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Caver Keith Goes In Search of the Real Santa Claus 

16 Dec 16

X Certificate Rating WARNING : This video contains highly disturbing images and should NOT be watched by children or anyone of a nervous disposition.

Blog feature
The Dudley, Caving and Cakes – Episode 5 

15 Dec 16

The 5th and final episode.

Blog feature
The Dudley, Caving and Cakes – Episode 4 

8 Dec 16

Here is part 4 of Dudley Caving Club’s five-part subterranean serial.

Blog feature
The Dudley, Caving and Cakes – Episode 3 

1 Dec 16

How is Chunky going to get out of last weeks predicament? Who’s going to end up in trouble this week? Watch episode 3 to find out.

Blog feature
The Dudley, Caving and Cakes – Episode 2 

24 Nov 16

The next instalment of our caketastic adventures can now be viewed on YouTube.

Blog feature
The Dudley, Caving and Cakes – Episode 1 

17 Nov 16

From the Caver Keith Film Studios comes this heart-warming tale from the underworld of triumph over adversity, where friendships are made and broken, adventures abound and cake rules supreme.

Blog feature
Zipping along for Milwr Time 

16 Oct 16

Paul Fairman of the BEC had arranged a weekends play in North Wales and had kindly invited Jess and I along.

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Rocking around in Rifleman’s 

25 Sep 16

After a Daren trip on the Saturday a more sedate trip was called for on the Sunday.

Blog feature
The Vice Ogof y Daren Cilau (Warning: Do NOT watch if claustrophobic) 

24 Sep 16

My plan was to record a mockumentary of Ian’s 70th birthday bucket list trip in Daren but after The Vice Ian had to admit that perhaps the Daren entrance crawl was not the place to be when suffering from very painful sciatica.

Blog feature
Caver Keith Caving Videos – 500,000 Views 

29 Aug 16

I set up my YouTube channel in September 2009 to showcase my caving videos.

Blog feature
Agen Allwedd Erse Passage & Beyond 

7 Aug 16

Trip report to Follow Jess Kay in Main Passage (Photo Brendan Marris) Jess in Main Passage (Photo Mark Burkey) Jess near Trident Passage (Photo Brendan Marris) Kay near Trident Passage (Photo Mark Burkey) Kay and Jess in the first chamber, Erse …

Blog feature
We all have to start somewhere, now where is that bleeping cave ? 

31 Jul 16

This was a taster trip for Ross to see if he would like to take up caving as a hobby, the original plan was to do Ogof Pen Eyre followed by Shakespeares cave, but due to extensive roadworks and difficulty parking i decided to take him to Eglwys Faen …

Blog feature
Dudley Caving Club 50th Anniversary Open Day 

16 Jul 16

Being on the Committee I fully appreciate the organisation that goes in to even the smallest of events and so when it was proposed that we open up the Ruiton Mill for an open day I knew we were taking on something of a task.

Blog feature
Ogof Tee – Stuck in the 19th Hole 

19 Jun 16

Our second cave for the day was just across the valley from the first.

Blog feature
Twll Clogfaen – Gone in a Flash 

19 Jun 16

Today we were joined by Loz and the plan was to complete two short caves and take some photos in each of the sites.

Blog feature
Headbanging trip to Moonlight Chamber Area 

18 Jun 16

After a recent trip to the passages at the top of the pitch down into Moonlight Chamber we realised there was still quite an extensive area of passages that we had still not visited.

Blog feature
WL Cave 

5 Jun 16

Sunday was scheduled for a nice gentle trip in to WL Cave to take a couple of photo’s to complete the main caves of the Fairy Quarry.

Blog feature
Grebe Swallet, A Parallel Universe! 

4 Jun 16

As Mendip Digfest virgins this year we eagerly scanned the list of diggers looking for willing volunteers/ victims for their dig, to see which one seemed the most alluring.

Blog feature
Mendips Photography Competition 2016 

3 Jun 16

After having my photographs lost for a couple of weeks I was starting to wonder if they’d turn up at all.

Blog feature
Chamber of Horrors 50th Weekend Celebrations. A Giants Round Trip 

22 May 16

Full write up to follow.

Blog feature
Was it all a dream? 

26 Apr 16

Brendan and Mark have been threatening to take me caving for some time but it’s only a few weeks since my pelvic scaffolding was surgically removed and so far too early to contemplate a return to the underworld.

Blog feature
OFD to Cwm Dwr Through Trip 

17 Apr 16

For Sunday we were joined by Ian who had requested a through trip.

Blog feature
Dan Yr Ogof, The Far North 

16 Apr 16

Although not really feeling well rested after a rather busy week we had promised Chloe and Mark a trip to the Far North in Dan Yr Ogof, and so we dragged ourselves out of bed and headed to South Wales hoping the weather would be kind.

Blog feature
That Sinking Feeling once again 

11 Apr 16

On the Monday, the return trip to Top Sink to retrieve the ropes did not seem anywhere near as attractive as it did when we thought of it on the Saturday.

Blog feature
Joining the dots for an Easegill through trip 

10 Apr 16

After a tiring trip on the Saturday, we were all quite achy when we set off once again to Bull Pot Farm on Sunday, with the aim of completing the last leg of our through trip route-finding; Lancaster Hole to Wretched Rabbit.

