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Clowning around! 

25 Jul 17

There’ll be plenty of clowning around during the summer holidays as we welcome Flip and Dippy every weekend.

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Bucket loads of fun! 

24 Jul 17

It’s the summer holidays and our meerkats are already having bucket loads of fun following a delivery of new sand for their enclosure.

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Looking smart! 

23 Jul 17

Continuing our anniversary rebrand we’re kitting out staff in a new-look uniform.

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Discover DZG this summer! 

22 Jul 17

Learn all about lynx, lemurs and gibbons in new summer season talks.

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Birthday greetings 

21 Jul 17

We’ve a birthday girl and boy on site today! Birthday boy, Oba, gets some fishy treats from Senior Keeper, Sarah Evans.

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Earn your stripes for tigers! 

20 Jul 17

Visitors are encouraged to earn their stripes and help us raise funds for tigers next weekend.

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Sunflower turns 1! 

19 Jul 17

We’re wishing a very happy 1 st birthday to reindeer, Sunflower – whose birth made headlines last year! This time a year ago the UK was basking in a heatwave and July 19 was recorded as one of the hottest days of the year, as we welcomed our …

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Cars in the castle 

18 Jul 17

There’ll be cars in the castle on Sunday as we host the West Midlands Classic Car Club’s annual show.

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Voting visitors 

17 Jul 17

We’re looking ahead to our 2018 redevelopment plans and inviting visitors to choose our next exciting animal project, involving either bears, tigers or chimpanzees.

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Forming a conservation community 

16 Jul 17

DZG hosted its first ever Community Conservation Forum attended by a variety of local nature groups.

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Kirk’s a cutie! 

15 Jul 17

Our newest ring-tailed lemur has been called Kirk, after keepers discovered he’s a boy! The baby was born in March, just prior to Mothers’ Day and is the 12 th offspring to mum, Phoebe and dad, Frank.

Blog feature
Celebrating our bostin’ heritage 

14 Jul 17

We’re celebrating our bostin’ heritage today as it’s Black Country Day.

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Doreen’s deer! 

13 Jul 17

We welcomed royalty to DZG when self-employed Queen of the Black Country, Doreen Tipton paid us a visit.

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Help put the animals to bed! 

12 Jul 17

There’s still time to join our Tea-time Tour of DZG as we offer visitors the unique opportunity to help our keepers put the animals to bed! On Saturday, July 22  we’re running an exclusive early evening guided tour of some of the rarest animals …

Blog feature
An un-bear-lievable trail! 

11 Jul 17

We’re really excited to be involved in Birmingham’s summer adventure trail – The Big Sleuth – especially as DZG is home to the UK’s last remaining Asiatic black bear.

Blog feature
Show your support! 

10 Jul 17

Visitors can show their support for DZG’s orangutans by purchasing one of our colourful appeal wristbands or pin badges.

Blog feature
Castle inspires novel 

9 Jul 17

Dudley Castle provided the inspiration for a Coseley author who has just published his latest novel.

Blog feature
Fruity delights 

8 Jul 17

Our animals enjoyed seasonal delights thanks to surplus stock from Fruitful Office.

Blog feature
Introducing Archie! 

7 Jul 17

We’ve discovered our baby rare yellow-breasted capuchin is another boy and has been named Archie.

Blog feature
Jetpur birthday 

6 Jul 17

Happy birthday to our handsome Asiatic lion, Jetpur, who’s 14 today! See the birthday boy in his one-acre Lion Ridge paddock, where he lives alongside sisters, Kyra and Asha.

Blog feature
Luna’s got teeth! 

5 Jul 17

Little Luna’s now five weeks-old and is growing quickly.

Blog feature
Browse boost 

4 Jul 17

Pruned native tree branches became tasty treats and playful games for several species on site.

Blog feature
Rollercoaster riders 

3 Jul 17

A family of German thrill seekers stopped off at DZG for a whistle-stop ride on the fun fair’s Kiddie Coaster.

Blog feature
Tropical birthday treats 

2 Jul 17

It’s Brazilian tapir, Meena’s 15 th birthday today and daughter, Luna, made sure she’d sorted a special gift for her mum.

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Karate kicks in the castle 

1 Jul 17

More than 250 karate students took over the historic grounds of Dudley Castle for a lively display of martial arts.

