has joined the zoo and is sss-settling in well to his new abode.

Blog feature
Happy International Primate Day! 

1 Sep 18

It’s International Primate Day today and here at Dudley Zoo all 17 of our primate species are extremely special.

Blog feature
You’ve both bean very kind! 

31 Aug 18

Keen gardener Laura Hamilton and her mum Pat have bean extremely kind by donating piles of homegrown runner beans for DZG’s chimps.

Blog feature
Red panda party! 

30 Aug 18

We’re getting ready for a red panda party this weekend as we prepare to celebrate our magnificent pair, Yasmin and Gawa.

Blog feature
A trio of hatchlings 

29 Aug 18

Three gecko hatchlings born in DZG’s Reptile House have taken up residence down on the Farm.

Blog feature
Daseep’s sketch for survival 

28 Aug 18

An artist who used DZG’s tigress Daseep as his subject has donated the stunning sketch to a global campaign fighting animal extinction.

Blog feature
Thanks for hanging with us! 

27 Aug 18

Thanks to everyone who hung out with us for our International Orangutan Day celebrations – we pulled in more than £400.

Blog feature
Californian dream 

26 Aug 18

Chimp lover Katie Draper made a mammoth 10,000-mile round trip from her Californian home for a dream close encounter with our chimps.

Blog feature
Gifts from Germany 

25 Aug 18

A German couple who’ve watched our tigress Daseep blossom since birth came to DZG to deliver gifts and an adorable baby snap.

Blog feature
Camera calamity 

24 Aug 18

When two-year-old Ruby Gartshore accidentally dropped her Nanny’s camera into black bear Inca’s enclosure, DZG keepers snapped to it.

Blog feature
Pesky problem 

23 Aug 18

Our gardeners have wheeled out 40 new green bins to keep a lid on the pesky problem of squirrels and badgers rummaging in rubbish.

Blog feature
First chimp day funds 

22 Aug 18

Primate paintings produced by DZG chimps to mark the first World Chimpanzee Day have pulled in over £400 to help their wild cousins.

Blog feature
A flying visit! 

21 Aug 18

Bird lovers should wing their way to DZG this Bank Holiday Monday to get close to our collection of hawks, owls and falcons.

Blog feature
Great work Josh! 

20 Aug 18

Keeper Josh Luxton was a popular choice for this month’s Employee of the Month award after receiving multiple nominations.

Blog feature
Snapping up cards 

19 Aug 18

Card collectors and youngsters from around the UK have been snapping up two sets of Top Trumps featuring DZG’s awesome animals.

Blog feature
Still time for historic tours 

18 Aug 18

There’s still time for visitors interested in the history of Dudley Castle to take an exclusive after hours tour this year.

Blog feature
Hang out with our orangs 

17 Aug 18

Can you hang like an orang? That’s just one of the fun games we have in store this weekend as we gear up for International Orangutan Day.

Blog feature
Congrats Carl! 

16 Aug 18

Head Gardener Carl Stevens today clocked up a blooming impressive 35 years’ service tending to our zoo and castle grounds.

Blog feature
Celebrating cotton tops! 

15 Aug 18

It’s Cotton Top Tamarin Day and our cotton tops Katy and Rufus had a ball as we celebrate the critically endangered species.

Blog feature
Officially excellent 

14 Aug 18

DZG is delighted to announce we’ve been awarded a certificate in recognition of excellent feedback from our visitors.

Blog feature
A sweet-smelling sample! 

13 Aug 18

Our big cats have gone crazy for an exclusive perfume which contains some wholly natural ingredients – wee and poo to be precise! The luxury artisan fragrance for men and women, which retails at £128 for a 50ml bottle, contains fossilised …

Blog feature
Rise and shine! 

12 Aug 18

Dudley Zoo is inviting early risers to shadow our keepers and wake up some of the world’s rarest animals.

Blog feature
Exhilarating experience 

11 Aug 18

When we say our Zoo Keeper for the Day experience gets you close to some of the world’s rarest animals, we mean it – and animal-lover Mark Dunckley can certainly vouch for that! The 46-year-old dad-of-one from Stourbridge has just spent an …

Blog feature
Loving our lions 

10 Aug 18

Today is World Lion Day and it’s with great pride that we celebrate our two marvellous lionesses and all lions around the globe.

Blog feature
Birthday boxes 

9 Aug 18

Giant anteater Romy had to box clever today to find her birthday surprises stashed inside cardboard boxes.

Blog feature
Flamingo forum 

8 Aug 18

DZG Head of Birds Nicola Wright has attended a flamingo forum on coping with any future outbreak of avian influenza in the UK.

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