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Keith’s Cavers in The Search for the Missing Potholer – Part Two 

26 Sep 18

In part one I wrote about how the idea for Keith’s Cavers was born and how it was key to get the opening credits sequence perfect, but at that stage I didn’t have an idea for the video.

Blog feature
Keith’s Cavers in The Search for the Missing Potholer – Part One 

24 Sep 18

In 2017 at Hidden Earth I won the video salon competition, although the Hidden Earth website still credits my video to ‘The Dudley’.

Blog feature
Hidden Earth 2018 Opening Video 

8 Sep 18

Once again this year I am privileged to have been asked to produce the opening video for Hidden Earth, the UKs National Caving Conference, which will take place at Churchill Academy and Sixth Form, Churchill Green, Churchill, North Somerset, BS25 5QN…

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The Wild Wookey Experience 

2 Aug 18

Back in June a team from Dudley Caving Club was invited to try out the adventure caving experience in Wookey Hole, Somerset, England.

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Sun, Sea, Shale & Even A Bit Of Caving On The Isle Of Portland 

21 Jul 18

By pure luck and chance, we managed to pick one of the finest weekends of the year to arrange our club meet in Portland.

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Goatchurch cavern 

1 Jul 18

Members Tash Brudenall Ian Millward Kay wood We meet at half 9 at pricey good farm shop for breakfast, and head to Burrington Combe to visit goatchurch.

Blog feature
Fairy to Hilliers 

30 Jun 18

Attending Dudley Members Kayleigh wood LizLeavesley Tash Brudenall We all met at the Priddy Good Farm shop for breakfast at half 9 after a quick breakfast and discussion we headed off to the car park for the fairy quarry caves we got changed all …

Blog feature
A Weekend in Wookey 

19 Jun 18

Back in February Mark and I were invited by Chris Binding to spend a weekend in Wookey Hole to take photos and video.

Blog feature
Caver Keith Videos Four Million Views 

22 May 18

21st May 2018 and Caver Keith is celebrating clocking up 4,000,000 caving video views on YouTube, as awell as 20,000 likes ????, 2,000 dislikes ????, 13,000 shares and 3,000 subscribers.

Blog feature
Fenix Lighting The Way 

27 Mar 18

A product review from Caver Keith Videos.

Blog feature
Caver Keith on the Radio (and TV) 

27 Feb 18

I’m Nearly Famous 3 Following on from the Birmingham Mail article and my not so modest success on social media I was invited to appear on theDanny Kelly Show (which was being hosted by Rachel New) on BBC WM 95.6FM to talk about my caving adventures on…

Blog feature
Caver Keith Videos on Social Media 

25 Feb 18

I’m Nearly famous 2 Back in October I received an email from an intern working for Extreme on Facebook asking if he could use clips from Caving Claustrophobia Kill or Cure .

Blog feature
Daring cavers delve into UK’s tightest, deepest and darkest spaces – Could you handle it? 

23 Feb 18

I’m nearly famous On 30th January I got an email from Newsflare who thought they might be able to sell one of my videos – Caver Stuck in The Lobster Pot, Sidcot Swallet .

Blog feature
Best Extreme Caving Video Moments 2017 with Dudley Caving Club 

26 Dec 17

I had uploaded 16 videos to YouTube this year, 17 if you include this one.

Blog feature
The Story of The World of Caving 

8 Dec 17

Hey Hey We’re The Dudley It seems that my opening video for Hidden Earth this year was quite well received as I was approached by Andy Eavis during the conference to make an opening video for A Golden Age of Cave Exploration , an event organised to …

Blog feature
The World of Caving 

22 Nov 17

Coming shortly to a computer/tablet/mobile phone screen near you a new film by Caver Keith – ‘The World of Caving’.

Blog feature
Alum Pot – A Classic Yorkshire Pothole 

20 Nov 17

Alum Pot is a pothole with a large open 100 metre deep shaft on the eastern flanks of Simon Fell, North Yorkshire.

Blog feature
2,000,000 Caving Video Views 

1 Nov 17

A huge thank you to anyone that has ever watched a Caver Keith caving video.

Blog feature
Chunky and Caver Keith Wow The Wessex 

24 Oct 17

After dinner speakers R us Only 9 days before the event Les Williams contacted Mark and asked if he was free on 21st October as he needed an after dinner speaker for the 83rd Wessex Cave Club Annual Dinner.

Blog feature
Hey Hey We’re The Dudley 

12 Oct 17

Here we come ab’in’ down a pot.

Blog feature
Sump One & Back. Herding Cats In Swildons Hole 

7 Oct 17

Jess and I had a balloon flight booked for the Sunday on the weekend in Bristol, so we thought it would be nice to see if anyone fancied joining us on the Saturday for a day trip in to Swildons Hole.

Blog feature
Hidden Earth 2017 

2 Oct 17

Hidden Earth is the name for the British Cave Research Association’s (BCRA’s) annual caving conference and Dudley Caving Club had some modest success in competitions at the conference last weekend.

Blog feature
Pwll Dwfn 

17 Sep 17

I got up on the 17 th Sept expecting it to be raining due to the fact it had been forecast to rain so it was a pleasant surprise when it was just overcast, but even so i put on my waterproof hi-vis jacket and trousers and loaded my motorbike ready …

Blog feature
Phil gets a little hotter in Otter 

13 Aug 17

Phil requested a trip in to the stunning Otter Hole a while back and so a trip was booked.