Blog feature
New Toys, Tears and Tantrums in Easegill 

9 Apr 16

— With a long weekend in Yorkshire on the cards, we had two objectives – to link up the parts of the Easegill through trip and for Brendan to try out his new flashguns and electronic controller, which promised to revolutionize photoshoots.

Blog feature
Brendan feels a bit Blue in Long Churn 

8 Apr 16

After a rather manic couple of weeks at work our boss asked if we fancied a couple of extra days off to make a long weekend.

Blog feature
Bags and bags of fun in OFD 

3 Apr 16

Sunday dawned and the realization that we were committed to going back to Splash Inlet and Marble Showers seemed a little less exciting, especially as we had been unable to coerce anyone to join us, we were taking even more camera kit in with us, and…

Blog feature
Flood conditions cause a Splash or two 

2 Apr 16

Saturday saw Mark, Brendan and I heading up to OFD Top Entrance with camera gear, SRT kits and rope.

Blog feature
Forget eggs and rabbit we went for Turkey this Easter! 

26 Mar 16

On Monday our boss asked us if we fancied having Thursday off to make it a long bank holiday so if we fancied it we could get away to somewhere like Torquay for the weekend.

Blog feature
A sporting days play in OFD 1 

21 Feb 16

For Sunday Brendan, myself and Mike were joined by Carl and Magdalena for an OFD I round trip.

Blog feature
Reflections on a OFD2 Caving Trip 

20 Feb 16

With yet another day of heavy rain ahead of us we had little choice but to plan a trip in Ogof Ffynnon Ddu Top Entrance.

Blog feature
SRT practice day at the Nave. 

20 Feb 16

Having headed up the mountain in foul weather it was good to be out of the rain and in the cave.

Blog feature
Shacked Up In Cwm Dwr 

7 Feb 16

After a night under the stars, hail, rain and high winds, Mark and Chloe were both feeling a little under the weather and so a lighter trip was planned to pop in to Cwm Dwr to take a couple of photo’s in Big Shacks 2.

Blog feature
A Baptism of Fire and Water in OFD 

6 Feb 16

It’s always a pleasure to take someone new underground, and their reaction to caving can rarely be predicted beforehand.

Blog feature
Exploring The Upper Oxbow Series Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 

31 Jan 16

Sunday we were eventually sorted and heading underground for about 11am.

Blog feature
Light Work in Ogof Craig A Ffynnon 

30 Jan 16

With Christmas and foreign caving trips out the way, it was back to caving in the cold and wet of the UK.

Blog feature
Croesor-Rhosydd A Shockingly Wet Adventure 

23 Jan 16

After our adventures in Lanzarote, it was something of a shock to the system to come back to the UK…

Blog feature
Highlights of the Caving Year 2015 

22 Jan 16

The latest video from Caver Keith Productions.

Blog feature
A Light Caving Trip in OFD Top Entrance 

20 Dec 15

With the poor weather set to continue we decided that we would have a play with lighting techniques and practice setting up shots in a suitable location.

Blog feature
Poles apart in Cwm Dwr 

19 Dec 15

We’ve often mentioned visiting the short passage above Piccadilly waterfall and so decided that would be our main objective for Saturday.

Blog feature
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas……Pot 

12 Dec 15

Having led an SWCC trip in to Daren Cilau last month, a few of us were invited to Yorkshire for the weekend for a little SRT adventure.

Blog feature
Dudley ate all the pie’s! Christmas at the pie factory. 

10 Dec 15

This year our annual Christmas meal was held at The Pie Factory with 16 members in attendance.

Blog feature
Fairy Cave to Hillier’s Through Trip 

6 Dec 15

Present: Chloe Burney Mark Burgess…

Blog feature
An Ace Adventure In Agen Allwedd From Any Perspective 

29 Nov 15

Our original plan for Sunday was to do an inner circle trip in Aggy, but as there had been heavy rain for the preceding couple of days, and the fact that Chloe turned up after having had only 2 hours sleep the night before, a rather more gentle trip …

Blog feature
Light Work in Lancaster Hole 

22 Nov 15

The misfortune of the weekend continued into Sunday with Mike finding that his brand new Scurion light mounted on a shiny red helmet had disappeared from the changing room overnight.

Blog feature
Dudley do Yorkshire: On a slippery slope to nowhere 

21 Nov 15

November’s caving meet in Yorkshire attracted 5 of the usual suspects, all agreeing to meet at Inglesports for breakfast on the Saturday morning.

Blog feature
A wet days play in Cwm Dwr 

8 Nov 15

Loz joined Brendan and I Sunday for a trip in to Cwm Dwr.

Blog feature
Ogof Yr Ardd / Pen Blwydd yr Ogof 

7 Nov 15

For the SWCC fireworks weekend we planned on the little visited ‘Birthday’ cave behind the Rhongyr Isaf outdoor centre.

Blog feature
What It Takes To Get The Shot Two – Llygad Llwchr 

25 Oct 15

This is about the 10th edit of this video and although it’s far from perfect, I do sort of like the ‘fly on the wall/behind the scenes look at cave photographers at work’ nature of it, so have at long last decided to upload it.

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