Blog feature
What great parties! 

30 Jun 17

Thanks to the thousands of under fives who joined our 80 th birthday celebrations this week.

Blog feature
Throwback Thursday 

29 Jun 17

We’re dipping back into DZG’s photo archive as part of our 80th anniversary year and returning to the early 1970s, when hundreds of thousands of visitors would have seen one of our most notable animals… Cuddles the killer whale was transferred …

Blog feature
Funds for camels 

28 Jun 17

Our Bactrian camel family were in the spotlight on Saturday as they helped us raise awareness and funds for their critically endangered wild counterparts.

Blog feature
Ghost moves on 

27 Jun 17

We’ve waved goodbye to our alpha male reindeer, Ghost, who’s moved to another collection.

Blog feature
A unique mara! 

26 Jun 17

We’ve had another mara born and this one is quite unique.

Blog feature
Birthday pandas 

25 Jun 17

It’s birthday week in the red panda enclosure as Yasmin and Gawa celebrate their special days.

Blog feature
Thank you letters 

24 Jun 17

We received a lovely delivery of handwritten thank you letters from a class of Staffordshire pupils who loved their school trip to DZG.

Blog feature
Carpets of colour 

23 Jun 17

Our gardeners have had a busy few days planting the site with thousands of colourful flowers.

Blog feature
Celebrating camels 

22 Jun 17

It’s World Camel Day and our three Bactrians, Charles, Jimandi and Fergie will be playing a key role in helping us raise awareness of the critically endangered wild camel.

Blog feature
Giraffe awareness 

21 Jun 17

It’s World Giraffe Day and we’re helping shed light on the challenges the planet’s tallest species face in the wild.

Blog feature
Cooling chimp treats 

20 Jun 17

Our seven chimpanzee girls enjoyed a cooling frozen treat in the warm weather.

Blog feature
Film night returns! 

19 Jun 17

For one night only, film fans are invited to join us in the 11 th century Dudley Castle courtyard, as we once again transform into an open-air cinema.

Blog feature
Happy Father’s Day! 

18 Jun 17

Happy Father’s Day to all you doting dads! We hope you have a fabulous day being spoilt by your offspring.

Blog feature
A surprise stowaway 

17 Jun 17

A stowaway in a supply of sprats provided a tasty treat for our Asiatic short-clawed otters.

Blog feature
Feed & fundraise 

16 Jun 17

Visitors can help us stand tall and raise funds for World Giraffe Day this weekend.

Blog feature
Training new keepers 

15 Jun 17

A new apprenticeship scheme is providing on-site zoo keeper training for four new recruits.

Blog feature
Well done, toddlers! 

14 Jun 17

Well done to everyone who took part in Barnardo’s Big Toddle yesterday and we’re wishing good luck to today’s walkers! Hundreds of under-fives have signed up to the UK’s biggest charity fundraiser for toddlers by completing a short sponsored …

Blog feature
Stay longer on Saturday 

13 Jun 17

Saturday’s visitors can enjoy extra time to see the animals as we stay open for longer.

Blog feature
Free entry for Fathers! 

12 Jun 17

We’re celebrating DZG’s dads this week and offering you the chance to treat yours this Father’s Day with free entry.

Blog feature
Surveying bats 

11 Jun 17

DZG staff joined forces with conservation group, BrumBats, to survey the wild bats across the 40-acre zoo site.

Blog feature
Ungulate winners have a ball! 

10 Jun 17

DZG’s giraffes and tapirs have been enjoying a new toy after Trainee Keeper, Josh Luxton, came top in an online zookeeper competition.

Blog feature
No puzzling our sakis! 

9 Jun 17

DZG’s saki monkeys weren’t left puzzled by their latest challenge by keepers.

Blog feature
We’ve named the baby! 

8 Jun 17

Our baby Brazilian tapir is now 12 days old and we’ve let dad, Chico, choose the name of his newborn! Ungulate keepers chose a variety of monikers for the female calf, which we added to apples, before letting 14 year-old Chico choose his …

Blog feature
Love Your Zoo Week 2017 

7 Jun 17

We had an exciting Love Your Zoo Week as we spread the love about DZG’s animals and conservation projects.

Blog feature
Under fives party fun 

6 Jun 17

We’re continuing our 80 th anniversary celebrations with a huge birthday party for under fives.

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