Blog feature
Alum Pot……a Sunday trip? 

16 Jul 17

After a good nights sleep we headed to Inglesport for a full breakfast to start the day and also to pick up some 60m of club rope.

Blog feature
A rather wet Swinsto Pull Through Trip 

15 Jul 17

With only Kay and I available for this weekend away I decided to head up to Yorkshire to introduce Kay to a couple of the Yorkshire classics.

Blog feature
There’s nothing more dangerous than sunbathing! A trip in to Longwood Swallet 

8 Jul 17

Jess and I had offered to help man the bars for this year’s Priddy folk festival and so put out an email asking if anyone fancied a trip down mendips way on Saturday.

Blog feature
A days photographic play in St Cuthberts Swallet 

10 Jun 17

Mr Marris has been absent for a while having moved a little further afield so we were chuffed to have him on a photographic trip in to St.

Blog feature
Through to Cwm Dwr was a bit of a stretch for Mel! 

4 Jun 17

Mel arrived to a wet Welsh morning on time at 10am.

Blog feature
The Top Five Things I Learned While Going Caving With the Dudley Caving Club by Sarah Lotz 

15 May 17

It started a couple of years ago.

Blog feature
A North Wales Mine Exploration Weekend 

10 May 17

With Dudley Caving Club it’s not just about underground exploration, our weekends away are packed with subterranean shenanigans and other fun activities like eating ice cream, walking along a seaside pier, geocaching and hanging about in karaoke bars.

Blog feature
A trip to the airlock in Tunnel Top 

7 May 17

After a much better nights sleep we chose Tunnel Top Entrance for our relaxing Sunday trip.

Blog feature
A trip to The Far North. Dan Yr Ogof 

6 May 17

Kay and I headed down the SWCC on the Friday to get a decent nights sleep before our big trip on the Saturday.

Blog feature
Day 3 Hendre Spa Mine 

1 May 17

For the last day of the club meet Ex member Heather Simpson kindly offered to lead us on a trip in to Hendre Spa Mine.

Blog feature
Day 2…. The Great Orme Mine 

30 Apr 17

Day 2’s adventure would be a led trip in to the Great Orme Mine.

Blog feature
Dudley North Wales Mines Weekend. The Croesor / Rhosydd Through Trip. 

29 Apr 17

Kay, myself and Jess travelled to Llandudno on the Friday night to avoid the bank holiday traffic.

Blog feature
Caver Keith Videos 2017 

25 Apr 17

It’s been a crazy few months for my caving videos.

Blog feature
Eastwater Cavern & The 13 Pots 

17 Apr 17

For Sunday we had been slated to lead a trip in the fairy quarry, but as most of the gang were rather either hung over, heading in for the short round trip or off to do some family caving in Burrington, Jess and I took a day off to play with the …

Blog feature
Duck Hunting In Upper Flood Swallet. 

15 Apr 17

Dudley members were invited to attend the first ‘Cave Fest’ event being held in the mendips with Jess, myself and Loz signing up.

Blog feature
P8 Jackpot my first trip as a leader 

8 Apr 17

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Blog feature
A Run Around Top….More Like A Marathon! 

1 Apr 17

Ollie’s first outing last week to Bagshawe Cavern hadn’t put him off and he turned up on Thursday evening keen for more and so a weekend at South Wales was arranged to try and beat the enthusiasm out of him! We stopped off for the usual breakfast to …

Blog feature
Dudley Peaks Weekend: Peak Cavern to Titan….and back! 

26 Mar 17

As Jess and I had to work on the Saturday we arranged to meet the gang in Castleton early evening for a meal.

Blog feature
Behind the locked doors of Bagshawe Cavern 

25 Mar 17

After meeting for the obligatory full English breakfast in Buxton, our convoy headed in the direction of Bradwell village, in search of Ye Olde Bowling Green pub where we were due to meet our ‘fixer’.

Blog feature
Highlights of the Caving Year 2016 

21 Feb 17

Dudley Caving Club 2016 Round Up.

Blog feature
Potholing – Where Big Men Get Into Small Holes 

27 Jan 17

The Dudley visit Eldon Hole in Derbyshire.

Blog feature
Withyhill Cave 

16 Jan 17

On 1st November 2015 Dudley Caving Club members Phil, Ian, Brendan, Mark and myself set off for the Mendips to visit Fairy Quarry to explore Fernhill and Withyhill Caves.

Blog feature
Caver Keith Caving Videos 2016 

2 Jan 17

It has been a very successful year (2016) for my caving videos.

Blog feature
Caver Stuck in the Lobster Pot, Sidcot Swallet 

1 Jan 17

We all have bad days, days where nothing seems to go right, days when things that are usually easy such as a particular obstacle in a cave become next to impossible.

Blog feature
The Dudley, Caving and Cakes – The Box Set 

26 Dec 16

As the Yuletide offerings on TV are a little disappointing this year I thought I’d treat my fans and upload the full series in one easy to watch package complete with the added bonus of outtakes (or should it be outcakes?).

Blog feature
The White Road 

23 Dec 16

Release date: 4th May 2017 Adrenaline-junky Simon Newman sneaks onto private land to explore a dangerous cave in Wales with a strange man he’s met online.

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