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Carols and Cheer 

1 Dec 17

Walsall Council run a market in the town every weekday except Thursday.

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4 Oct 17

In a fit of barely concealed astonishment it occurred to me recently I have no idea where to buy a really good cheap watch.

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Giant Dwarves and other minor errors 

10 Sep 17

A couple of weeks ago I ordered pieces for a game I have recently invented in conjunction with Vince Connolly at Asgard Games in Walsall.

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2017 Dates 

8 Sep 17

Originally posted on Ales Beers and Carols : It’s September and already three dates are fixed in the diary: The Avion, Aldridge 11th December.

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Directing Music in Mere Green 

8 Sep 17

I’m very grateful to the Rector and congregation of St James’ Chuch, Hill for allowing me to come into their church community and cover the vacant post of Director of Music for a while.

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Long Hot Summer 

5 Sep 17

Summer Holidays.

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New Game, UKGE, catching up and half an idea 

17 Jun 17

Were I even halfway concerned about my audience (rather than this entire blog being largely a vanity exercise) I would open with a meaningful apology for my recent absence.

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Recognition for getting in early 

8 Mar 17

Kickstarter loves an early adopter.

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It’s Games Hack time. 

6 Mar 17

I love creating games from scratch.

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I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again… 

19 Feb 17

Never argue with an idiot.

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Market Forces 

18 Feb 17

If you think that doesn’t sound like much, you’re right.

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Improvising my way into the Gig Economy 

11 Feb 17

I’m fascinated with alternative ways of selling and procuring services.

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Aleatoric Spam 

6 Feb 17

I do love an unsolicited e-mail of unknown provenance.

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Why Hell is no place for a Country singer 

27 Jan 17

Hell is no place for a Country singer.

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In my Irregular Prime 

25 Jan 17

I have, in the modern parlance, levelled up my age again today.

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The rise and rise of self publishing 

24 Jan 17

OK, I’ll admit to a little self interest here, but bear with me.

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Making Sperm 

22 Jan 17

He’s learning, I’m learning, everybody’s learning.

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Playing for a Freeman of Walsall 

21 Jan 17

Originally posted on Dischord : Yesterday we had the great pleasure of playing a gig at Walsall’s New Art Gallery.

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White Hermione and Straight Biggles 

20 Jan 17

When I first read Harry Potter, Hermione was white.

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Steampunk Dreams and Future Proofing 

18 Jan 17

Imagine a world where technology is very different to ours.

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2017 in review 

15 Jan 17

How hard could it get? Whatever you have to deal with, may it be contained in perspective and beaten with good grace.

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Well that’s (a) novel 

7 Dec 16

I’m writing a story.

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Ales Beers and Carols 

1 Nov 16

We’re going carolling in pubs again.

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Off on an Adventure 

29 Oct 16

It’s a rare thing for proper grown-ups to get a day to themselves.

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World Mental Health Day 

10 Oct 16

it’s a damned complex world out there and only a small amount of grey matter serves to pilot us through it…

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Defining Success 

9 Sep 16

This is not an inspirational post.

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Love Your Neighbour in Walsall 

3 Sep 16

I’m playing a gig in a couple of weeks in Walsall Town Centre.

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Getting back in the groove 

3 Sep 16

Today, after some time away from running, I returned to Parkrun at Walsall Arboretum.

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Shipping and Selling 

15 Jun 16

Nearly all the 60 decks have shipped now.

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A case of Claustrophobic Gearbox 

8 Jun 16

This morning I had to rush over to the guys who fitted our front door for a replacement letterbox.

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UK Games Expo 2016 

3 Jun 16

I have some contacts to follow up, a new game to play and some components to weave into new games.

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Big Adventures. With a Dragon 

3 Jun 16

I suspect it must be a weakness for the obscure which drove me to name my little company notejuste.

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MOT Success 

10 May 16

As the Blues sing, Keep Right On (to the end of the road).

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8 May 16

When we moved into Aldridge over a decade ago, the shed in the garden was somewhat rundown.

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Only a week to go… 

6 May 16

I apologise in advance if this sounds like a sales pitch.

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Lights, Cambelt, Retest 

5 May 16

Snatching satisfaction from the jaws of expense, I have tonight worked my way through the five items on the failure list from this morning’s MOT and fixed four of them myself.

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The Offline Gamer 

4 May 16

Last Saturday was Tabletop Day, and I disappeared off to Asgard Games for an afternoon of sitting around playing 60.

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Tabletop Day 2016 

30 Apr 16

Today is International Tabletop Day.

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60 – The new Kickstarter launches with remarkable kick-off 

25 Apr 16

it’d be great if you could take a look at the Kickstarter page for 60 and consider backing the campaign.

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Reading for Pleasure 

3 Mar 16

It’s World Book Day.

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Seven years? Feels like more! 

18 Feb 16

WordPress informs me with smooth technological efficiency that today is the seventh anniversary of me beginning this blog.

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On speaking truth to funny looking people 

10 Feb 16

I completely defend free speech.

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A song for Walsall? Fog on the Tame… 

2 Feb 16

I saw a diagram this morning of some exclusion zones in the Black Country…

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Happy Haggis Day 

25 Jan 16

Burns’ Night.

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Why should the Presbyterians have all the good music? 

24 Jan 16

It’s been a while since I wrote about Christian music, but something this morning really made me pause and think.

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Writing about Games, Writing Games to Write About 

23 Jan 16

I love the description of the game, the rubric, and the fact it features in a related work of fiction.

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True Gritters 

17 Jan 16

Last year, Walsall Council advertised for Snow Champions.

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Apprenticeship wages, and the missing million 

10 Jan 16

I usually refrain from this kind of thing, so if you want to pass it by, feel free.

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WAUG survey. Important Opportunity to get involved. 

10 Jan 16

Regular readers (if there are any!) will know I have been going to Parkrun at Walsall Arboretum for a few years.

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Pushing the Envelope 

1 Jan 16

After the relative success of No Dice, it seemed the right time to admit I’d already been working on an expansion deck.

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